First date with a guy

how to behave on a first date with a guyFirst date with sweet heart young man only happens once (I mean, not once in a lifetime, and once with a particular guy). And how do you want to make it unforgettable, unique, magical and romantic! Long before the appointed day starts choosing what to wear on a first date, hairstyle, and behaviour. Long hours in front of the mirror rehearsing a languid glance from under her eyelashes, a Flirty smile, choose a tone of voice which will say Hello, or prepare answers to anticipated and most expected questions. Cause for excitement enough. There is no way to predict what will be the first date with a guy, so leaving unnecessary anxiety, will direct all our efforts to create a favorable mood. And our simple tips will help you with this. Nothing fundamentally new, we’ll let you know, but if you suddenly afraid to get lost or get into an awkward position, they are very helpful.

Place for a first date and time of the event

where to ask a man on a first date

Usually the place and the time for Dating guy, and the girl just agrees or refuses. If you are not satisfied with all the options, help him pick it out.

Where to invite on a first date? Give your preference to the classic version: a walk in the Park, dinner in a cafe, going to cinema or theatre. It is not necessary to choose an unusual and secluded places. The purpose of a first date is not to impress or to scare and get to know each other better. Stop your choice at such a place where you and your date would feel no shame and could easily communicate with each other.

Classically a time for visits is the evening, but it’s perfect and morning, and day. As long as you feel comfortable, and there was no hurry and was late.

Going on a first date with a guy

How to dress on a first date? Accuracy, neatness and comfort are the main requirements to your appearance. First and foremost, do not forget that your appearance should fit the space. For example, if you go to a restaurant or theater, then it is appropriate evening dress, but if planned parkland walk, it is best to wear something casual. Of course, you can buy something to mark the date, but will be much more comfortable that you already have in your wardrobe. Dressing is already «proven» your clothes, you save yourself from the unnecessary worries about how she looks at you. The same applies to shoes: do not wear new shoes or high-heeled shoes, otherwise all your date you will think about shoes created by disturbances, and not about her husband. Depending on the situation, decide what to wear on a first date.

How to dress on a first dateMakeup is better to choose natural, to day, it will suit any occasions and places. It is better not to experiment with colours or new, experienced cosmetics, to avoid possible trouble. From complex hairstyle too best to refuse, men are much more pleasant to enjoy the natural beauty of women’s hair than to consider the abundance of intricate barrettes and clips.

And the final touch – a thin plume of your favorite fragrance will complete your look. A few drops behind the ears and on the wrists is enough. Do not pour half a bottle, and then others will simply choke. Take a bottle of perfume with you and update if necessary the aroma.

How to behave on a first date

First of all, a date is a good time, so try to behave naturally and relaxed. Tell me something interesting, laugh at his funny jokes, to talk on different topics, ask his point of view – in short, be yourself, as if it wasn’t a date, but just chat with a friend.

Don’t look at the young man with undisguised adoration. This, of course, flattered, but also give special control over you. You have to look rather interested in this person, and not as infatuated and ready for anything. Therefore, if still in your raging storm of emotions to this guy, try to hold back.

You need to kiss on the first date? The exact answer to this question is to give no one can. Look at the circumstances on the behavior of the guy, all saveset from case to case.

Sex on the first date. Statistics show that sex on the first date was finished more than half of the respondents. This question always causes a heated debate among the fairer sex. One half of women believed that sex on a first on a first date is not valid, and the second Vice versa. Psychologists say: «What if a woman is too available, men quickly lost interest in it». There are exceptions to the rule, when people get married and live happily ever after intimacy on the 1st date.

What to say on a first date with a guy

what to talk about on a first date

In choosing the topics of conversation you have almost complete freedom. If you know in advance about some of the passions of a young person, it is possible to find out what they are. Then during the conversation, you not only show your desire to know him closer, but will show their erudition, show that you are not «silly girl».

You should avoid topics about the financial situation, intimate side of his life, problems and disease. In General, the negative question, it is better not to touch, otherwise it will remain this impression.

When a guy tells you something, listen carefully and look at it, but not the sides. Ask probing and clarifying questions on the first date, it will give him to understand that you listened and you are interested in details. If he talks about his successes and achievements, it is appropriate to praise him. Just don’t overdo it, and then get unfairly and willfully. Don’t interrupt if you wanted to say something. Wait for when he finished speaking, and then speak out.

Developments after the first date

If the first date the gentleman was successful and you liked each other, it will soon be re-the meeting proposal on the first date.

If someone doesn’t give, it is better to place at once all points over «i». So you can avoid false hopes and expectations. The mistake of many – instead of a direct, but soft, and denial of further relations, they begin to prevaricate and keep back, they hate to disappoint people. Thus, they are driving themselves into the pit and condemned to torments not only himself, but also a partner. Do not allow this. In a relationship there must be transparency from the beginning, and other relationships to you and to anything.

First date in many respects defines the further development of your relationship, how quickly they will develop, what direction you will go and what it will result. That is why during the first date is so important to be natural, don’t try to make yourself someone whom you are not, and do not try to see the guy drawn your perfect image, to look at everything objectively. How to behave on a first date, prompted by circumstances, the exact sequence of actions does not exist. Nor is the show that everyone complied strictly defined role. We hope that our reminder will help you spend a first date with a man unforgettable.

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