The importance of language in human life

It is difficult to imagine the conditions of modern reality without language. Any action that requires contact with other people, we accompany words. Daily we are bombarded by the huge flow of information, from which everyone chooses for himself what suits him personally. Language in human life occupies a significant position: it determines the possibility of any interaction, and accompanies him in every activity. How poor would be our life without the ability to embody the idea in verbal form! The evolution of human language occurred gradually: from antiquity to the present time, it has evolved, there were new values that were enriched vocabulary. If in former times it was possible to replace speech with gestures, pictures, just look, now almost every profession requires language proficiency at the highest level. In the 21st century must be able to correctly and accurately Express their thoughts, but also to formulate intentions, to achieve the best results. All this is impossible without speech activity.

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The structure of the language

Language, like any other activity, consists of several elements.

Motivation is an important structural component, without which no communication would not have occurred. Before you perform an action associated with the communication, the person should feel the need for interaction. Motivation may involve both personal (internal) queries of the individual and beyond his needs.

Planning – the second element in the structure of language. Here, in the foreground, the ability to predict and the expected result. The personal interests of the person involved in the process for the allocation of its resources and capabilities. Good planning necessarily involves introspection and reflection. Person should know why he is going to spend his life, what he wants to achieve.

Implementation is a process aimed at achieving this goal. When a problem is formulated, the person has a high motivation and provides a sound approach to step-by-step actions. Using the speech information is transmitted from one person to another.

Control is an integral component of any successful activity, and language is no exception. To understand whether the problem is solved, it is necessary to periodically monitor the outcome. We can conduct a seminar on surround any issue, to give people interesting information, but this is not enough if there is a desire for greater achievements. It is extremely important to get feedback from the participants, to hear their opinion, to be convinced of its usefulness.

Language features

Modern psychological science defines language as a higher mental function, an essential mechanism in the formation of intellectual activity, the process of transmission and exchange of information. Like any operation, it performs a number of important tasks.

The nominative function is called, identify the subject word. Because of this, everyone is able to understand his opponent and to avoid confusion in the concepts. Communication between people is based on a previously created model, which greatly simplifies the process of understanding.

Generalizing function is used to identify the General characteristics, properties of objects for further classification by groups. The word refers not to one object, and calls a whole group of properties or phenomena. There is a strong link language with thinking, because such operations require intense mental activity.

The communicative function is the step of transmitting information from one person to another. This feature can be demonstrated both orally and in writing.

The types of speech

In psychological science there are two ways manifestations of language: external (the conversation at the junction of two or more people to each other) and internal.

External speech is always focused on communication between people. Why should human language? To be able to freely Express their thoughts, emotions, mood aloud to give them to others. Thanks to this ability, the person satisfies their need for information exchange, interaction with other people. Dialogue is conversation that can be useful for both sides. In the monologue the man realized the opportunity to share with others the experience, to share important information.

Inner speech is a special form of expression. Unlike the exterior, it is obivochnogo and fragmented, often chaotic and inconsistent. This internal dialogue goes on in the mind of the person, often he does not go beyond its limits. If you wish, you can manage it and control it. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that inner speech is very much connected with emotions and human feelings.

Features of human speech


The expression of the emotional component

The way a person speaks can have a significant effect on the perception of his words the interlocutors. Tone of voice, intonation, pauses during the pronunciation, speed of speech give the original painting, individuality and uniqueness. Agree, much nicer to listen to the man with a soft voice, fine intonation and, moreover, an interesting topic. In this case, there is a lot of interest in the material that is presented.

Through language a person can determine their position, share personal opinion on any issue. The mood, emotion, it is also possible to Express, through live interaction with people. Moreover, only very experienced speakers can hide their feelings from the audience, irenesteeves on productive — regulatory approach.

Language will help the person to defend their position in argument, to show sympathy for any man to uncover the emotional component. For example, if the topic is sufficiently like the person, then, without doubt, it will seek to continue the dialogue.

The learning experience

A child explores the surrounding reality with the help of speech. First the father shows him objects and names them. Then the baby grows, begins to interact with other people, learns from them much interesting and important. Without words it would be impossible for any child to learn new information or adult to convey it. A lot depends on the quality of supply of the material, but the meaning of language is the determining factor.

The transfer of knowledge and skills of modern science is an integral element in the use of language. Without it, teaching would become impossible. The work of the writer, the thinker, the researcher could not find my application. Only through live speech, oral and written we read books, listen to lectures, have the opportunity to share their experience with others.

The importance of language in human life

The ability to learn

Reading books, people improving, expanding his view of the world and of himself. By studying the subject, he also accumulates knowledge. It is crucial because not knowing the language, not being able to communicate, understand the material, the person would not have had the opportunity to reach a new level of development and education. Without language it is impossible to imagine either one researcher, psychologist, teacher, or politician. Even one who considers himself sufficiently mastered the native language and speech, need to be constantly learning in order to achieve high results.

Learning ability is an important component of any business if it is to thrive. Only constantly learning new things, improving existing skills leads to successful promotion. Language is used everywhere, in all spheres of life. Wherever people go, with whoever came in contact, he will need knowledge of the language as a tool of interaction.


Sometimes people have the desire to correct past mistakes, to gain new experience, dramatically change your life. Such impulses are usually motivated by a desire for self-realization. In this case it can be useful to him as a reliable adjuvant. The study of the necessary material, reading books, seminars or trainings – all this requires some training and moral strength. This is how much a person is willing to make some effort to realize his intentions, so completely in this complicated task involved speech. Oral, written, face outward and inward — it leads us to new challenges, helping them achieve their goals.

Thus, the role of language in human life is enormous, is of paramount thing. Speech activity applicable everywhere: in communication with friends and family, in education, the teacher’s profession, trade, any profession that requires contact with people. The language and culture is closely related to modern psychological science. If a person wants to acquire the skills of effective communication, to become famous in their circles, the intellectual, cultural and educated person, he has a lot to work on ourselves enough time to devote to the development of speech, correct pronunciation of words and the construction of complex semantic structures.

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