How to drive a man crazy

how to drive men crazyAny woman, and even more loving, knows how to drive a man crazy. It is in its nature and is manifested in easy gestures, coquetry, and a smile. You can read a ton of literature, but never to conquer a man, it is better to rely on their own feminine flair. But some tips will be very useful.

You should start with own wardrobe – exquisite, elegant clothes will always attract the attention of men, even if he would refuse and say «not versed in rags». Forget about comfortable pajamas in bear and dress in a less comfortable nightgowns and peignoirs. Men love girls in high heels, so favorite sneakers hiding in the closet. Very important to be able to use his clothes as an instrument of flirting, for example, slowly and playfully removed the cloak to play with a scarf or a scarf, to remove shoes hand, adopting a seductive pose, and the fingers of the second legs as a spoon for shoes.

how to Dement the man she lovedRepeatedly it was said that men just go crazy from luxurious and long, be sure flowing hair, whether straight or with cute curls. Beautiful hair is a woman’s weapon on the way to drive a man crazy. One only has to note how eagerly men watching the involuntary movement of the swinging strands of hair, and the game curls men is mesmerizing and hypnotizing.

Paradoxically, but men do not like women «with painted faces». Makeup should emphasize the dignity and hide his faults, not to change the appearance beyond recognition. After all, when you have to wash it off. Looks very sexy when a woman with a slightly painted lips relaxed their licks or gently bites. If the lips are painted bright, it looks vulgar and provocative.

To drive a man mad, of course, can the female form, and do not have to be painfully thin, it is desirable to keep the figure more or less strong, so that the chest does not SAG and my stomach is not hanging down.

as eyes to drive a man crazyBut the most important thing is communication with your husband. It is not necessary to be a know-it-all, but stupid no need to pretend. Men love compliments. The conversation should take place easily, without apparent voice of flattery admiration for his courage, intelligence, of course, in accordance of the conversation, and not just.

Any man can be a maddening laugh. Men should not see women anger, envy, disgust, resentment and other nasty expressions. In such situations, a more suitable romantic reverie or playfulness.

The main thing is to listen to your intuition, which women have developed, to act according to circumstances and not to forget what this man really wants to drive you crazy.

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