The word temptation imagination draws us a special or even artificial romantic situation. What if you try to look at the temptation as continuous play, related to the entire movement of life?

It is no coincidence that in English, the expression it is sexy not only applies to man and his accessories, but such asexual, it would seem that concepts such as the view from the window, an unexpected interior or tasty food. Conclusion: sexually, everything that is playful, fun, uplifting and, most importantly, a little bit provokes our imagination. So, world, unless of course we wish, appears to be sexually charged coordinate system. In General, the British, can easily differ on the classic Breakfast, the number of taps in the bathroom and drive on the left, however, in this question, it seems that the islanders have to listen. And the temptation to try to turn into a game.


Psychologists say that often we ourselves unconsciously put inhibitions on a happy attitude. We think: it is necessary to afford the frivolous attitude to life as to font a pleasure, not as a source of pain and disappointment, and we will instantly lose the ability to take a punch. And fate will give him at the most inopportune moment. Meanwhile, to see the world, as written by Paulo Coelho, the eyes of a «desperate victims or the brave adventurer», up to us. But here’s the paradox – of truly radiate the energy of temptation is possible only when most of this world seduced. That’s why you need at least to perceive the surrounding reality as an enemy. Try it, at least for the sake of experiment, to trust to fate, and maybe the world will cease to test you for strength and steel restraint and begin to pronounce.

Question: how does that translate in practice? Try to take at least one day of your life as an adventure. Remember the moments of triumph. Relax, let every cell in your body feels the same as then. This condition psychologists call a resource. Make those memories a little daily exercise, and gradually you will learn to call them at any time. The energy of your inner confidence and security will pass to the people with whom you make contact. Confidence is one of the most sexy qualities.

Write to the chief the plan of reorganization of its work, because you have long thought about it, but it’s not resolved. None of his colleagues do not want to work with a difficult client and he got you? Great! Life presents perfectly adventurous situation. Going to the first meeting to adjust yourself that everything will go as you planned. Scroll to the imagination the most interesting scenario. Well skeptic, you say, he dresses in protective clothing for fear of getting hurt on the sharp corners of life. And you, what belongs to the world with confidence and interest, open to all winds. However, very soon, to your own surprise, you will attract brave heroes, not boring, anything never confident of reinsurers.


Sometimes our dissatisfaction (appearance, personal life or career development) lies the feeling that we are not worthy of love. And, as a rule, unconsciously. This situation, especially if you lived there for years, not quickly change. Start with loving yourself. In reality, this means to catch the wave of enjoying life and try to reproduce it. Surround yourself with those things that you really sensual touch, or, as you seem to stress your femininity. Not necessary or anything to cherish or for special occasions. Now every day is special.

Let’s say you liked a long time grandma’s antique Cup Kuznetsovsky porcelain. Then why are you drinking tea with a practical mug with a rhinoceros? Let lovely Cup lives his life and the morning sets you on a positive wave. Make possible so that you are surrounded by and charged only pleasing to the eye items. Make an audit of the linen cupboard: let favorite set will turn into underwear for each day. Even if today you only sleep in the cozy company of a Teddy bear, and believe in this as firmly as the law of terrestrial gravitation, still take care of the perfect pedicure. Remember: from now on everything you do, is for yourself and yourself only. In addition, as rightly said Mat is one of the famous actress: «Every time I get out of the house, a woman goes to meet his fate».


This is the third stage of our game seduction. Dedicate it to a single hero. May he long and happily present in our lives, don’t forget: beloved husband, as before, from time to time requires special attention. Ah, you have not yet met my MM (big), as the unforgettable Carrie? Well, here’s another great reason to enjoy their own freedom.

And to use it. Psychologists advise us to discard the prejudice against lung, non-committal Dating. You should treat them as little temptation-etudes. In this case, you are a mistress of the situation. Only you decide how far will the game, at the same time honing a strategy of seduction, which for different characters varies of course. The more interesting! And let you know: the source – not the man of your dreams, still do not rush to reject it. In one of the stories Scott Fitzgerald secular beauty shared the secret of his success with the less popular provincial cousin: «the Main thing is not to drive away even the most inconspicuous, but devoted fan of you. Collect them around him, occasionally show signs of attention, and other gentlemen immediately interested in this hype.» Cousin did not fail to take advantage of the advice and at the end of the story gave a hundred points ahead of his mentor. But even if you do not intend to gather around him a dense crowd of fans, just try them from time to time to have. Let for one night. Or a single conversation. On the British TV channel BBC in a few years, there was an interesting program. It girls who are looking for your soul mate, preparing for the meeting in absentia of the favourite contenders. With the heroine that the script should turn out unlucky in the arc de Cinderella a Princess, worked as a stylist, makeup artist, choreographer and of course a psychologist. And if the function of the first three assistants Cinderella more or less clear, the contribution of the last party deserves special comment. Is a psychologist suggested the girl was an interesting experiment. On the street, the exhibition, in short a public place, she had to establish contact with the attractive man – the first to contact him with a question. So perfected the art of spontaneous communication, which helps to relax and learn to feel at ease in the most unexpected situations. The result was obvious – men are almost always able to catch them served in the fellowship ball. Moreover, it is nice, and they more than rewarded the girl response. Why don’t you practice with appropriate mood similar tactics, say in a cafe or in the Museum? After all, this is absolutely non-committal brief encounters contribute to the formation of the perception of life as a sexy game.

The technology of temptation

Yes, you read that right. It is well known that the better thought out system of rules, the more interesting the game is and the farther it is from the routine and trivial. Alas, but the culture of flirting – sheets, handkerchiefs with monograms and even flirtatious strokes of the fan, that is all these meaningful attributes of courtly love, have sunk into Oblivion. But before the girls were taught the etiquette of the ball not only for dancing but also for a romantic game with her partner. Only one exchange of views turned into a ritual. And what is interesting – century of experience «ballroom of seduction» is almost entirely consistent with the recommendations of the current socio-psychologists. Namely … take a Look! The opinion, undoubtedly, was the main instrument of seduction and sensual first exchange of information. The chaperones of the past centuries were quite right, teaching his players what psychologists call the critical time, the intimate sight. It is counted from the moment when the partner was caught by our visual signal. If we held the gaze for a second longer, thereby signal: you have something of interest to us. The age-old art of «game eyes» when the object of attention endowed with first a smile, then look at the second translated down to the opposite side and back, also recognized as the strongest ladies ‘ touch weapons. It remains to understand the rule at all times: rely on your feelings and intuition.

Tell me. Use the voice as if on two levels. First – surface, normal tone. Talk about anything you want. The second is more profound. Reserved for certain phrases that you say slowly. Well, if you study this etude in two voices, just talking to men on the phone.


Touching can be accidental or purposeful. You can touch to the other person casually, coming to the table or leaving your seat. In a purposeful touch usually attract via the exchange of objects. Just make sure that tactile contact lasted at least a couple seconds longer than necessary. However, psychologists remind: on a deep subconscious level «hunters of mammoths» man regards the touch as an invitation to sex. Of course, years of civilization has done its job, and nobody in their right mind would not allow himself to respond to accidental touch on the wrist so literally. Rather, it will set up partner to the desired tone. He will feel your clear interest, if throughout the conversation you will from time to time to enter his so-called personal space (about 45 cm from the face). It’s easy – just occasionally tilt the head to him. Another great way to intrigue the hero and dance with him slow dance. However, there are some nuances, honed in the age of big points. Avoiding the gaze during the dance, certainly look partner in the eye when cornering. He decides that in these moments you belong only to him!

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