Vanity and pride


In the modern world the concept of pride and arrogance are often confused with each other. People they are perceived as the same thing or something very similar. Meanwhile, these two entities have completely different meanings. If the first concept indicates the sense of dignity, self-sufficiency, the second reflects the complexity of the internal challenges of the individual. The signs of pride is often the feeling of injustice, irritation. Such a person always believes that it should not hurt. This article deals with the issue of pride, and explains how it differs from pride. We’ll examine the elements of each of the concepts to understand what is the danger of nurturing a sense of and how it can be overcome.

Pride and pride. Differences

the proud

Both concepts have the same root, and therefore, are derived from the vanity, narcissism and arrogance. However, in the case of the pride of the manifestations of the false sense of superiority is not as pronounced as with pride. In the modern world can be proud of the homeland, its achievements, and loved ones. And pride happens to pathological self-doubt.


Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that respect for and appreciation of self is necessary. Without healthy self-love there is no development, as it is impossible to fully move forward, and talents of their own capabilities. Pride should be a person. Otherwise, they will be able to manipulate and exploit anyone. But, at the same time, any psychological protection should be moderate. It is impossible to see the trick, and the people — the worst enemies of the cheaters. Unfortunately, the realities of modern reality is such that many of us have to go through numerous tests, which are accompanied by pain, regret and disappointment. But this is not a reason to become weak, bitter man? On the contrary, it is necessary to collect all his will and a good start to keep the faith in the best in people.

The confidence in the world

The more a person is towards others, the more it is open towards yourself, the easier it becomes to accept the new. Trust in the world is made up of several components, such as: the family environment where a person lives, the attitudes of other people, their own desires and dreams, character, temperament. Pride often enchants people and makes them unfree, held hostage to their fears. One who is proud, really can not be happy. He can’t really trust, to open themselves to relationships. Just a proud man is able to recognize the feelings of another, sympathy with others, helps, but does not lose himself.


Pride always makes a man selfish. No exceptions. Focusing only on their experiences, it is impossible to think of others, to bring real help to others. The man, unable to rein in his pride, will not be able to truly feel the emotions of loved ones, will remain deaf to spiritual impulses. Pride sometimes gives the person strength, helps to understand the essence of what is happening, while pride sometimes deprived of common sense.


For full advance on the path of life a person needs to constantly evolve. The essence of development is not just to learn new things. It is essential to work on their own shortcomings, to learn from what is happening, time to let go of the past. Pride can cope with this, pride often causes a person to suffer further.


Too proud people often are accused that they are insufficiently attentive to the needs of others. Meanwhile, if a proud man just does not give in insult and therefore gives the impression of an impregnable lone, who runs a real pride, still trying to conquer others their own understanding of the world, to impose their point of view. Narcissism in this case should be considered as a psychological protection of the individual from feelings of inferiority.


The essence of pride

Pride, like all personality characteristics, including several structural components. Simply speaking, pride consists of three key components that support its existence.

  • A false sense of prestige. Pride is formed in the case when the person starts to put their own interests above the needs of others. In norm each of us, of course, is worried about his fate more than anyone else. However, pride arises when the interests of loved ones begin to openly be neglected. A proud man respects himself, but he’s capable of empathy, able to share their own feelings, understand the other. One who is filled with pride, as a rule, he is in terrible confusion and misleads others. Him, because a closed heart, it seems that he is the center of the universe, the possessor of extraordinary abilities, and therefore all others should strive to be well. Someone had to sacrifice time for the sake of it, to share their experience, give their time on pointless conversations. Such people often do not think about the fact that cause harm to others. A sense of superiority over others, so call about that, in fact, every person is unique and has no right to judge his neighbor. Each of us is a personality and must respect the freedom of choice of another.
  • Feelings of inferiority. Pride there is a feeling of extreme self-doubt and dissatisfaction with life. That is why such people are often angry, unhappy strangers with the results. They experience tremendous internal doubts, first of all, in ourselves. The feeling of inferiority causes them to look for flaws in other people, and they are very successful in this instead refer to themselves. Because when a person internally feels worthless, useless, he sees all these flaws in other people. Wise people are willing to work on their own problems and blame others proud.
  • The feeling of insecurity. Uncertainty enslaves a person, forces her to play the role of others and take on images that do not correspond to individuality of a particular person. It should be noted that the more one plays a role, the harder it is to be yourself. Self-doubt is present in those who for some reason are afraid to Express their individuality, develop their character, to work on a pronounced disadvantages. Pride is only strengthened in the case when we forget about others and focus on yourself. It is impossible to think that our actions are more important than others.

Pride is a deadly sin

In Christianity as in any religion, pride is considered a great sin. The fact that religious beliefs, especially the difference between pride and arrogance does not exist. Pride must be condemned as pride, so keeping God’s commandments is an essential element of religious observance. There is an opinion that one who is proud cannot truly open your heart for true love. Such a person cares primarily about himself and his interests. It is important only that his needs were met.

