The state of love


Love is a lofty feeling, which is experiencing at least once in the life of every person. It helps to discover new perspectives and opportunities to know myself better and the people around them. Love is often compared to a fling, people can sometimes lose control, but at the same time, this feeling of love, looking forward to his appearance in my life, I consider favourites.

The more Mature a person becomes, the deeper she lives is a state, the more opportunities for self-improvement before it opens. Love requires focus on the partner, the ability to perceive someone else’s life as his own, and all of this is actually considerable and difficult work. Thousands of people are not ready to experience the state of love only because they do not know how to give and cannot receive. The only reason for such suffering that a person is not able to vent, to speak and to be heard. Unrequited love is one of the most bitter life dramas, but necessary for character development. And often it happens to those who himself loveth little. The feeling of love sometimes, it seems, not depends on the person, but not necessarily what it teaches.

Love: symptoms


Many people sincerely ask: on what grounds can understand that people love? There are a number of characteristic symptoms by which to recognize this feeling is not difficult.

An endless feeling of joy

It covers lover and accompanies throughout the whole day. People can do business to do any work, but inside his own sun warms warmth and joy. These positive feelings come simply from knowing that a loved one exists. Externally, the state of love may not be noticeable, not evident to outsiders, but those who know the person will notice a definite change in her behavior. Love in itself gives a person enormous power, opens up previously unnoticed opportunities. Now changing the perception of the world: if he were bitter and cold, now bright and fabulous.

Each person can experience the feeling of love? Much depends on the degree of openness of heart, from the ability to make a divine gift. In varying degrees, love sooner or later comes to each of us. Another thing is how we deal with has given us opportunity. Someone deliberately rejects this gift, not even deploying the wrapper». This man plays in advance. The other gladly accepts, but begins to manipulate a loved one. And bright the feeling goes away.

Especially remarkable youthful infatuation. When not in his youth to make amazing discoveries, do exploits in the name of the wonderful feelings that blossoms in your chest? 16 – 18 years of feeling taken for absolute truth, it seems that it’s forever, forever, and never happens anything like that. But in practice it turns out that an exalted youthful love, so often taken for true love, are only the prelude, preparation for future family life and more Mature relationships.

The need for dreams

For the first time starting to experience the feeling of love, a young woman or young man discovering a new, amazing world full of mysteries and secrets. And here’s yesterday’s child begins to experience new feelings and experiences, dreams. Girls aged 13 – 15 years actively dreaming about the future, love, arranged in the head perfect settings boy who can make them like you.

The value of each minute of communication

If you watch the two lovers, then you can almost always see that they are not talking about serious things, and about nothing. Generally a serious scientific conversation is not what you expect from each other are partners. Much more important is the sense of security and knowing that you are loved. Much a sense of understanding, establishing a spiritual connection between loving people, the ability to compromise. Love sometimes is given to man, as the test shows, what else should learn from life. For this reason, the first youthful infatuation in rare cases, it can be happy and mutual. Basically it is unresponsive and very bitter. But that’s a lesson to learn to accept it. The error committed by those young people who begin to run on «favorite» and require him reciprocal feelings. Parents if they noticed this behavior with your child, you should immediately try to stop and prevent this behavior to not make the girl even harder, not to make him suffer even more. Everything passes with time, and even the strongest feeling will ever be forgotten, young people simply grow out of.

Constant thoughts of the beloved

A characteristic feature of all lovers is the presence of constant thoughts of the beloved. Girl or boy dreaming about their mate and know exactly what they should be. Moreover, the inner world of a young girl is incomparably richer than boys. The latter should go a long way of growing up before he will be able to love at senior level. However, the girl need to acquire some experience, he does not necessarily have to be a number of guys. Love helps a person to realize himself, and come to understand their own infinite nature.

The person becomes vulnerable

In addition to deliver joy and inspiration, love as the coin has a reverse side. This state makes us vulnerable, touchy. A person as completely ceases to belong to himself, now her thoughts and feelings in many (though not all) depend on the behavior of the partner. And suddenly one of the partners said harsh words, had the temerity to offend or annoy? The mood is guaranteed to be spoiled in his half. Love implies some painful «buttons», and if it is a certain way to press, then you can easily manipulate the man. This state of love and danger: love often does not notice that it is used.

