Personal space

Personal space is an integral component of every person’s life. Without this important component, we simply can not be completely happy and satisfied with their achievements. Many people mistakenly take personal space for luxury. Actually this is a big mistake. Personal space is necessary for all without exception. When people voluntarily or involuntarily watched him, a feeling of irritation, depression, the desire to quickly end the conversation. How many quarrels and conflicts are due to the fact that we are constantly violating the personal boundaries of each other. People cease to notice that intrudes on someone else’s territory and trying to adjust to the partner to suit your needs.

How to maintain personal space

Manifestations of personal space

The need for personal space manifests itself in a certain way. Demonstrate a personal space quite unconsciously, obeying your inner voice.

Personal space in relationships

Creating a family unit, people are not even aware that they have to compete for personal boundaries. To defend your individuality is not easy, especially when it comes about the closest in the world man. Contrary to popular belief that lovers should be constantly nearby, each of them requires their own space. If not, then within couple of will start the scandals and misunderstandings. In a relationship is very important mutual, highly developed empathy, the ability to understand the needs of the partner.

If you want to appreciate, learn to respect your soulmate. This means you need to be extremely attentive to her personal choice, a particular activity that is important to her. It is not necessary to forbid to do something, meet someone or establish prohibitions on the use of appliances. Sometimes young people just married, so not able to understand the needs of the partner, frustrate the hell out of the screams and scandals. To avoid countless disputes, it is necessary from the beginning to set personal boundaries and try not to disturb them without good reason.

Personal space at work

Personal space need to have not only at home but also at work. Comfortable work environment, private office, inner atmosphere, the atmosphere – all this greatly affects the overall performance. Even if you take a humble position, have at least their own Desk, computer and Desk accessories creates a certain personal space. All there is a big risk to merge with the team, get rid of individual opinions and fully submit to the will of the chief. If this happens, then the person loses part of himself, his personal space. It is worth remembering that everyone has the right to work quietly in a designated place, without the constant invasion of the area by outsiders. Employees must tolerate each other, respect individual boundaries.

How to maintain personal space

Personal space is his inviolable intimate area where no permission to intervene is not necessary. Be sure to consider an individual within your partner, friends and acquaintances. Only then they will respect your personal space. Unfortunately, people do not always have tact and restraint. Some people like to interfere in the lives of relatives, friends and acquaintances, absolutely not understanding that there is no right to do not have. How to maintain personal space from nasty attacks and not to spoil relations with others?

Respect for the freedom partner

If you want to be respected start with yourself. Many do not think of this simple pattern doesn’t take her seriously. Meanwhile, treat you exactly how you will manifest itself towards others. In a relationship there is an unwritten rule: how we are attentive to others and they to us. Try not to violate the personal space of a loved one, friends, parents, work colleagues. Unacceptable any manipulation, emotional blackmail with the aim of obtaining certain benefits. Otherwise, the relationship quickly deteriorated, will come to naught. Remember that the second half is not your property, which can be bent to your will, and the individual free person with their own individual inner world.

Personal space

Single room

Best if each family member will have a separate area. The situation when parents and children live in one room and constantly violates personal space of each other, unfortunately, is not uncommon. The inability to live separately, unstable financial situation, other family problems – all this leads to protracted conflicts, the wish to acquire more freedom, to escape from the influence of beloved relatives. Any anxiety can worsen the situation. In the relationship the start of numerous misunderstandings. To avoid this, ideally, each family member needs to be a separate room. This is such a territory where no one may enter without prior knocking. The creation of personal space contributes to the disclosure of internal capacity, the formation of a sense of harmony and overall life satisfaction. A happy person would not be in conflict with others.

Favorite thing

Having a hobby or Hobbies significantly changes the inner world of man, causes him to emotionally open up. Favorite thing promotes rapid personal growth and starts the process of self-improvement. Having personal space, it’s easy to be creative, promoting their talent. Favorite thing gives a lot of positive emotions, helps to release a powerful charge of energy, the nucleation of enthusiasm. One who is engaged in really interesting work, not on vacation, does not fall into melancholy and depression about. Person that has found its niche, can be called truly happy and self-sufficient. Gradually the confidence in yourself and the future, relationships with others, you receive sympathy and trust.

Individual point of view

To have their own view of the world is as important as to fight for the dream. Individual point of view allows the individual not to cave in to the majority opinion, to avoid having to excessively adapt to the circumstances. Even if your judgment differs from the opinions of the team or family, don’t worry. It is not necessary to hide, to withdraw. Remember that you have the right to their own opinion and self-realization.

Thus, personal space is not a whim, not a luxury, but a necessity. It is the individual boundaries help the person to become wealthy and independent from others, find your own unique way.

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