Virtual communication

Virtual communication today is not uncommon. A large number of people prefer to communicate with each other virtual, sometimes in place of these normal human contact. Habit to interact with other virtual appeared in humans as a result of development of Internet technologies. With the advent of the Internet it has become easier to meet any man: now you do not have verbal contact with him, enough to have a page in social networks. Some are so addicted to the process of Internet communication, that they forget about real life and even their own individual needs.

Virtual communication

Features of virtual communication

Like any other, virtual communication has a number of distinctive features. These features can long go unnoticed until until the person decides to pay attention to them.


Virtual communication is mainly carried out using the written word. The Internet represents a space where all interact with each other through written words. Gradually it becomes a habit and the person ceases to notice that it is much less communicate in a familiar way. The result is a certain aloofness, insularity, which can gradually change to self-doubt, passivity and gloom. The written form of virtual interaction suggests that people spend a lot of time at the computer, tablet or mobile phone in hand, frantically stuffing graphic symbols.

The lack of space limitations

Another feature of virtual communication is the lack of any framework in outer space. There is no time, there is only a virtual reality. You can easily interact with the person who is in another city, country, even halfway around the world. The fine and virtual interaction, there are no restrictions. You can forget that you are separated by thousands of miles and talking about everything. There is an opportunity to share the most intimate. The process of virtual communication sometimes seems endless. It seems that people immersed in a virtual world and forgets about their daily duties. Virtual communication involves addiction to the Internet, a strong emotional involvement.

Enthusiasm for the process

Sometimes people get so immersed in virtual reality that they cease to notice the actual time. Some may be held in virtual communication around the clock, barely noticing that it was morning or afternoon gave way to night. Virtual communication captures a very strong and powerful effect on the nervous system. Often as a result of such «get-togethers» at the computer the person becomes irritable, nervous, unstable, suffered from anxiety and low mood. All this is the place to be for the reason that virtual communication is an illusion, people accept at face value. Sometimes it seems that you will never understand how a virtual interlocutor. This feeling arises from the fact that people do not need to overcome the embarrassment and shame. On the Internet everyone can be themselves, but, surprisingly, not showing their own true face.

Especially often, virtual communication via the Internet addicted young people. Many people want a way to find your soul mate, to talk about their everyday, throw in letters to the imaginary friend’s thoughts and dreams. Some are addicted to so that they begin to wishful thinking. Of course, when illusions are dispelled, it will be very painful to realize the error. On the Internet people do not communicate with real people, with mental images which themselves come up with. Virtual life is completely different from reality.

Communication in the network

The pros and cons of virtual communication

Virtual communication is characterized by many manifestations. As a rule, they are the same for all people who lead an active correspondence on the Internet. Virtual interaction implies the existence of both positive and negative sides. Consider the pros and cons of virtual interaction. Virtual communication can be really helpful? Should have virtual friends?

Help people shy

There is a category of people, which is very difficult to establish contact with any person. Excessive shyness does not give the opportunity to meet, to show sympathy. Here, virtual communication will become useful: it will help to relax, to hide their own complexes and fears. For virtual communication, you can stop thinking about their shortcomings. Shyness cease to be a serious obstacle to make a new acquaintance, to keep the conversation going, which seems exciting and interesting. A timid and shy person could hardly also free to find friends in reality. Output to the virtual space he will not have much difficulty.

Habit forming

When the person years of sitting on forums and social networks, he gradually starts to forget what it means to talk with your opponent, looking him straight in the eye. Is habit forming be in the virtual world. Chat virtual is becoming the norm, which is very difficult to rectify. The man lost communication skills, ability to understand others. Virtual communication in some cases becomes a salvation from the fear of loneliness, because otherwise interact with people does not work.

The ability to interrupt communication

In ordinary life, if we do not like the interlocutor, it is not always possible to dismiss him. For example, while at work, the slave has no right to ignore the orders of the chief or snap in response. Otherwise, the consequences for him will be very sad. A lot of people just out of courtesy not have the heart to tell the person that him uninteresting and boring. Virtual collaboration differs, which implies complete freedom of choice. Man first receives alternatives for decision-making. If the communication for some reason struck you as unpleasant and burdensome, it can be easy to stop. You will need to click a couple of buttons to unpleasant person ceased to bother you. You also have the option to place the selected person in the so-called «ignore list».

On the Internet there are no obligations to each other: everyone has the right to do as he sees fit. The virtual space seems boundless. The problem is that over time people get used to appreciate the alleged interlocutors from the point of view of «like – dislike» and not make any effort to develop this personal interaction. They simply cease to understand what it is, fully immersed in the virtual community.

The ability to find like-minded people

Virtual communication helps to find people that really will be interesting to interact with. If in everyday life it is unlikely you will have the opportunity to spend close time with their peers, the virtual space allows it to do. Virtual interlocutors will help to reveal your inner potential. Virtual friends is not so difficult to find as real because it is possible for everyone.

Thus, virtual communication is characterized by several distinctive features. It all looks incredibly appealing to many. Virtual communication has its pros and cons. Positive aspects include the ability to fully Express themselves, and negative in the formation of a closed, inactive lifestyle.

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