School disadaptation

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The term school exclusion has existed since the emergence of the first educational institutions. Just before he was given any special attention, but now psychologists are saying about this issue and looking for the causes of its occurrence. In each class there is a child that is not just not keep up with program but has significant learning difficulties. Sometimes school disadaptation has nothing to do with the process of learning, and arises from unsatisfactory interactions with others. Socializing with peers is an important side of school life that cannot be avoided. Sometimes it happens that a seemingly healthy child starting to slack off classmates that do not affect his emotional state. In this article we will look at the causes of maladjustment in school, correction and prevention of the phenomenon. Parents and teachers certainly should know what you should pay attention to prevent adverse events.

Causes of maladjustment in school

Among the causes of maladjustment in the school staff most often meet the following: inability to find contact with peers, poor academic performance, personal characteristics of the child.

As the first cause of maladjustment is the inability to build relationships in the children’s team. Sometimes it’s just missing a skill. Unfortunately, not all children are equally easy to make friends with classmates. Many simply suffer increased shyness, I don’t know how to start the conversation. Difficulties in communicating particularly relevant when the child enters the new class with the already established rules. If a girl or a boy suffer increased susceptibility, it will be difficult to cope with them. These children usually worry a long time and do not know how to behave. For anybody not a secret that classmates are subject of attacks is brand-new, wanting to test their strength». Taunts are deprived of the moral strength, self-confidence, create a maladjustment. Not all children can withstand such tests. Many turn in on themselves, under any pretext, refuse to attend school. So formed maladjustment to school.

Another reason is the gap in the classroom. If the child does not understand something, you gradually lost interest in the subject, he doesn’t want to do homework. The teachers are not always correct. If a child does not have time to object, he put the corresponding estimates. Some do not pay attention to the underachiever, preferring to ask only the strong students. How can there be exclusion? Having experienced learning difficulties, some children absolutely refuse to learn, again not wanting to face many difficulties and misunderstanding. It is known that teachers do not like those who are skipping classes and not doing homework. Maladjustment to school occurs most often when the child no support in his endeavors or because of certain circumstances, he paid little attention.

The personal characteristics of the child, too, can become a precondition to the formation of maladjustment. Overly shy child is often hurting peers, or even he underestimates the teacher’s assessments. Someone who can not fend for themselves, often have to suffer maladjustment because he can’t feel important in the team. Each of us wants to be valued individuality, and for this, you need to work a great deal of internal work. Not always a small child it is, so there is a maladjustment. There are also other reasons that contribute to the formation of maladjustment, but they are somehow closely connected with the three listed.

School issues in younger schoolchildren

When the child goes to school, he naturally feels the excitement. All of it seems unfamiliar and scary. At this point for him is more important than ever the support and participation of parents. Exclusion in this case can be temporary. Usually, after a few weeks the problem itself is resolved. Just need the time to baby is used to the new team, was able to make new friends, feel valued and successful student. This is not always happening as quickly as we would like adults.

Disadaptation of younger students is associated with their age. Age seven to ten years contributes to the formation of a particular seriousness to the school duties. To teach the child time to prepare the lessons, anyway, need to control. Not all parents have the time to monitor their child, although, of course, they should allocate at least an hour daily. Otherwise, the maladjustment will only improve. School problems may subsequently result in personal disorganization, lack of faith in themselves, that is, to be reflected in adult life, make a person introverted, unsure of himself.

Correction of school disadaptation

If it so happens that the child is experiencing some difficulties in class, be sure to start to take active measures to remedy the problem. The sooner this is done, the easier it will have in the future. Correction of school disadaptation should begin by establishing contact with the child. Building a trusting relationship is necessary in order for you to understand the problem together to reach the sources of its occurrence. The methods listed below will help to cope with maladjustment, and increase the confidence of the kid in yourself.

Talk method

If you want your child to trust you, need to talk with him. You should never ignore this truth. There is no substitute for live human interaction, and shy boy go girl just need to feel important. Not necessarily immediately start asking about the problem. Just talk about something irrelevant, immaterial. The kid himself will be revealed at some point, don’t worry. No need to customize it, to climb with questions to give premature assessments of what is happening. Remember the Golden rule: not to harm, but to help to overcome the problem.

Art therapy

Invite a child to draw his main problem. As a rule, children who suffer from exclusion, beginning immediately to paint the school. It is easy to guess that it is there and focus the main difficulty. Don’t rush and don’t interrupt it while drawing. Let him Express the soul fully, will facilitate its internal state. Maladjustment in children is not easy, believe me. He, too important to be left alone, to identify their fears, stop doubting that they are normal. Once the image is ready, ask the child what was happening, referring directly to the image. So you will be able to clarify some important details, go to the sources of maladjustment.

Learn to communicate

If the problem is that the child is difficult to interact with others, you should work through this difficult time. Find out what exactly is the complexity of maladjustment. Perhaps, in the case of natural shyness or he just not interested with classmates. In any case, remember that for a student to stay out of the team – almost a tragedy. Exclusion deprives moral forces, undermines confidence in yourself. Everyone wants recognition and to feel important and an integral part of society.

When a child is bullied by classmates, know that it is an ordeal for the psyche. From this difficulty cannot simply be wished away, to pretend it does not exist. Need to work on the fears, raise self-esteem. Even more important to help re-join the team, to feel accepted.

The «problem» of the subject

Sometimes a child is haunted by the failure in the specific discipline. A rare student will act independently, to the location of the teacher, in addition to engage in. Most likely, he needs to help, to guide in the right direction. It is better to consult a specialist who will be able to «pull» on a particular subject. The child must feel that all difficulties can be resolved. You can’t leave him alone with a problem or to blame the fact that the material is neglected. And certainly you should not make negative predictions about its future. From this, most children breaks down, they have lost all desire to act.

Prevention of school disadaptation

Few people know that the problem in the class can be prevented. Prevention of school disadaptation is to prevent the development of adverse situations. When one or more students find themselves emotionally isolated from others, suffers psyche, lost confidence in the world. We need to teach time to resolve conflicts, to monitor the psychological climate in the classroom, organize activities that help to establish contact, bring together kids.

Thus, the problem of maladjustment in school, requires careful attention to itself. Help the child to cope with their inner pain, do not leave alone with the difficulties that must be baby insoluble.

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