How to flirt with a boy or man

How to flirt with a guy to like you?Today we will talk about what it means to flirt and how to learn how to flirt with a guy. Flirting is a form of manifestation of feelings, which is expressed in the flirting glances, a smile, words. It brings us physical pleasure, but rather more spiritual. By flirting we become more self-confident, give positive energy to another person. Let’s see how to flirt with a guy and do it right.

The purpose of the flirt girls only one to attract the attention of men. But not all know how correctly to flirt, and it has more to do with the fact that many girls are just not confident. So how to flirt with guys and even my husband!? But do not forget, before you flirt, you must remember that men first pay attention to our appearance, punctuality and neatness. A neat appearance is very important. And most important, there was nothing daring. Let’s consider in more detail how to flirt with a man.

Flirting is just a game and do not take it seriously. Flirting, we can show all his attractiveness, charm, sexuality.

Rules of flirting with men

These tips will help you learn how to flirt with guys:

  1. First and foremost, you should be in a good mood. If you have a good mood, you immediately radiates joy, happiness, that life is beautiful. And the surrounding people around you will immediately be attracted to you.How to flirt with a guy
  2. The most important thing in flirting is, of course, look. Because eyes can say a lot. The eye should be long enough for a few seconds. Thus, you give to understand that the man you are interested. This view will look very mysterious. And in that moment, when a man’s attention will be drawn to you, smile at him. And after that view your object of adoration will come to you. Your task is to become interesting to her husband.
  3. Smile. Sincere, friendly smile makes a person more attractive. If you notice that the man stares at you, and you also don’t take my eyes off him. So you give each other to understand what you are interested in each other. And ready to meet you.
  4. If you want to attract a man, try to make a stroke of his hair, correct hairstyle. If a short haircut, then show your beautiful neck. And this cute smile of his «object».
  5. Learn to sit. Put one leg over the other, the closer the crossed legs to the upper thigh, the more it arouses interest in the opposite sex. This is a very good way to show your figure and beautiful legs.

And here’s your object of adoration came to you to meet you.

  • Do your best to impress him cheerful, kind, sociable, cheerful person. Learn to listen to the interlocutor. Because men are so nice when they listen. And immediately in his eyes, you become observant and interesting person.
  • Men are not less women love it when they say compliments. And most importantly, that it was from the heart. After all men are children at heart. And you will see how they will be pleased from the praise.How to flirt with a man
  • Another female trick – flutter the eyelids. This gesture gives the woman innocence, and near the kind of woman a man feels himself as a defender.
  • The touch is also an important attribute of a flirt. You can gently, as if not vznachay, to touch his hands, thus you call the man a pleasant shiver.

And the main rules of a good flirt, and possibly further relations:

  • Laugh with him, and you will see how people will feel comfortable around you;
  • Try to be yourself. And don’t try to expose yourself to those who you are really are;
  • Talk to distant topics (entertainment, interests and the like);
  • And don’t forget about modesty. Modesty – the key to your attractiveness.

Here are the simple rules of knowing who You will be skillfully and properly flirt with men. By following these rules, you will succeed and if you wish You can drive a man crazy. But before you flirt, you must understand: you flirt to raise self-esteem, or for more close acquaintance. And it is only up to you, dear girl.

Well, we figured out how to learn to flirt with a guy correctly. And most importantly, do it with all your heart. And all you get.

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