Intrapersonal conflict

The internal struggle

Intrapersonal conflict is a controversial condition that is characterized by General fatigue, anxiety, psychological discomfort and helplessness. Intrapersonal conflict is manifested in the fact that man cannot find a balance inside yourself, the correct way of solving the disturbing problems. The impression is that it breaks inside the spirit of contradiction: he was rambling in search of a suitable option, but I can’t find the exit. What are the causes of this conflict? What are its characteristics, what are its outcome?

Causes of intrapersonal conflict

The conflict caused by the internal contradictions of the personality, has its own reasons. He can never appear out of nowhere. The reasons for the development of intrapersonal conflict abound.

Dissatisfaction with life

The first reason for the development of the conflict with himself there is a sense of inner emptiness. In humans, there is a sense of mental frustration, which is based often on insignificant facts. Usually, some external circumstances contribute to the development of unbelief in themselves and their own capabilities impede progress. Dissatisfaction with life is the reason why often a person and not trying to change anything in their existence. It has a number of limiting beliefs such as: «nobody loves Me», «no one cares», «I Have no talent, special talents»

Hence the unwillingness to act at all. Intrapersonal conflict, which was caused by dissatisfaction with life, a quick decision can not. A person needs lots of time and patience in order to comprehend its own disorder, the absence of a free positive energy.

The impossibility of self-realization

Another common reason for the development of intrapersonal conflict is the inability to live by their own rules. Not everyone initially there are equal opportunities in order to fully realize the potential. One person interfere with external circumstances. The other person is not able to circumvent significant obstacles to goals and, therefore, gradually loses its reference point. Intrapersonal conflict is a reflection of the discord with his own self. When people can’t understand what is important in life, experiencing considerable difficulties with the alignment of priorities, he is unable to make the right decision.

The impossibility of self-realization is a major reason that impede personal growth generally and the understanding of their strengths, in particular. If a person is in deep conflict with itself, it is rather difficult to determine their real value. In this case, are lost to all prospects, there are a lot of opportunities that could lead to the desired result.

Low self-esteem

Often the development of intrapersonal conflict contributes to the inadequately low self-esteem. A person, for whatever reason, ceases to believe in their own prospects and opportunities, not to notice his strengths. Usually low self-esteem is the result of a wrong upbringing, when the influence of parents becomes a kind of Directive and provides no alternatives. Conflict develops when a person ceases to realize that what was happening to him, crushes their natural aspirations and desires. Intrapersonal conflict typically occurs within several months or even years. During this period, the person must be aware of what was happening to him, to find ways out of the crisis, to outline several ways forward in the future. If time does not happen the resolution of the conflict associated with the self and self-realization, the person risks losing the best part of yourself, to become indifferent.

Types of intrapersonal conflict

In any conflict must be approached as a problem that needs to be addressed. Types of intrapersonal conflict show that initially caused the emergence and further formation of the person of a meaningful contradiction. In the relationship with yourself is important different conditions with which the person and reaches the state of integrity. Unfortunately, harmony can break even a minor obstacle on the path of life.

Equivalent type

The conflict is expressed in the desire to retain significant conditions peace of mind and not to lose an important landmark. Often such a collision occurs as a result of the urgent need to exercise an informed choice between the past and the present. The conflict causes the person to reconsider their attitude to the different conditions of existence. It is complicated by the fact that there is a need to choose between two equivalent values. Sometimes a person may long to be in thought, painfully trying to do the right thing. Typically, such a conflict meant that, preferring a single event, we completely reject other, what is no less important significance.

Vital type

The conflict reveals itself through unpleasant obligations that a person at some point of life assumes. The vital type is characterized by a loss of interest in self and the activities that previously formed the basis weight of existence. It is not solved by usual methods impact on the problem. Male forced to be a long time in the grueling search before you decide to do a particular step. As a rule, it is conscious and deliberate. The conflict arises from the fact that a person has to make a choice between two equally unsatisfactory objects. In most cases, people tend to minimize their losses, so better stop focusing on the lesser evil.

Intrapersonal conflict

The ambivalent type

This type of conflict with oneself means that to make a choice is most difficult. Personality understands how serious can be the consequences of a wrong step and therefore is very afraid of making mistakes. The ambivalent situation suggests that the result of something that attracts and repels. In any case, the person will have to overcome the conflict. Inconsistent state is not conducive to the development of harmony within the person. If the conflict is not resolved in time, so will be more suffering over some hidden internal implementation.

Frusteri type

The conflict is a result of society’s disapproval of specific actions of the individual, aimed at getting one result or another. Conflict is manifested through the inability of the individual to do what is for her considerable interest. Freedom of choice is practically non-existent. People who are in a state of severe frustration, certainly is the struggle with yourself. The inability to solve the problem alone over time leads to conflict with the outside world.

The solution of intrapersonal conflict

Intrapersonal conflict – a thing extremely dangerous. In many ways, it often prevents the formation of the personality, talents and abilities. People in this condition often ignoring what was happening to him. Suffering is gradually becoming an integral part of their existence. The solution to intrapersonal conflict leads to the disclosure of the true human capabilities, and fosters relationships with loved ones. Suddenly, there are significant prospects that earlier somehow did not notice. What are the solutions to the internal conflict can be identified?


A compromise with oneself implies that one will constantly work on deficiencies, try to correct them. Many conflicts were resolved by compromise. Find in yourself those traits that you find useful. These qualities of character and will need to grow to steady state. Conflict is minimized and gradually disappear altogether.

Awareness of their strengths

They certainly have each one of us. In most cases, people tend to ignore their own victories and achievements. This approach to life allows him to constantly complain about the lack of opportunities. Meanwhile, hidden opportunities everywhere, you only need to be able to see them in time. Intrapersonal conflict reflects the unfair treatment of a person to his own person. Check yourself, do you not belittle their achievements? Recognizing your strengths will help not only to resolve the current conflict but also to improve the quality of life, to make it a lot of bright colors. Try to get to the position of the «I – value», then don’t have to constantly prove to others their significance. Relatives, colleagues, friends from afar will know your identity and allow yourself more offensive remarks in your address. Believe me, a strong man is one who could understand his true nature, to achieve respect for yourself. That is what we have and respect others.

Understanding your purpose

The conflict with itself is always incredibly exhausting. It’s like a battle with no winners. People are sometimes willing to adapt to the demands of society and to shift to other shoulders the responsibility for their own destiny. Only an understanding of its true purpose to a greater extent expands man to himself. Such identity is difficult to confuse, to impose some idea. If you want to be happy, find a favorite thing that will inspire for new achievements, to give a lot of positive emotions. The resulting experiences will help cope with any difficulties, to resolve intrapersonal conflict.

Thus, the conflict always lies the possibility of personal growth. The more efforts to overcome the contradictions we make, the more noticeable will be the end result. For people extremely important time to be able to deal with their inner conflicts then, in order to fully move forward and go through life with your head held high.

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