How to kiss a guy

Miley Cyrus shares an embrace with actor Liam Hemsworth on the set of his latest filmSince ancient times man has expressed his benevolence and sympathy with hugs and kisses. And if the arms are all clear and a friendly kiss on the cheek no special wisdom, how to be an inexperienced young girl who wants to Express their feelings favorite? How to kiss for the first time, that the young man wanted to continue this moment, not running in fear for the safety of your mouth? And even if your first kiss has already taken place, every girl at least once the question: «and whether I kiss a guy for the first time? And that generally means – the right to kiss and how to learn this?».

Let’s try to understand the basic rules of how to kiss a guy to get pleasure, not to make this routine work. Only it is not necessary to memorize and turn in the mechanism written. The main thing – the sincerity, the rest will tell you nature and a little knowledge.

Select the appropriate situation

The most natural and appropriate situation to kiss is a goodbye after a date, even if it’s a first date with a guy. It is the «kiss goodbye» will be the logical conclusion of the evening and the beginning of the development of a serious relationship. No need to hurry and worry that you’ll miss the moment. You have been dreaming about this opportunity, replayed in my head like a movie, trying to figure out what will feel, that deserved to savor this moment from the beginning to the end. When the wait will come to an awkward pause, and let your beloved understand about your desire look him in the eye and then slowly lower the glance at his lips. Of course all of this is inertia and you don’t need any mechanism of action. She looks down at his lips, while licking their, the guy gets the message and kisses sweetheart. But if the young man can not decide, do not hesitate, act for yourself!

French kiss as the first use is not desirable, it might only scare the guy. The first kiss should be light and moving, sensual and tender. It is important to show the ability to kiss, and your sympathy and willingness to further develop relations.

It is important not to forget about your feelings and the feelings of your partner

Usually in a relationship serves the active side guy, and the girl guides and corrects his actions. Then, if you are not satisfied with something, for example, the guy tries too hard to penetrate your mouth with a language, you have the right to show his unwillingness. Just do it gently, not running and not turning, for example, in this case perhaps slightly to pull away and close your lips. But to break away entirely from a partner still not worth it, or he may decide that you unpleasant.

It happens that the initiator is a girl. Perhaps you are just more temperamental than the guy, or just a situation in a way that you will have to make the first move, or is it just the natural impulse. And the guy didn’t even kiss, and you show him how to properly kiss a girl for the first time. In any case, do not hold back emotions. Let your sweetheart will see how much you care about him, and then he, too, would not hesitate to show you their feelings.

The aesthetic aspect of a kiss

Many people forget that the aesthetic aspect of a kiss is not less important, such as good time. Some little forgotten thing, missed something, somewhere was overlooked, and the impression of the kiss will be ruined. And it will not help the long hours spent in search of information how to kiss a guy rehearsing with his beloved plush toy or a pillow or maybe even workout with a friend. Kiss near a garbage can after garlic rolls or onion cake, chewing gum, or excessive heavy breathing, strong nicotine breath – all this leaves an unpleasant aftertaste from seemingly nice actions.

Of course, to consider all the factors is impossible, there are circumstances beyond us, but let’s try to do at least something that is in our power to kiss is remembered as romantic and sublime. Do not forget that romance is important, not only girls, but also for the stronger sex, and often even more important. This is because girls are taught from childhood to be gentle and romantic, so you will have to show your guy what it is.

How to kiss, not to exceed the limits of decency?

Should not be abused with kisses, spending their about and no, cause it will be different for you everyday and pretty soon you get bored. Also considered to be indecent and too often outright kissing in public; it’s long been a rather intimate exercise to his public. Kisses should be in moderation, they should be a feeling of light hunger», mixed with euphoria.

How to kiss a guy? The answer to this question should know any girl because kiss is one of the main components in the relationship of lovers.

The main principles of proper kissing

  1. To be more confident during their first kiss, should be a little practice. It can be improvised objects (pillow, toy, food), friend, to you (sometimes it is very convenient to practice on his hand).
  2. Should not be unpleasant mouth odor. There are many methods available: gum (just don’t forget to pull out of his mouth before the kiss scene), refreshing records toothpaste with long-lasting effect, you can eat an Apple, etc.
  3. Don’t forget to show your affection in other ways: gentle touch, languid looks, hand in hand etc.
  4. Radiate cheerfulness and positive, such people always attract the attention of others.
  5. The kiss should be slow, easy and gentle. Perhaps as one long touch and short of kissing. Further in the circumstances, it is possible to interrupt a kiss, or go to a deeper and more protracted.
  6. It is necessary to determine their readiness to further develop relations. If the guy is in no hurry to develop a relationship, read how to push a guy into a relationship, and act for yourself. You can either head to plunge into a storm of emotions, don’t rush things and enjoy the life, everything will come in due time.
  7. If you decide to go, you can start French kissing. Here, too, need training and practice.
  8. Constantly show consideration for the feelings of his beloved, it will help to nurture your relationship and stop a lot of troubles and to assist build a perfect relationship.
  9. And finally I should say that shouldn’t be lost in the kiss. Improvise, make something new, be gentle and romantic, passionate and daring – and then kisses you will never get bored.

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