The willingness to make sacrifices

When we love, it seems, is ready to do everything in the name of a loved one. If need be, can walk even across town to sacrifice personal time, vacation. And all this for the sake of it or him. Well, if the other half reciprocates and in turn, ready to offer something in return. And if not? Then the lover will remain empty and will feel deeply unhappy.

The willingness to make sacrifices should be mutual. How would you not want to perform the feat in the name of great love, always at first to think, and ready your spouse to accept such a generous gift? It may happen that your passionate love she doesn’t need and then the heart of the lover will be broken for a long time. Not to lose in love, you need to gain a clear view of things, including to learn an unbiased look at your own feelings.

How long is love?


Many scientists and philosophers converge on the view that over time, feelings of elation, the rapture of seeing a loved one, interact with him, gradually decreases. First relationship with a loved one we have frequent palpitations, sweaty palms, there are also different signs of arousal of the nervous system, but gradually they pass. Those couples who have managed by this time to «translate» love to love are on another level. Those who have not, unfortunately, doomed to remain «with nothing»

By itself, love can’t last years, because it is a very exhausting condition, and it carries a certain burden on the mind, the body as a whole. Scientists have conducted relevant studies and calculated that, on average, love can live about three to four years. This time is sufficient to form a responsive, trusting relationships and be at the next level. In fact, this is the task of each pair. Age of love is much more. If the feeling is constantly to maintain, to develop, it is possible to carry him through life.

What distinguishes love from infatuation?

Many young people, feeling a strong sense of love, inexperience take her true love. You have to understand one simple thing: love itself is quite a deep sense, and it may not occur a few weeks or even months after meeting. For its maturation and development takes years. And of great importance for the formation of love is the contribution of both partners. Love is impossible to carry on the same hill, that is, to love truly alone is impossible. Based on this approval, unrequited love (that love) the world does not exist. The Creator would be too cruel if he allowed the suffering of one partner in favor of another for an extended period. Unrequited love is the place to be, but this test is always given by a higher power as a necessary lesson. To those whom it befalls, you need to reconsider life values, make the appropriate conclusions.

How to distinguish love from love? There are several criteria that help to understand this difficult question.

The depth of the feelings

Love feeling more ambitious than love. It covers a person from the inside, helps to reveal to him the innermost depths of self to find and to determine the meaning of its existence. Love, despite the severity of the symptoms, feeling pretty shallow. It does not affect the limitless depths of the heart, is love. This condition can be compared with the narcotic intoxication, when the person enjoys rather on their own feelings than glad that can do something to give to his beloved. This feeling, often we experience in adolescence and early youth. Love the Mature person becomes able much later.

Often, in adolescence the young man or the girl is not thinking about how to make happy his partner. They still have a lot to understand about yourself, but it is not always a quick and painless process.

The form of manifestation

Love unlike love finds expression in the deep stuff: care for the welfare of the partner, his health and well-being. Love is more focused on the satisfaction of their own needs and requirements. Being in a state of love, the person enjoys inherent different feelings and thinks he loves. Actually, as practice shows, it is wrong. Only love is real, he realizes how big and significant difference. In love both are equal and there are other relationships. Love, moreover, is less noticeable to others.

The ability to give selflessly

If a man loves truly, he would never require from a partner meet some of their needs, he won’t be doing it at the expense of another. Loving, above all, concerned about the welfare of their loved one, he would not allow needless suffering, shed his fault tears and frustration. The one who loves, strives to make the life of your partner more happy, bright, emotionally intense.

Love some peculiar egocentricity, focus on yourself, on your own well-being. Love experiencing most of the young men and women. It is characterized by violation of all the senses, opening a new reality, but, however, this feeling is very superficial and does not lead to do any moral things in the name of a loved one.

Thus, only one detail really distinguishes one concept from another, namely the ability to give unselfishly, to care and share with a partner the warmth of his heart. And such love, I want to wish everyone a bright, clean, of which he better.

A man in love

a man in love

It is known that men and women love differently. For men the main thing in relationship is trust. Therefore, the fact of the betrayal he perceives extremely painful. For him it means losing control of the situation, to stop being in charge.

