How to fall in love with the guy

how-vlyubit-V-sebya-guy-for-1-den_2How to fall in love with a guy or a man? To answer this question is difficult because we are all very different and each requires a special approach. One thing is for sure — it’s a long and laborious process, which requires girls full impact, especially psychological. If a girl decides to win the heart of her favourite young man, you will need «flexibility», that is, the ability to adapt to the situation. A simple answer to the question «how to enchant a man» is impossible, but possible to give General recommendations how to please and how to pay attention to the selected guy.

10 ways that work flawlessly

Good appearance. We all know that the man in the first place, loves his eyes. It is understandable, very few people want to get acquainted with a tousled girl in wrinkled clothes. Neatness, naturalness, neatness, modesty (i.e., without unnecessary vulgarity) — here are your basic tenets for winning attention of a young man. To publicly display their bad habits also is not: for example, the cigarette in his hand is unlikely to add weight in his eyes.

rules how to enjoy and fall in love with the guyThe mystery and mystique. Do not just dump the guy all my information, he is shocked by not only your jaw, but too active life. Give information in small portions and only on request, should neither from that nor from this to start talking about his biography, it may be inappropriate and untimely.

«The girl should be a mystery» — we do not claim that you have something to hide, on the contrary a close relationship include openness. But some time may after some time to surprise the chosen one.

Originality. Do you have any Hobbies, what you are doing «perfectly well» — then it’s time to turn them into their allies and helpers. Know how to cook, to knit, to embroider? So in the eyes of the young man you will look great mistress, creating warmth and comfort. Like shooting, skydiving, addicted to cars? Then you can become not only a wonderful friend but also a companion with the same interests. Think about what you have that will interest the guy.

Support his interests. It will be nice if you are interested in, what motivates the guy. And even better — share in his interests. View his favorite movie, read his favorite books, learn what made him show interest in his / her current preferences. But don’t try to be in his shoes, do not forget about their individuality. Discuss and Express their point of view, let it be even the opposite of his opinion. No doubt the young man will be very interesting and nice to know what you think. This way You will be able to attract the attention of men.

photo of boy and girl lovers on avaCharisma. In the presence of this factor due to the nature. But due to the long hard work you can develop this quality. Be courageous and considerate,sensitive and attentive, don’t be afraid to offer assistance not only of the object of his adoration, but also complete strangers. Seeing how you communicate with others, man will build his opinion about you as a person.

Be well-rounded. This will help not only to fall in love with the guy, but generally very useful in life! Plus, it’s interesting to learn something new! Feel free to engage in conversations on unfamiliar topics, make mental notes what knowledge you will need later to obtain or improve. With smart, well-read and seek new knowledge conversationalist is always a pleasure to deal with. If a girl is educated is another big plus in its relations with the opposite sex.

How to fall in love with anyone-this video explains:

Do not rush things. Do not rush after the first small victory just to conquer the next vertex. Don’t aim immediately after the first date to get into his bed. If you believe that the only way they can keep the guy, then you’re wrong. If the guy insists, explaining that his impatience and inability to pursue a relationship without intimacy in the beginning, while ignoring your wishes, then he’s obviously not worth your attention and effort. Enjoy each moment together, all romantic dates, tender kisses, warm hugs and just feelings that someone you love. If you really want to a long-term relationship, not in a hurry, just reach your turn in due time.

A little bit of intrigue. We do not suggest you to keep the guy on a short leash or under the heel, you will agree, it is pretty demeaning and not worthy of men. But here’s a little intrigue doesn’t hurt. Induce feelings of jealousy, expectations, and sometimes make nervous and worried for you. Just do not stick fold. Many men have a strongly developed proprietary feelings, and if you overdo it, you get a conflict.

pictures girl and guy loversDo not be pushy and demanding. At the initial stage of relationships generally unacceptable to demand anything from each other, since the pair is still close enough for this. But when the relationship becomes stable, and can be a little demanding. Of course, within reason. You might have to scare the youth or to develop a sense of inferiority. Don’t bother constant whims, threats, mood swings, few like it and few men willing to stand next to such a «nervous» person.

Make every meeting a memorable. Each girl is nice when the guy is courting her. But guys are no less pleased to receive such attentions from his girlfriend. And it’s not necessary to invent something fantastic and grandiose for each of your meeting, just turn on your imagination and romance. A little souvenir, a gift with the words: «accidentally Saw in the store and could not pass up, immediately thought of you.» Card with sweet words inside. A picnic made with your own hands for your beloved Goodies. A date on the roof of the house or a homemade candlelit dinner. A lot of options, we can offer the most reckless ideas of joint time.

How to fall in love with a guy or a man, knowing and following these recommendations? Easy! Be confident in yourself and in your abilities, radiate positive emotions and energy, don’t stop there, always improve your relationship and strive to be perfect.

This video will help to answer the question, how to fall in love with the guy:

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