How to marry a Mama’s boy

How to marry a Mama's boyGood day! In this article we will talk about how to marry a Mama’s boy. It is not necessary to entertain the thought that the pathological love of the mother of your darling, is a virtue. He will love you as much and dedication as a mother. Unfortunately, soon you will realize that it is just an illusion, and that in the foreground is his mother, and on the second you. And God forbid, you will fight for the first priority, and mother will hate you, your husband will have to be torn between you. In the end, sissy will remain with the mother. To deceive themselves that be jealous here is not what, stupid. For the simple reason that your husband in life, there are «other» woman who has unlimited power over him. Not just a mistress, which you can easily run and forget, and mother who believes that her child belongs only to her.

When a man over thirty, and he lives with his parents not daring to move and live separately and independently, with all possibilities, there is reason to believe that he was not going ever to change something. The problem with these men in their emotional immaturity. They can have a successful career, financial prosperity, but the determination to create a complete family is missing. They think, why get married and take on their shoulders a lot of responsibilities, if there sweet mother that cares and pampers son. Usually these infantile men was raised by my mother and grandmother literally blowing off dust particles with them. So they had a subjective view of life, and even in adulthood, to stay behind her mother’s skirt.

Sometimes momma’s boy just afraid of women, considering them to be predators who want to marry them myself and take possession of the apartment. To marry a Mama’s boy without the approval of his mother is practically impossible. However, there is one thing that will help you to do it, since you love this man. You just need to determine what type of woman is his mother.

1. Cook. This mommy’s just worried that her precious child will be hungry. So in this case, do not buy semi-finished products, sign his own death warrant. Soon she will come running with hot pies and soup, what to feed the boy. Cook possible also delicious and satisfying as his Mama and show her a full refrigerator. Ask her for those recipes who loves her son. In the end, you will be able to win her trust, to convince you that with you it is always full.

2. Fury. Strong and bitchy lady that used to dominate the son. And if she dislikes you, you to marry a Mama’s boy son not to go. In this case, you had better not to interfere and not to be rude to her, and a cute smile, pleasing every step of the way. If this behavior only complicates things, so keep your distance, and let her know that you are not going to tolerate his antics.

3. The dying Swan. This mommy’s day and night complaining about her health, although her mind wouldn’t say that. Energetic and active, she’s always talking about the cure for all diseases. When she is bad, everything needs to break away and run to the «dying» grandmother. However, waking mom starts giving away all the jobs around the house. With this mother better get used to her clever tricks, and not to reproach her in the imaginary diseases.

4. Throw momma from the train. If still with the mother of your choice of relationship does not exist, try to appease her. Often give her a touching gift. Think about the fact that she raised your potential groom was taking care of him and made him a person you love. And now she has to give a stranger their child.

It does not say, but one day you will realize that you are three, you, him and his mother. As you know, the third always superfluous. You should clearly understand this and ask yourself whether it’s you. After all, it’s pretty hard to have a selfish and henpecked. And last, there is another radical option is to put the choice before the choice, you or her. But there is a great risk of losing my son forever. Perhaps, you will not regret it and will soon find their true happiness.

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