Fulfillment: the use of existing capacity


Not enough to know his worth — have yet to be able to realize themselves (Eugene Sagalovsky).

Each psychologically Mature person is unique and has unique individual features. And let the length of the path of life due to the higher powers, just depends on the personality of its width and depth. In the last criteria is often rooted in problems of identity, the essence of which boils down to the question of human self-realization. Some people successfully pass the path of self-discovery and self-acceptance, find a niche where they are able to unlock their potential, exploit the potential and to enjoy the action. The other big part of my life spend in search of ideas about the self – image of «I» and not reaching a Mature identity is lost in the ocean of life, unable to realize itself. A third category of people are not trying to reveal the natural talents and wasting their lives in vain.

Self-realization of personality in psychology refers to two phenomena:

  • the process of implementation of the natural human abilities and capacities acquired as a result of purposeful activity of the individual;
  • the result achieved by a person when bringing to life the talents, abilities, skills, knowledge, which is perceived by the person as an important component of his existence.

Self-actualization: the process of cognition, development, improvement

The person who smokesuit and to apply their innate and acquired internal resources that society values as a successful person. To place this assessment the society,there was samopoznanie person reached the heights, of course, a person must:

  • intellectually,know yourself,
  • make your personality
  • to realize the stability and integrity of in time
  • to form a proper self-esteem,
  • continuously develop and expand the structure of talent.

That is, the process of self-realization requires, first and foremost, the active use of willpower in terms of specific activities.

Problems of self-identity

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The question of self-realization were interested in the great minds of antiquity. In the works of Aristotle there are many arguments about the significance of this phenomenon, for example: «Happiness is achievable through the implementation of the potential talent of a man.»

The problem of self-realization was the aspect of learning American psychologist A. Maslow. The scientist believed that the human’s necessity of self-actualization, self-expression, self-realization inherent potential is at the highest level, «decorating» the pyramid of needs. Maslow believed that satisfaction of this higher needs – the most difficult task compared with the overcoming of the initial levels: physiological needs (need for food and water, rest), safety and social aspects (friendship, love, respect). According to psychologist, to get to such a high «bar» of the pyramid could not exceed 4% of the human population, with pleasure even 40% of the thirst of self-realization, the person feels happy.

Not all scientists share the point of view of the author of the «Hierarchy of needs» with respect to such distribution in importance of the needs of the individual. However, there is no doubt the fact: realization of human potential, a successful practical application of knowledge and skills important for the individual fields of activity is a constant happy life.

On the path of personal development and her ultimate goal of self-realization, often have serious psychological problems, caused by the clear discrepancy between the energy potential, intellectual capabilities, level of acquired skills and knowledge and degree of actualization of the skills in reality. Due to various circumstances: serious or insurmountable obstacles in the external environment (for example: accommodation in a zone of protracted military conflict) that prevent internal factors (e.g. poor vision with natural talent for drawing) these abilities do not coincide with the desired end result. This discrepancy opportunities, aspirations, desires with the actual situation in a person’s life leads to feelings of dissatisfaction, and some people potentiates pathological deviations of the psyche.

Abrupt termination of Outlook to put the existing skills in life is for a person strong stress factor. For example: a talented and determined athlete in the accident is forced to settle for movement in a wheelchair, and a natural consequence arose the impossibility to prove themselves on the sports field – the formation of severe and prolonged depression. Another example of external interference perhaps collapse of long-term work of a promising scientist in the result of the termination of financing of the project. Demonstrates the following negative developments: although in fact the primary disease is alcohol addiction, but the disease has atahotels amid the loneliness of women of menopausal age who are unable to realize themselves in life in desired quality – in the role of wife and mother.

Self-realization: components of success

S. muddy in the result of years of research in his theory of personality outlined the characteristics of a fully functioning person. He describes personality, capable of self-fulfillment as a person:

  • has freedom of action in all situations;
  • self-sensing control of my life;
  • moving that has a high adaptation resources;
  • acting spontaneously in decision-making;
  • has creative potential.

Not all psychologists interpret the above characteristics as essential characteristics, quality, conditions for self-realization. However, it is clear that to succeed required not so much innate talent, and how much acquired properties: determination, confidence, sense of purpose, determination, hard work, life passion. Self-realization is possible at the level of human development when the personality opens up and develops their abilities, is aware of the priorities in their own interests and needs, has a certain set of qualities of character, willing to make certain strong-willed efforts.

Self-realization: driving forces


What factors motivate the person for a long hard work to achieve self-realization? As a rule, a man driven by natural needs and universal values, among which are:

  • the need for recognition as a member of the society;
  • the need to respect;
  • the desire to develop and demonstrate intelligence;
  • the desire to create a family and have offspring;
  • the dream to establish sports records;
  • the desire to occupy a good niche in society;
  • need to get rid of bad habits and become physically healthy.

Driving forces for self-realization – clear and simple ideals of humanity is unshakable and varied, so the process of realization of their aspirations has no time limit.

Self-realization: life strategies

An important condition for self-realization is the ability to choose, to change and modify the strategy to adapt quickly to new requirements, while preserving calmness and common sense.

Life’s purpose – the concept is relatively unstable and impermanent. This is because with age, social status, health status, income levels change with the needs of the individual, and therefore, the formation of new goals that require fundamental change in strategies. For example: student, high school student chose an interesting profession and aspires to enroll in a prestigious University. His strategy of action and scope of the effort will be focused in the acquisition of sufficient knowledge. Reaching the first stage of self-realization, the person puzzled by the need to obtain positions in the interesting region, the continued adaptation to new roles, striving to reach professional heights, and accordingly adjusts its life strategy. It is easy to predict how it will change the purpose of the young man when he met his love and will feel the need of self-fulfillment as husband and father.

Self-actualization: the scope of the incarnation abilities

The identity uses different tools to fill a niche in life,to achieve the results of self-realization and to obtain public recognition. People reveal their ability through professional activities, creativity, sports, scientific research, realizes itself in the family and children.There are different dimensions of self-realization, and to Express themselves in the best light in all forms – not quite real, although feasible some individuals, the task.

Professional self-realization – achieving tangible progress in selected and interested person in field of work. In particular, can be expressed in the occupation desired position, the execution bring satisfaction of professional duties. The term may include, but is not identical to the concept of professional success, which means increasingly high wage level, occupation prestige positions.

Social self-actualization – the achievement of success in relationships in society, and in that the quantity and quality that bring happiness to man, but are not limited to the standards set by society. For example, a person may experience a deep satisfaction from their actions, providing voluntary assistance to orphans in the orphanage. At the same time, this volunteer activity for some members of society may seem like a waste of time and effort.

Self-actualization for women is often interpreted as the true course laid by the purpose of the fairer sex. The successful implementation of the a woman capacity to meet your love, to know the family, held as a mother, for most ladies – a necessary component for feeling happy personality.

Creative self-realization involves the disclosure of talents not only in the field of art and creativity, but the successful application of their skills and knowledge in science. To achieve visible success, to make issues a discovery, to create a brilliant masterpiece – a vital goal of the creative mind.

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