Love for men is important for a woman to appreciate him as a person, respect individual characteristics. Almost all representatives of the stronger sex, one way or another, focused on a career and a job, whatever she was. It is extremely important to be in the professional field. People with highly developed self-awareness and sense of responsibility to strive to become a valid support in the family, to be something useful. He feels a degree of responsibility for everything that happens in the family. It depends on the man developing the ability of children to self-improvement. Who else but the father should by his own example to demonstrate this practice? The love of man helps him to realize the responsibility before family and friends, to build ways and means of constructive engagement with them. Read more about signs of love men.

Love women

a woman in love

Women being unpredictable and impressionable. For women love is synonymous with care and fidelity. If a woman suddenly decides to commit adultery of her husband, it means she doesn’t love him anymore. It is very important for you to feel the support, security, and to achieve this goal, it will search for the corresponding satellite. A woman who has a child and raises him alone, when choosing a partner will necessarily take into account whether a particular man to be her baby good father. Love in the person will be determined by the fact, how it is reliable in the home and family life.

Women by nature are very graceful creatures. It is very important to feel the care of the partner, to feel needed, to hear gentle speech. Therefore, a wife can sometimes be offended by your husband, if, in its opinion, he pays her little attention. Actually a man can truly love your mate, but not even be aware that she lacks tenderness. Read more about signs of love in women.

How to get rid of love?

Sometimes love brings only frustration, deprived of peace, joy and light feelings. Sometimes exhausting sense of identity, undermines it from within. This occurs when the love is not mutual, unrequited or rejected. Not to make myself suffer even more, in some cases it is useful to know how to break free from obsessive love, to win my heart back. Almost always have to withstand a duel with his own sense, through the war with the whole world, which is enclosed in ourselves.

From love addiction definitely need to get rid of. But it can be defeated only by self-willed efforts, with common sense and prudence. The following are ways in which you can win your soul back and become self-sufficient personality.

Recognize that your feeling unwell. Have in mind that you need to realize the need for change. Impossible, while in suffering, to become truly holistic and happy personality. If your relationship with the elect only bring you pain and frustration, destroy or humiliate you as an individual will certainly need to get rid of such dependence. Already, the recognition of a problem is the first step to healing. Should not be unhealthy love in your heart. Recognize that your relationship brings you only disappointment, made a dependent person. Nothing helps to cope with a debilitating love, as the desire to become self-sufficient personality. May it become a necessity, the decision, the intention.

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain. No one will argue with the fact that break up very hard. You think that collapsing the whole world, the whole universe is losing paint in front of you, sometimes life loses its meaning. It is important not to focus only on their own experiences and to be able to escape. However, do not contradict the senses: if the tears are flowing like a river, let yourself cry (can only do better than individuals).
  • New experiences. After divorce often formed a feeling of emptiness that must be filled with something. Become for yourself the birth mother. Believe me, better than you about you now no one to take care of. Others may not even be aware of your inner pain and you don’t concentrate on it for too long. To get rid of unwanted love will help fun a trip to the sea or journey to another country. At some point you will notice that the emotions back down, and you just relax.
  • Avoid meeting your ex. It will not give you anything, will only cause the wound healing and you will have to start the path of healing again. Ask yourself: are you ready to work for years to forget that person? Isn’t it better to do this immediately, without additional worries and suffering? Try not to date someone trying to forget. Better to eliminate even the chance of encounters. So you probably will be fine.
  • Love yourself. This is the most important component, without which the whole success of the operation will tend to zero, and all by itself devoid of meaning. Remember that love should only be mutual. If you are, then you allow it to do. What kind of love, in this case at all is it?
  • Believe in the best. Even if you have a problem, remember that this state is temporary and it will pass. Use alone to understand the causes of the former unrequited love, to find factors contributing to the formation of an unhealthy attachment to another person. No need to immediately start a new romance. Let go of all your love. Let some time pass. And then, to heal old wounds, you will be able readily to take to heart another feeling big and bright.

Love – the most amazing and wonderful feeling, but only when it is mutual. This whole journey together, the process of self-discovery that leads to discoveries and achievements.

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