Deprivation of pride going through deep repentance and overcoming of negative qualities of character. It is impossible to overcome my pride, if a person knowingly goes for it. «Pride is a sin,» says the Bible, and all spiritual teachers of the past and present agree with that statement.

to get rid of pride

How to get rid of pride?

Often people, having experienced severe difficulties in life is the fault of your own nature, wondering how to deal with pride? Because it prevents lead a full life, with pride, you most likely will lose old friends and new acquires.

Pride causes pain for both the person and his environment. To overcome this characteristic, it is necessary long and to work hard to work on yourself. These tips can be called constructive methods, how to overcome pride.

Respect other

Show sincere interest in the needs of others. If you respect their dreams, your nobody to judge. Respect for others starts with taking his relatives. It is crucial to take loved ones for who they are and not try to alter them. Vanity and pride can’t help it. Need to completely rethink your feelings and attitude to close people.

Pride dulls the sense of intimacy shower, kinship relations, patience and humility. It is known that a proud person is not able to deviate from his own claim, he goes to the end, achieve the goal at any cost. To overcome this characteristic, just try to at least sometimes think that the other person is feeling. Imagine your friend whom you are inexplicably rude, or your father. Do you think it was nice of these people to hear you say caustic remarks or unfair accusations? Often engage in analysis of their own actions, then you will gradually begin to open up to other people’s feelings, you will understand their experiences.

Be careful

If you want to be useful to people, then pay close attention to them. You should start to notice even small did you see how much easier it was to live. It is important that the level of trust between you and your relatives have grown day by day. Even if they had not previously noticed like you care, don’t worry: your efforts someday will still be objectively assessed. Do not get carried away by his pride, and consider it as your main advantage. Warm, trusting relationships between people it is sometimes necessary to build over the years, but it’s worth it.

Pay attention to their own feelings. If you will detail to note is going on inside you, you will understand that you have a far better feel when the joy of giving to others, even if it is fleeting, ephemeral. Find time to take care of their parents, sisters, brothers, friends. Take a look, maybe someone of them at the moment, need your help? Don’t miss this opportunity to improve and overcome his pride.

Don’t be afraid to break stereotypes

Most people act in a certain way, not suggesting that you can do otherwise. In every event of life has «invented» a normal act, which would reflect the essence. Just think how we are all thematisieren and turn into a routine, and yet, each event is unique and unrepeatable. For example, the birth of a child used to congratulate new parents for the new year to give gifts. Maybe someone doesn’t celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday and he didn’t want to do the feast only because it is customary.

Remember, every event, even if it is repeated on earth millions of times, is unique. Accordingly to each situation need to find their own individual approach, maximum acceptable for this case. Pride cannot be carried away, you need to overcome pride and let go. Allow yourself to experience the feelings, even if they are negative. Only do any actions begin already from the moment when you realize the mistakes and focus on constructive solutions. Overcoming pride, you will feel an incredible lightness and a Mature sense of self-esteem.

Love yourself

Usually a person is able to hurt another only when he feels strong dissatisfaction with life. Otherwise there would be no need to insult the middle. In fact, everything that is said in anger, addressed to the wrong person, which all speaks, but to himself. If each of us had the ability to listen to their words, then there would be no need for pride. After all, pride is impossible to achieve anything.

Love yourself and see how you do not want to use more of pride. Love of self creates harmony in the human soul and generates satisfaction. Pride will not be over.

Find your future

Note to myself, my life you live? It often happens that a person follows the opinion of the majority, influenced by external factors and chooses not his way. The assignment should be understood as the purpose for which we come into this physical world. It only depends on us how we perform. Pride has no place among those who seek a holistic, full life. Search destination, of course, is an important component of human life, and therefore by this process it is important to approach with all responsibility.

If you, despite a Mature age, has not yet found its own unique way, it’s time to determine the direction. Listen to yourself, remember your youthful dreams. Maybe it’s time to carry out a cherished desire? From your previous pride will not be over when you find yourself. It is a long and exhausting work that requires the utmost integrity and complete dedication. One who is dissatisfied with his pride and intends to replace it with a more positive sense, must be especially careful to monitor their emotional state. Emotions point us to what is happening in our soul. Pride is not the feeling that should be cherished.

Accept their own shortcomings

Strange as it sounds, you must learn to accept yourself the way you are. A long work on yourself, the negative traits always involves significant changes. But it is also important to learn to accept the flaws that you can not do anything. Forgive yourself for small errors, please understand that nobody is perfect and stop blaming yourself for the past. Might even thank yourself for the mistakes and errors that you made. Without them, you would not know that there may be a completely different person. In other words, due to deficiencies, we are moving forward, developing and improving.

Thus, the concept of pride is closely connected with the emotional sphere of the person, his character, habits, way of life. In a small quantity of this quality of character inherent in all people. It is only important how a person is going to work with pride.

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