Perceptual knowledge

Perceptual cognition

Sensory cognition constitutes the most early form of cognition. Perceptual knowledge is based on perception of reality through the five main senses. These include: hearing, vision, touch, smell, taste. This article examines the characteristics of cognition and its basic forms.

Characteristics of cognition

Perceptual knowledge is inherent not only to man, so it can be called instinctive. Perceptual knowledge is to some extent observed among animals receiving certain knowledge based on everyday experiences, they form the expertise required to use it in the future. The main characteristic of cognition is that, relying on him, the man is subject to their own emotions, allowing them to manage in a given period of time. Of course, they are not always true. Much better in a certain situation to listen to the voice of reason, make decisions carefully, based on logic and common sense. And perceptual knowledge in certain cases, exclude logic.

The forms of sensory perception

Speaking about the forms of cognition, it should be noted that they reflect the stage of cognition of any object or phenomenon. All forms of knowledge are linked. In other words, the feeling creates a perception, and that, in turn, the understanding of the subject.


Sensation represents the first form, which begins the process of cognition. Feeling reflects one characteristic of the object that can be known through the senses: color, taste or hardness. For example, just looking at an orange, we can’t feel its taste and perceive only the form and color. Sensation prepares us for the further perception of an object or phenomenon, the formation of interdisciplinary connections and ideas about what our attention focused on.


Perception is the second form of cognition, which creates disparate sensations quite complete chain. The result is the formation of a concrete – sensual images. Perception consists of sensations that one experiences at a particular point in time. What will be the perception of the individual, what is the relationship she forms as a result of perception, it depends entirely on your emotions. Perceptual knowledge differs in that it relies on human emotions and not on logic or abstract reasoning.


Representation of a third form of cognition. Performance as form is an end result of the perception of any object or phenomenon. The representation reproduces an existing image of the object, which was formed as a result of interaction with him. That is, it is influenced by the existing images, thoughts, impressions. If the experience is positive, then the subject will be a positive representation of the object and the world in General. With the dominance of negative experiences, the view will be negative.

Thus, sensory cognition is the initial stage of all knowledge. Any study of the world, his perception of reality begins with him. After a while perceptual knowledge is replaced by a rational cognition.

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