Interests and Hobbies in a person’s life – the chance to achieve success

person of interest

Interest is an emotion or a desire to achieve a certain mental state; the attitude of the subject to the phenomena or objects which represent a spiritual value.

Capture – a way to achieve harmony in the inner world personal method of expressing one’s individuality, a successful attempt to understand and accept his calling.

Interests and Hobbies of the person can be compared to happiness. They cause positive emotions, a sense of fullness, of satisfaction, bring joy. In turn, joy is the juxtaposition of tedium, therefore, a person who devotes enough time to their interests, much less suffering from malaise, lack of emotions and boredom. Even permanent employment of ordinary Affairs does not give that feeling of joy that can give the hobby. Part of the fascination can be called and the meaning of life, because everyone works to earn enough money to spend on fun, favorite form of recreation.

Why the interest and admiration of a person so important?

Everyone has the need to realize himself as an individual, to discover something new and interesting to tell the world about yourself. It sustained interest attracts attention and does not cause molestation. The subject is not interested in the result, and in the process it gets fun.

Every interesting activity meets certain motives as well as the interest that has motivated to engage in a certain hobby for the benefit of his personality. This relationship is possible to show graphically:

interest, attraction, benefit

When lost benefits (spiritual, emotional, material), and then lost interest, but needs a constant delight not to go anywhere. So, Hobbies may be different, opposite to each other, and the interest in human life is changeable and versatile, but he’s always inherent and can be considered the main strategic motivation and emotion. Interest encourages everyone to new beginnings.

Impact of the personal interests of a person in his life

My Hobbies and interests everyone is trying to realize in life on his own. Someone manages to make this a successful business, in other cases of capture are interpreted in the hobby. They represent the true value of life, regardless of external factors. When a person systematically pays attention to their needs, they have the incentive to achieve something new, work on yourself and thus improve your quality of life, and such actions create a new, not less important quality – confidence. The subject has its value, he himself could provide, he is ready to share it with the world – personality becomes interesting. Further actions are obvious: he is looking for people that have the same interests, to exchange experiences or because of the desire to feel surrounded by like-minded people.

What kinds of human interests are?

Interest groups
Social structure Class, group, national, individual
The public sphere Spiritual, economic, political
Display Abstract, natural, real, minimal, lucid
The trend of social development Reactionary, progressive, conservative

Some types of human interests may encourage the emergence of others. Depending on the benefit pursued by the person in their Hobbies, dominated by the interests temporal and spiritual, communal and personal, direct and indirect.

types of interests

Direct interest – the desire to achieve immediate success from a particular process.

An example of this interest is simple: the student learns directly for the sake of knowledge. He wants to get some experience and use it successfully. The prospect of earning a diploma takes a back seat.

Indirect interest – the desire to achieve results through certain possibilities.

This interest demonstrated by students who just want to graduate with University study. A great knowledge base, skills they are not interested.

Material interests – the need to resolve its deficiencies prevent the development of threatening situations, comfort and quality of life.

Material interests reflect the economic needs of the individual. He’s trying to sell his labor power, to get the benefit and it is not important the spiritual side of this transaction. Thanks to the material interests of mankind constantly makes new discoveries, as they are aimed solely at improving the quality of housing facilities, the enrichment, facilitate the work. It can be a material interest if its main objective is high income.

Spiritual interests – actualization opportunities to prove himself as a personality, individuality; personal enrichment, cultural growth, which does not provide for any material modifications or enrichments.

Spiritual interests include the establishment of psychological harmony, personal growth, emotional satisfaction and fulfillment, peace of mind. They are encouraged to explore the world, to open a new way, to show their talents. The saturation point for each subject is determined individually. Someone important to get a lot of superficial information, but in different areas who want to learn specific craft and become a true master, so one in my life can travel the world, learn multiple languages, but other people manage to achieve results in a certain thing, some narrow field.

Personal interests – attitudes, desires, motives, which are inherent only to a particular subject, his subjective concept and its needs.

Personal interests are based on experiences, desires, position, material wealth of the subject. No one can impose it or get away from them. A person decides that it is interesting and what is not.

Social interests – needs, accomplishments, wishes, which are experienced by social group based on internal motives of each individual.

The interests of social groups depend on the socio-economic situation, their position in the socio-labour sphere. In most cases social interests of the individual are reduced to the sphere of politics and Economics.

What are the interests of a person affect his perception of the outside world

Quite common version that social and personal interests of the individual are one and the same. Person – an individual, a social group – a social unit that acts as one object, which pursues common to all goals. But to compare these two concepts is not correct. Personal interests are the basis of social interests. They form a common position and can be matched completely or partially. Anyone can succumb to common goals and interests, and may remain unconvinced.

the interests of social groups

Social interests can cover various spheres of culture and science, but to call them 100% accurate is impossible, because each individual formed their own concept, different from the General opinion. A single entity may experience more interest than another, and this fact is the difference between individuals.

Areas in which are interwoven the personal and social interests:

  • Reading. Educated people often like to read. While each person has a favorite author, of a work;
  • Communication. It is rather a necessity than interest, but with a good source there’s always something to talk about, and the conversation can be quite captivating.
  • Sport. Sports bring together people who are ready to support your favorite team or to become a member of your favorite games;
  • Computer games. Probably one of the main Hobbies of our time. You can play alone or in a team – it all depends on individual wishes of the person;
  • Music. Different directions and styles of music give the opportunity to make a choice for everyone.
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