Values in life: determination, characteristics and classification

human values

A critical role not only in individual lives but also society as a whole play value and value orientation, which perform a primarily integrative function. On the basis of the values (at the same time focusing on their approval in society) each person makes their own choices in life. Values, occupying a Central position in the structure of personality, influencing the orientation of a person and the content of his social activity, behaviour and actions, his social position and his relation to the world, to yourself and others. Therefore, loss of the meaning of life is always the result of the destruction and reinvention of the old system of values and to find the meaning again, it is necessary to create a new system based on common human experience and using socially accepted forms of behaviour and activities.

Values are a kind of internal integrator of the person, concentrating all his needs, interests, ideals, attitudes and beliefs. Thus, the system of values in human life takes the form of the inner core of his entire personality, and the same system in the society is the core of its culture. Value system, functioning as at the individual level and at the level of society, creating a kind of unity. This is due to the fact that the personal system of values is based on values that are dominant in a particular society, and they in turn influence the choice of individual goals each individual person and definition of ways of its achievement.

Values in human life is the basis for selecting goals, means and conditions, as well as help him answer the question of why he does this or that activity? In addition, values represent the strategic core of the idea (or programs), human activity and its inner spiritual life, because wind principles, intentions and moral norms of humanity no longer refers to operation, and the values and value orientations.

The role of values in human life: theoretical approaches to the problem

Modern human values – the most urgent problem of both theoretical and applied psychology, as they affect the formation of Outlook of the person and is an integrative basis not only of an individual but of a social group (large or small), collective, ethnic group, nation and humanity. It is difficult to overestimate the role of values in human life, because they illuminate his life, filling it with harmony and simplicity, which leads to the human desire for free will, freedom creative possibilities.

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