Verbal means of communication

a means of communication

In everyday life people use not only words in the communication process. For high-quality transmission of information of the required additional verbal communication tools that help to make speech more expressive, contribute to a better understanding between the interlocutors. Consider these components to verify their undeniable importance.

The quality of the voice

Each person has an individual voice. No two people are alike, which would coincide peculiarities of pronunciation. So, what fundamentally matters?

Tone of voice is different in all people. This characteristic emphasizes the individuality of a person. Timbre can be thought of as emotional, brightness, which help to know a person only by his voice among the millions of other people. Tone of voice can attract attention with its peculiarity, uniqueness. In fact, we all spoken communication the same words, phrases, but do it in completely different ways. Someone utters the words softly, like the other «mint», the third is constantly «swallow» the end.

The pitch of the voice can tell a lot. If the person speaks in a low tone, his words involuntarily perceived as more significant and weighty. People with high voice are often unable to qualify for a leadership position because others do not perceive them as leaders. This voice is most often found in women and children. High voice can be a wonderful help in the classroom with music and singing.

The volume of the voice also indicates the degree of confidence in themselves and their abilities. Ambitious, brave man speaks loudly, clearly pronouncing words and whole phrases. He constructs sentences in such a way to demonstrate their own importance and often starts talking before it really started to listen. When we don’t believe in their own capabilities, and the voice becomes quiet, soft, faceless. In fact, the personality of the individual this is not going away, it just remains unexpressed. When we avoid to show their best qualities of character, and the voice gradually becomes faceless, expressionless. The voice of a man – a strong indication of how he currently feels. It can vary depending on condition and comfort level.


One of the significant indicators of mental equilibrium. If the person feels well, and the voice in the conversation will be calm and steady. Otherwise, you receive a feeling of «compression» that makes it difficult to release feelings, Express yourself as a whole.

With the help of intonation, we are able to Express their attitude to what is happening. People change the tone of voice depending on the situation and experienced feelings. A frightened man will speak not as motivated and believe in the prospects of its development and promotion. When we want to convince someone in something, the tone of voice takes on the tone of evidence. Not so much the words, as the pronunciation is intended to produce the desired impression, make an impact. Verbal communication help the individual more clearly define its position.

The rate of speech

Some people speak very quickly, others acquire the habit to pronounce the words slowly. What people subconsciously chooses for himself depends on his temperament, personal beliefs, view of the world. Choleric and sanguine to say the words pretty quickly, clearly and confidently. They will not suspend it, if the room appeared a strange man, in contrast to the phlegmatic and the melancholic. The latest worry too much about what impression people come up with different explanations for their behavior and actions. Vulnerable and sensitive melancholic often say a quiet, subdued voice. The impression that their is always something depressing on the inside, does not allow them to grow, to believe in our own perspective.

Rate of speech is especially important in the case when a person occupies an important position in society. Leaders and managers tend to speak loudly and clearly. It is the tempo of speech they attract attention, command respect for self, emphasize their importance.

Phrase and logical stress

When we want to highlight in the speech of some complete thought, typically focus the voice on a word or an entire phrase. This happens quite unconsciously. Thus, the person expresses their own position on a particular issue. This way, you can immediately attract attention. The interlocutor, perceiving this speech at the hearing, inclined to trust what was said. The reason is that talking with accents, the accents becoming more emotional and consistent.

Thus, verbal means of communication aimed at forming a comprehensive, holistic perception of speech and help people have a better and deeper understanding of each other. It is important to learn to live in balance with your inner essence, then the voice will become more confident.

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