How to build the perfect relationship

secrets of a perfect relationshipIn this article we will explain what should be the ideal relations between men and women. Every person dreams to find your soul mate and build a perfect relationship. Everyone wants without making any effort to enjoy the joy of fellowship with his elect (chosen), to cause the constant ebb of enthusiasm and love for yourself, that everything is always fine. But without giving anything impossible to get anything — that’s the simple truth any harmonious relationship.

How to achieve an ideal relationship in the family and if they can do? Of course, it is possible! Only the «ideality» its because we are all unique. Nevertheless, there are certain generalized criteria by which we can say s in a couple relationship or not.

The perfect relationship with your husband, what are they?

Common interests and views on life. It is unlikely that family relationships will be perfect and long-lasting, if not found nothing in common. For example, when a person all his free time spends on the repair of his beloved car, and the wife is constantly lost in the beauty such a relationship, no one would call perfect. Yes, and what relationships can be when spouses are each other almost do not see? For a strong relationship it is necessary to organize joint leisure. Do not have to seek out some exotic Hobbies, for starters, you can dwell on something banal and prosaic. It can be collecting things, growing plants, watching movies, and maybe you both are passionate about the ancient art, anything, the options are endless. If your half is not so categorical, we can try to interest her in their Hobbies, and Vice versa — to try to understand the partner’s interests. For example, returning to the situation described above, people can try to connect to his wife messing around in the garage. She might not become a mechanic, but it may Wake up interest, for example, to study car design. The woman can bring her man to the beauty salon, a facial or a relaxing massage never hurt anyone. If not always you will have the opportunity to spend time together, but at least no one will feel deprived of attention. The same can be said for religion, politics, music, global issues, etc.

Joint plans for the future. Men and women for a solid relationship should be similar the ideal relationship between a man and a womanplans and goals. For example, regarding marriage, children, place of vacation, housing, etc If the long-term goals are not the same, will constantly arise quarrels and differences, one will be forced constantly to adapt to the other, «breaking» themselves. If in a relationship there is mutual respect and understanding, in the case of unclear thoughts, the pair will look for a compromise that would suit both sides.

«Bed» love.» Sex is one of the main indicators in relationships between men and women. Dissatisfaction with sexual life sooner or later assert itself, so if something does not suit it is better to try to understand it, without shame or complexes. People always intuitively seeks to be with those with whom he is well, and the bed is no exception.

Compatibility of temperaments and characters. It is important that organically complement one another. That is, for example, in the Union of two of the melancholic relationship will be as sleepy and sluggish as they are, and two hot-headed just blow up each other with their emotions. Temperaments also must not be radically opposed (unlikely melancholic will be able to join in the pace of life is choleric and Vice versa). Best of all a common language with other temperaments find sanguine and phlegmatic.

Mutual understanding, mutual respect and mutual support. It is very important that in relations except love and respect. Over time, the passion fades, then the relationship is placed on mutual respect and affection. If the satellite or companion is really dear to you, you will always be ready to listen, try to understand, give advice, praise, even for small things, to support in difficult times. Then the perfect relationship with your husband you provided.

what should be the ideal relationshipThe material side of the relationship. How many relationships were lost because of domestic disagreements! Each of us has a different concept of luxury: someone is enough to provide your required minimum, and someone wants to furnish their house with antique furniture. As a result, one suffers from, as he says, to the avarice of the partner, and the second from excess waste — all happy, all uncomfortable. Or this may relate to differences in work. For example, a woman who used that in her family worked as only men and women worked around the house, confronted with the fact that her lover did not want to work or is constantly in search of work to support the family, she has the opportunity to do both. But if at this moment another child is born, the situation doesn’t get done. Well, how can there be a perfect relationship of husband and wife? Therefore, common views, or at least the goal has to be in financially-domestic sphere.

Great couples who have everything and everywhere would be good, simply does not exist. But in your power to make at least a step in the direction to build the perfect relationship with a man or boyfriend. Communicate, improve, discover in each other something new. Write in the comments what kind of relationship is ideal.

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