The crisis in relations

The crisis in relations is extremely relevant and crucial topic. The crisis is forcing people to reconsider the previously established relations and to find them a decent alternative, or work on them, that too is not easy. Various relationships between people change over time: friendships, family, partnerships, business. This is because we can’t stay long on one place and constantly moving forward. Sooner or later the crisis is always present in any relationship between people is an inevitable process. If someone thinks he can avoid him with his other half, is bitterly mistaken.

The crisis of family relations

Family relationships are a special form of interaction where people converge to the level of close relatives and thus inevitably faced with a number of contradictions and conflicts. Problems are present even in the strong bonds of family. The need to work together to build a life, to plan the budget, to solve the difficulties of bringing people together and at the same time strongly alienated from each other. How is this possible? The fact that family relations are constantly involved people’s feelings, they unwittingly forced to accommodate each other. What characterizes the crisis of family relations? What events often lead up to it? Try to understand.

The crisis of family relations

A decline in interest

People, creating a family Union become so close that at times ceases to amaze and surprise each other. Favorite person ceases to be perceived as a miracle and wonderful thing. The uniqueness of the moment seems to be decoded and explained from different sides. So there is a decline in interest, forming a habit that is quite difficult to overcome. That’s why frequent infidelity – their likelihood is increased in moments of crisis. The relationship becomes mundane and boring. Sometimes the trust is also beginning to be lost due to the fact that some spouses grow apart from each other.

Mutual reproaches and claims

The crisis of family relations is always accompanied by various insults and complaints. People can not understand that could affect their excellent relationship and are not always ready so soon to make a change. The crisis definitely affects the personality of both partners: they are intolerant, resentful, vindictive. Family relationships begin to crumble when there is no support and does not allow them to develop. Mutual reproaches and claims even more disappointing partners are forced to look for additional reasons for the unsatisfied condition.

Different position in life

Sometimes, after living together for a sufficiently long period, the couple finds that they no longer have anything to talk about. The crisis of family relations especially inevitably catches up with those who have different life priorities and goals. What is significant for one, is not suitable for another. If the spouses have, there are different views of the world, it is not correlated tasks for the coming years, they begin a crisis that can knock the solid ground from under his feet, completely to deprive of confidence in yourself and your chosen one.

The birth of a child

This joyous moment for both spouses is often accompanied by the occurrence of unwanted anger and frustration. With the advent of the baby the usual way of life changes. Rebuilt and family relationships: spouses begin to show against each other certain requirements. If before them was not observed, but are now beginning to arise disputes and quarrels which affect the welfare of the pair. The birth of a child is a serious trial for loving people, often leads to a crisis.

Test for two

In life often there are serious shocks that can affect the attitude and self-perception of the partners. Relationships begin to change in that case, if you start some serious trials of life. Crisis is often associated with the emergence of sudden illness of a spouse, death of a close relative. In some cases, need to unite their efforts to act vigorously, but not all of it gets done. Tests for two always accompanied by crisis, as it shows that everyone is in fact ready.

The crisis in relations in years

The crisis in the family

It should be understood that the crisis in family relations is not an indicator of their worthlessness. The crisis arises naturally within a pair, and repeated with a certain periodicity. To react correctly and not worsen the situation at the time of its occurrence, it is necessary to know the major milestones important for the development of relations. Crisis within a pair differ in degree of severity. Psychologists crises, manifested by years, that is, occur at a particular time interval.

Interestingly, modern psychological science determines the onset of the crisis as manifested turning points in a child. As the child gradually learns to walk and to take the first steps, and the relationships between people are changing. This happens in the same time intervals, as the vivid expression of the crisis of the child. Each next crisis is designed to bring life renewal both partners.

Crisis one year

This crisis is characterized by the flow of a process of «grinding». Partners get to know each other closer, check personal boundary of what is permissible and what is totally unacceptable. Crisis one year goes unnoticed to others, but for partners does not go unnoticed: they are convinced that they understand each other, or without regret breaking up. This crisis shows how people fit together and whether they continue to undergo more severe test.

