How to attract a man’s attention

how to attract a man's attention that you likeIn this article we will discuss how to attract the attention of her husband. The image of the modern women are less suited for the traditional description of the «weaker sex». Nowadays women work alongside men, and often even more, because they except that assumed men’s responsibilities, are still women. Strong-willed, responsible, working, they, as before, the dream of a reliable life partner, next to whom I could relax and finally feel just a weak woman. And when meets a man, they are lost. A man sees a strong, independent, and needs no one woman, and just afraid to approach her. Or sees too vulgar, too obviously trying to attract attention, personality which, in addition to laughter, not cause any emotions. How to be a woman? How to attract the attention of a loved guy, to gain his location, and drive a man crazy?

«Meet on clothes, and escorted to the mind» — this saying here. The first impression on a man always makes an appearance. But it concerns not only clothes, but also the shape, face, hair.

how to attract the attention of the man she lovedFrom what develops the feminine appeal? Well-groomed face, neat hand, right makeup, healthy thick hair, beautifully, but simply enclosed, tidy clothes without excessive openness are the main components. Constantly pay attention to your health, your appearance, don’t forget that at any moment can meet my only. And even if you’ve met is much nicer constantly to look good, than to turn from the Scarecrow in the Princess only on holidays.

Important factor is the presence of harmful habits. How would you have not looked, it is unlikely a man will want to come to you with serious intentions, if you’re holding a bottle of beer or do not produce the cigarette from his mouth.

In clothing it is important to adhere to moderate style: do not focus simultaneously focus on several body parts (e.g., open chest only, or back only). Do not combine more than 3 colors and it will look like a Gypsy. Choose clothes to hide your figure flaws, and stressed the advantages. It is advisable to wear clothes made of natural materials, synthetics often look cheap.

How to attract the attention of men by its appearance understood. Now everything is taken into account, and everything seemed to be fine. But the man of your dreams is still not in a hurry to start with you familiarity. So, it’s time to pay attention to their behavior, to observe how you communicate with others. Take a look at yourself from the outside that everyone can see? Often repulsive produce not you yourself, and your gestures and facial expressions. Make an effort to be interesting for men.

how to attract the attention of any men
You can not learn the science of decoding gestures, they are understood on a subconscious level. The gestures that a woman uses to attract the attention of the man she loved, are divided into two types: a call to explore (folding the hair, the swaying hips, the demonstration of the wrist, squint) and a call of a sexual nature (licks lips, parted lips, the smooth stroking of an object). Depending on what you are going to hint the man that you can include or exclude a number of gestures.

Through facial expressions we couldn’t help but Express certain emotions, so that they can control, need to carefully monitor themselves. Movement of the lips will show the interlocutor the strength of your character down the corner of the lips indicates a lack of confidence, tense folded in lip line show a very strong-willed character, which men usually avoid. If a woman is too active wiggles her nose, it can talk about her hypersexuality, or cantankerous character. Conversely, fixed nose speaks of frigidity. Watch for the eyebrows, they are raising the mean for men as flirtatiousness, and discontent.

And finally, watch what you say. Tone, timbre, voice volume, intonation, literacy of speech, use of foul language – all this affects the creation of a pleasant impression on the man. And of course don’t forget about the content of the conversation. Better keep the conversation on neutral topics, but do not splenectomy, discussion anyone, and conversations of this kind.

Do not despair if you did not immediately managed to attract the attention of men. With take care of yourself, to smile and radiate optimism – it attracts people.

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