The character of the women by month of birth


It is noticed that the people born in different seasons possess certain traits that make up character. Largely it depends not only on the time of year but also from month of birth. Women are by nature more sensitive and therefore more believe in horoscopes and the influence of celestial bodies on the formation of fate. The beautiful half of humanity is more sensitive to perception of one’s own emotions and feelings. The character of the women by month of birth largely determined by individual characteristics, but their influence have common values for time of birth.

Born in winter

It is believed that these people are the most hardy and adapted to the different difficulties. Indeed, if you follow their biography from birth, it turns out that they often had in life to overcome significant obstacles, and they did it almost alone. Women born in winter differ bright personality, perseverance, and desire fulfillment. They rarely ask for help, even if you really need it, preferring to solve problems independently.

  • Those born in December. December is the last month of the year. These women sometimes seem to others too fussy. They are really often in a hurry, want to finish the job. The concern is their personal inner activity. This fussiness and women achieve their success, you come to the desired results.
  • Born in January. January – a time of severe frosts and cold. Often women born in January, and surrounding accused of excessive coldness and indifference. In fact, often life circumstances develop in such a way that these girls are forced to take care of ourselves, economically to build future prospects. They are charming and attractive, but often don’t know how to show emotions, afraid to open the feelings.
  • Born in February. These women sometimes impress because of their inaccessibility. They easily pass through various difficulties and come out victorious of a situation. They often envy, they admire, they do not understand. Nature is quite complicated: the woman knows her worth and knows how to defend a position. Towards other people they are friendly and attentive, but not want to seem weak. Their biggest fear is to demonstrate to the world the failure of their own.

Born in the spring

Spring is the time when nature changes considerably, and with it changes occur in a woman’s life. It’s the time of disclosure of feelings, an awakening of new energy, the appearance of hidden forces and possibilities. Women born in spring, usually attractive, have a soft character and have a great understanding of others.

  • Those born in March. Quite ambitious and unpredictable, have flexible nature, I can even concede the argument. Such women usually know their value, know how to take into account the opinions of others. They are friendly and independent.
  • Born in April. Have a high intellect and a great sensuality. The nature of such women is quite stable and sustainable, but has some mood swings. Suddenly there was fatigue, depression or depressed state of mind are normal for them.
  • Those born in may. For these women, characterized by a heightened sensitivity and so-called emotional instability. The month of may itself is quite controversial and windy. Girl, born in may, have exceptional intelligence and abilities, but is easy to change one hobby to another and are able, moreover, is not to regret it later.

Born in the summer

Summer – the warm and hot seasons. The character of people born during this time, you’ll be noticeable vehemence and volatile nature. Women, generally, easily influenced by emotions, sometimes do not know how to organize themselves. This unstable nature often contributes to the creation of conflict situations with close people and my surroundings.

  • Born in June. It is usually ambitious women. They have their own life goals, priorities which they will never agree to concede. The June ladies have a quick temper, high temper. They are not inferior to others, especially men, and forced everyone to accomplish their desires.
  • Born in July. Can be very quiet and restless. Women often like to draw attention to themselves with clothing and hairstyles. Born in July are self-esteem, increased sensitivity, however, have a solid character. This lady will not let you hurt yourself for nothing.
  • Those born in August. Active, purposeful and confident. They used to achieve their own desires anyway, so the self is not able to refuse new purchases. Women born in August, like to control others and bend to their will.

Born in the autumn

Autumn is the time of the onset of cold weather caused by climate change. In this period come the first rains, the temperature begins to drop significantly. Women born in autumn have a strong temperament. They are quite calculating and calm, every decision is made carefully and responsibly. Sometimes they produce the impression of an austere persons who have nothing to others, but actually it is not. Just these women are able sufficiently to control yourself.

  • Those born in September. Attentive, studious, disciplined. They have a great staff and a lovely hostess. The character is quite easy and not conflict. It is almost alien to ambition, aggressiveness, desire to subjugate people. Rather, these women are kind, level-headed and have the desire and ability to help their loved ones.
  • Those born in October. Possess an outstanding appearance and mind, like to draw attention to themselves. Strive for a sincere and trusting relationship based on harmony and understanding. Women born in October, I highly appreciate true relationship, true partner, confidence in the future and wouldn’t trade it all for anything in the world.
  • Those born in November. November is called the harbinger of winter. At this time there are noticeable the cold. Women born in November, features the ability to restrain their own impulses and feelings. The emotion they have, of course, is present, but they often do not show others, how those important to them and what value actually have in their lives. We can say that these people are well able to hide their own impulses.

Thus, from the month of birth largely depends on the nature of man. A woman is more vulnerable emotionally than a man and his identity is determined in the same month of birth. If each of us learned sufficiently competent and right approach to one’s own individuality, then obviously people have to respect each other and accept with all faults and virtues.

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