Crisis three to five years

At this stage there is a major relationship test, since they already do not last the first year. The relationship begins to grow into something deeper and resemble kinship. Romance is gradually disappearing, and in return you receive a routine, everyday routine. Not all people understand that this is a normal state of things, and they cannot surprise each other. It seems that all the mysteries solved, the partner comes to be seen not as an interesting object but as a person, which has long had a close relationship. The couple often cross the line beyond which begins the complete mutual trust. The ability to boldly tell everything, to speak openly, openly, incredibly brings people together. The crisis manifested at the time of the loss of spontaneity: the relationship becomes predictable. Each of the partners can easily predict what will do what to do in certain situations each of them.

Crisis seven years

This crisis in relations is caused by the phenomenon of psychological fatigue of the partners to each other. Eventually get bored to perform the same function, an urgent need to change the vector. And here comes the main problem: the wife becomes quite difficult to understand each other. Each of them needs help, comfort, freedom. Relationships the most spoils of life, the need to perform daily routine duties. A woman wants to feel young and attractive and not a solution to the wife and kids. The man often feels the need for new interests and Hobbies, but it becomes difficult to realize themselves in force in limited circumstances. Often relationships break down due to such a difficult test. This crisis manifests itself especially rapidly if the spouses have very different personal interests.

Crisis twelve to fifteen years

This crisis psychologists call a real test of strength. Partners at this moment then closer, then away from each other. In many respects the crisis in relations caused by the maturing of the child. He becomes a teenager, active and trying by all means to get out from under the obsessive care of their parents. The spouses have to join in order to adequately cope with all the visible changes in his mind. The family will necessarily have a quarrel, as the model of communication within a small company requires a thorough revision.

Crisis twenty years

This crisis think crisis loss of meaning. Often it is the same as the couple from «empty nest syndrome». Usually by this time the adult children leave and the couple are once again alone with each other. They are forced again to build a model of communication that focuses on two. The partners is lost the General meaning of co-existence – parenting. When the task is completed, is to live for themselves and for each other, and this is not all ready.

Crisis twenty years, characterized by the appearance of feelings of loneliness and being misunderstood. The couple may be mood swings, irritability, and suspiciousness to each other. They would have to learn to build relationships. Experiencing a crisis, need to be able to preserve good feelings, mutual respect and optimistic for the future.

How to survive the crisis in relations

A relationship crisis.

Relationship is a very fragile thing. Only one who actually works on them and not trying to brush off, has a chance to find understanding in the face of his second half. How to survive a crisis in a relationship? What important steps need to be taken to the partners in order to bridge the gap, which is imperceptibly formed between them? What to pay attention? All in good time.

Waiver of charges

If we are outraged, we are unable to accept the situation. As long as the soul is boiling with anger, irritation, strong resentment of reconciliation is not out of the question. Waiver of charges will help to start to listen to the inner voice. Understand that it would be unfair and a shame to ruin your beautiful relationship with your partner. Remember how they began. The relationship can always be saved, if you take responsibility for what happens. Rejecting the accusations, you demonstrate the second half of the seriousness of your intentions and desire to return to the old confidential relations.

Personal space

You each have to have their own space. If people are forced to constantly invade each other, it is inevitable there will be conflicts, but the relationship to deteriorate. The interests of the wife should be considered as their own, they should not be neglected. Otherwise you will not be able to come to a mutual agreement. No need to sacrifice their personal interests. Relations will not become better, believe me. Constantly experiencing hardships, a person begins to accumulate inside the frustration and anger, without even realizing it. When you are going through a crisis in the relationship, everything matters. Remember that personal space should be for everyone. It allows you to stay strong personality, to emphasize their immediacy.

The search for common ground

Relationship, experiencing a striking crisis, require urgent reconsideration by the spouses of core values. If you constantly go from a serious conversation, it will only achieve the opposite effect. To revive the relationship, you will need a lot of patience and effort. Search of points of contact will enable people to unite, to feel the real support and participation. Relations from it only will win.

Be interesting

Most of the problems in the relationship arises for the reason that people cease to be each other interesting. Not to torment yourself with a question about how to survive the crisis, we must again begin to surprise, amaze imagination. For a start, do something non-standard, what I myself could not afford. The surprise should be pleasant and unexpected. Be interesting for the second half only if you do really want. Relationships can be build according to the scheme: the household budget, endless effort requirements. If partners are no small and big joys that they could share, the relationship with time, unfortunately, begin to break down. New Hobbies, interests, aspirations, will help to revive the old feelings. Appear respect to each other, the desire to do more than was done so far.

Thus, the crisis in relations is a task that needs to be addressed. If fate gave you a second chance don’t waste it.

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