What is a pity? Most people this concept is familiar to you. From childhood we absorb a pattern of behavior which implies that it is necessary to regret young children, the infirm and the elderly. Feel sorry for those in trouble or faced with a hard situation. But not all are investing in this concept has the meaning that it bears in reality. In some cases, pity can cause negative emotions such as anger and irritation. This happens in a natural way and points to the true nature of this feeling. Not always the pity is for the benefit of the person to whom it is manifested.


Pity: sympathy

We are taught from childhood that we must be merciful to others. We sometimes do not think about what the implications of our daily manifestations of mercy. Seeing the street beggar asking for alms, we first rush to help him. And how could it be otherwise? After all, it is sincerely pity the man! All right. But first, try slowly to understand their own feelings. Maybe looking at the homeless and needy, you feel their uselessness or irrelevance? Then this self-pity, of self. Feelings need to accurately be able to differentiate.

Manifestations of sincere sympathy have little to do with pity. The fact that pity in some measure destroys the person, making it extremely vulnerable to the circumstances and outside world. The person who accustomed to manifestations of pity, often unreasonably dissatisfied with life, unhappy and gloomy walks, cannot cope with basic challenges.

Pity: the desire to contribute to

Without a doubt, for any person a very important support and understanding. These components help to deal with difficulties, overcome great obstacles, to make new plans and strive for their implementation. The desire to help others inherent nature of man. A pity in some way does not allow the heart to become callous and insensitive. With this feeling starts the mechanism of formation of such necessary qualities as compassion, patience, unselfishness, the ability to think about the middle. Unfortunately, today’s society can rarely boast of highly developed morality and altruism. In most cases people are willing to grow in myself egoistical beginning to focus on their own needs. The ability to notice anyone but yourself, it is very important and valuable.

Sorry for anyone forcing a person to reconsider their position, becomes alert to the changes. Compassion is born from the inside, where the first living compassion for one’s neighbor. If every day to give a little time for the development of morality, you unconsciously begin to feel sorry for those who need help.

When harm pity


Pity in itself does not contribute to personal growth and search for new opportunities. Disclosure of any prospects is possible only when one takes full responsibility for what happens. Unfortunately, not all people realise this and even fewer are really ready to act for the benefit of themselves and others. It happens that in the soul we pity someone, but don’t want to prove himself as a selfless philanthropist. Many people lack expressed a desire to do good and to sincerely help others. In some cases, the pity is harmful? It can be a obstacle to happiness?

Unfortunately, pity in itself is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. When we are overcome by negative manifestations, it does not give us the opportunity to develop independently, to act boldly and decisively. In this case, the person begins to wait for help from others, and least of all he trusted in his own strength. We should never forget about your resource. Just turning to their own sources of strength and inspiration, we get pleasure from any activity. A shame certainly hurts, if a person begins to close in selfish helplessness and makes no attempts to rectify the situation.

Thus, pity is not a feeling that should be cherished in myself for years. There is nothing worse than to squander life in vain, because it is fleeting. Much more important to learn to trust himself, to see ahead of important opportunities. However, it is necessary to be able to remain sensitive and attentive to others. Under any circumstances you should preserve human dignity.

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