Crises of family life

How to survive the crises of family life?Crises of family life is a natural stage of development and the family. Sooner or later, to a greater or lesser extent, each family goes through a crisis of family relations.

Like any living thing, the family also passes through stages of birth, childhood, adolescence, growth, aging and decay. And often, passing from one stage to another, in relations of the spouses are starting to be contradictions. And arise in family life crises, which eventually can even lead to the collapse of the Soviet Union. To build a perfect relationship, and even more so to maintain them is very difficult.


What is the reason of occurrence of similar crises in family relationships? It is believed that all family problems arise from domestic violence. But this is not true, although many controversies do arise from domestic disputes. It often happens that problems in life arise when one spouse is going through a personal psychological crisis. Man withdraws into himself, reviewing their attitudes and values, there is dissatisfaction with the current situation and has a desire to start all over again. Everything, including family.

A number of reasons can be associated with children. This decision on the child’s birth, the appearance of the baby born, his growing up, education, puberty, etc. Parents alienated from each other, are unable to reach a unanimous decision in matters of education. The reason may be the difficult financial situation and a difficult situation, constant stress.

The harbingers of family crises:

  • disorder in intimate relationships, reduction of desire;
  • the inability to come to a common opinion in important family matters: distribution of financial resources, the upbringing of children, plans for the future;
  • unwillingness to understand the feelings of each other;
  • any actions of partner cause a negative reaction, irritation and reproach;
  • one of the spouses is always under the influence of their half, forced to yield;
  • spouse cease to share with each other their joys and problems, there are omissions.

Crises of family life for years

The crisis of the first year of married life

The crisis of the first year of married lifeAccording to statistics, more than half of all marriages break up in the first year of marriage. The young people hurry to «correct the mistake» and leave, until it was too late. Divorce often seems the only way out of a series of constant bickering and nagging when a crisis occurs in the relationship.

A family dispute in the first year arise from the fact that sometimes it is difficult to change habits formed in the single life, and need something to distribute reappeared responsibilities. In addition, more applied and internal stress associated with unfulfilled expectations. Before the wedding, the image of the partner is drawn almost perfect, it seems that family life will be fabulous. And so the wedding excitement has died down and you’re left alone, the husband and wife. And life a fairy tale did not like, rather, on the psychological Thriller. It is actually not so scary as it might seem at first glance. The main thing is to have patience and a positive attitude, it’s all temporary. Try to pay attention not only to the shortcomings but also the advantages, compromise, if you can not insist on. Do not put off solving problems for later, then forgotten, and the sense of dissatisfaction and resentment will remain. Talk, talk, talk, argue and quarrel in the end, not hoard it all to myself. Don’t forget that you are working to create a strong unbreakable Alliance and no petty domestic squabbles you can’t stop.

Crisis 3, 5 years in the relationship and family life

Here is a time of mutual learning and adaptations left, successfully passed the crisis of the family was born, the passion and the fervor subsided a bit, the couple are thinking about procreation, or already are the parents of a cheerful toddler and think, here it is — happiness, but… here comes the second crisis of family relations. It can occur because of many reasons, most of which deal with children.

Crisis 3, 5 years in the relationship and family lifeFor example, the birth of a child. No, the birth of a baby is a very joyous event, and in any case, the crisis is not. But what carries with it the emergence of another full-fledged member of the family, fundamentally changes all the relationships. Wife almost devotes all his time to care, especially in the first year of a child’s life, her schedule is painted on minutes. And almost the entire burden on the shoulders of the husband. He is not only father, but also the sole breadwinner of the family. Or, for example, the child has grown up and does not require that parents have used on the first call. Wife vengeance accustomed to the role of mother, and now she was concerned about the questions: he expects her to work after a long absence? it is interesting a man as a woman or he sees her as only a mother for his child? How to combine child rearing and work? and a number of similar issues mostly with the fact that she has long been absorbed by just a toddler. The male is usually more actively involved in your child’s life, that is becoming a dad in every sense. And if a woman motherhood is in the blood, then men have to exert a lot of effort to wear the proud title of the Pope. In these situations it is important that the husband and wife understood each other and supported. Very difficult for women alone to raise the child, and the man is very difficult without constant care and attention of his wife, whom he «suddenly» loses.

Problems can occur because of the arrangement of their own homes, as this is the time the family begins to acquire its own property and economy. Because of the growing material needs of a growing family, beloved children not only wants to provide everything you need, but also to indulge. Professional challenges and career growth, these problems can touch anyone.

Finally, the couple begins a period of psychological and emotional fatigue from each other. They’ve studied each other, got used to it and know what to expect from a partner. They are drawn to something new and fresh, I want something to drastically change. It is important not to rush into extremes, which are later going to regret.

This life span family — the best time to upgrade their relations. Which method you choose depends on your specific family situation and in her situation. To get started you can start with the updates themselves and their appearance. If the couple passes this stage, the romantic feelings will be reborn in a strong family friendship and mutual respect.

The crisis of family life or relationship in 7 years

The crisis of family life or relationship in 7 yearsTypically, this is due to the fact that the first born goes to school. All he knows and is able child by this time — it was all laid parents. And if he can’t or he’s not, then all tend to blame primarily the parents and the parents start blaming each other. Many of these claims are simply not justified. Do not forget that the child is just beginning your training and there is nothing catastrophic in that he doesn’t know anything, but he certainly knows more. Do not force and so excited about entering school the child feel that he is worse than others, only solve the really important problems.

Family is an integral organism, as a living being, it needs constant nourishment. The power of love, respect, understanding, and patience. The crisis of family life is inevitable, but in your power to reduce their impact on the life together. It is important to know how to survive and overcome the crisis in relations. Be happy and take care of what you have.

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