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Official – business style of speech is used in human interactions in business and management. The focus of official – business style of language is quite broad: the law, criminal and administrative law.

Features of business writing, such that it should be built according to certain rules. Here any free impulses, independent of the input. The need to follow clear rules helps to become a prosperous and respected man.

To some it may seem that the official style of speech is characterized by excessive rigor in the design, but it should be noted that this is a necessary requirement, which is respected for the best reports and perception of the opponent. However, once mastered a particular pattern, you can make a few hundred of these cases.

The official style of speech. Signs

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Features official – business style of speech is recognizable and easily applicable in any area that involves adherence to established standards and practices. To learn how to compose business letters may first seem a daunting task, however, examining the parameters, it is possible to learn the formal treatment much faster than expected.

Ultimate precision

Perhaps this is the main characteristic that determines the success of the whole enterprise. The main feature of official – business style of speech is its stability, permanence in the compilation of phrases and turns of speech. Once having mastered this difficult language, you won’t be under great strain: you will have ready templates to different situations in which to operate safely.

You need to have great attention and interest in the case, to prevent any mistakes when drafting an important document. Ultimate precision completely eliminates the ability to interpret the written word in two ways. For this reason, the official text can hardly be understood differently, to put it a different meaning than the one the source wants to convey to you.

The harsh nature of the presentation

In business emails, you will not find any individual focus and even interest towards the individual. From official language seems deliberately dry and pragmatic. Do not expect an official document of great creativity or intense emotions. A business letter or speech have a clear goal – to convey to the recipient specific information. This is best done when there are no lyrical digressions and distractions. The harsh nature of the presentation ensures extremely accurate understanding of substantive content.

The stereotype of phrasing

As a rule, all official documents are somewhat similar to each other. This impression is because the text is written on the basis of available template, to facilitate its Assembly and subsequent perception. If every minor document of the people came as to create an original work of authorship, they would not remain neither forces, nor time to work. In the official documents can be found quite common phrases such as: «Proceeding from the above», «note», «note»

The sequence and consistency of presentation

In business language you will not find chaos and any exceptions to the rules. All necessary information is supplied, depending on the specific goals and objectives that need to be addressed. Chance to get lost in the feed material is negligible. Official – business style of speech always implies a logical presentation of information and for a strictly defined template. It may not be very like the people of creative professions, but from time to time need to enter into contracts, to sign important papers. Knowledge of business communication will never be superfluous!

Information is administrative in nature

An outside observer might think that such an overly dry style contains only teach information and has nothing to do with the real situation. In fact it is not. Just formal style involves the detailed and thorough immersion in the situation, a detailed examination of all the details.

Genres of official – business style of speech

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Traditionally it is accepted to allocate set out below are the main areas. They are all highly interconnected, but each also deserves attention.

  • Clerical focus. These include business papers, memos, official letters to customers and suppliers of goods. The heads of the major companies I know from experience how difficult it sometimes is to make such a text, and how much effort you need to invest in it. Creation of a professional structural content – the success of development and prosperity of your business. With business letters you can promote their services and to expand the boundaries.
  • Diplomatic orientation. Drafting of contracts, creation of special appeals addressed to other firms require the same extensive training and knowledge of certain things. You must accurately, clearly and consistently provide information, and to identify the main, to designate the position of each stakeholder. Diplomatic focus often helps people find a way out of difficult situations.
  • A legal orientation. This could include rules, laws, criminal and administrative codes. To properly prepare all of these legal and other forms, it is necessary to have special knowledge. Drafting of contracts – it is notoriously difficult. A competent professional takes time to master this information.

Thus, the official — business style of speech finds wide application in law, banking and investment. Business person need to know how to make agreements, execute documents, communicate effectively with clients, to plan work time. But all this cannot be achieved without special knowledge.

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