Interpersonal conflict

Interpersonal conflict – a very common phenomenon that occurs daily. We live in a society that dictates to live by their rules. Not always the values and interests of different people coincide with each other. If not, this violated an important part of life, a conflict occurs. It requires immediate solutions. After all, while not addressed significant causes of the conflict, it will not pass independently. Otherwise, the tension only increases, and the relationship deteriorate.

Interpersonal conflict

Interpersonal conflict involves at least two participants in the process. Interpersonal conflict is influenced by such reasons as lack of restraint, aggression, unwillingness to cede to his opponent. The conflict is particularly complicated by the fact that everyone tends to defend their interests in the dispute and does not care about your partner. Few people in a critical situation is able to think about others. Often, people who are in conflict, causing each other severe emotional pain and not even notice it. The behavior is often uncontrollable and inappropriate in relation to the causes which led to conflict. Conflict resolution always requires a person to change their behavior and take responsibility for what is happening.

Causes of interpersonal conflict

The reasons for the development of interpersonal conflict is more than enough. The reason may be weighty arguments, and completely trivial cases. The conflict between the people sometimes flares up so quickly that they do not have time to understand anything. Changing thinking and behavior of people. What are the significant causes often provoke the development of interpersonal conflict? Try to understand!

The clash of characters

That a good enough reason why people come together in conflict. Each person has their own special set of personal qualities. This characteristic makes it unique and exclusive. Interpersonal conflict pushes people to the dispute. Many people don’t want to hear his opponent, but only trying to prove to him his innocence. The collision of characters provides that each seeks to Express his personal point of view and not really care to hear the arguments of the opponent. The conflict will increase until, until the parties will change their behavior.

The discrepancy of views

Another major reason for the development of the conflict is the difference in the interests of the participants. People and therefore difficult to understand each other, what their focus is completely different parties. The discrepancy of views on such important things as family, work, attitude to finances, traditions and festivals gives rise to misunderstanding. The formation of the conflict comes at a time when his behaviour begins to organize in a significant way. Interpersonal conflict helps to eliminate people from each other, the appearance of coldness, a certain understatement. To the resolution of the conflict could happen by peaceful means, will have to work hard and, first and foremost, to change their behavior.

Dependent behaviour

The reason for the development of interpersonal conflict can become addictive behavior. Any addiction implies that the person starts to behave inadequately, declines all responsibility for what happens. Conflict will inevitably arise, if not promptly take measures to eliminate the adverse behavior. This situation is complicated by the fact that the dependent party is often not aware of the causes of the problem and tightens the conflict itself. Dependent behavior can be expressed not only in the adoption of the toxic, poisonous substances (alcohol, drugs), but in the painful attachment to another person. The need to continuously see the object of his adoration may precipitate interpersonal conflict resolution requires great mental strength.

Dissatisfaction in relationships

A fairly common reason for the formation of the conflict between people is dissatisfaction in the relationship. Inability to give, finding a middle ground can exacerbate interpersonal conflict. It is in itself not dangerous, especially if the parties somehow are committed to its resolution. The conflict of such a plan needs to bring people to begin to reconsider their relationship, to find in them something meaningful and valuable.

Causes of interpersonal conflict

The types of interpersonal conflicts

Interpersonal conflict can manifest itself in the interaction of opponents. Among the major types are usually distinguished hidden and open conflicts, which reflected the degree of man’s relationship to him. The resolution of the conflict largely depends on the form in which it is expressed.

Open conflict

This psychologists often call conscious. That is, the person into conflict with someone from their environment, fully aware of what was happening to him. Open conflict is characterized by a rapid explanation of the relationship. The senses are not masked, go directly to the opponent, the words expressed in the face. Even if one is too soft and docile nature, he somehow shows his position.

Latent conflict

This conflict quite often. It provides that the process participants are not aware of the seriousness of the situation. Latent conflict may not manifest itself for a long time, until, until one of the opponents decides to go into action. The reluctance to acknowledge conflict is dictated by the following reason: we are taught from childhood that negative feelings can have negative consequences, and so it is better to gloss over. This position does not allow the person to Express themselves, to fully Express dissatisfaction. As a result, the conflict extended itself and can last a relatively long time.

Behavior in interpersonal conflict

How the participants of the action will be wise, depends on the resolution of the conflict. I must say that interpersonal conflict cannot be ignored. First and foremost, to understand its causes and, of course, change their own behavior.


This type of behavior in which people never want to concede each other. Each stubbornly continues to defend its position, even when observed in the matter of the situation. Such action can not lead to an adequate solution to a complex problem, which caused the development of the conflict. Dominance as a method presupposes that a person considers his person right and another person is required to obey.

The search for a compromise

The method of compromise causes people to turn towards each other. Such behavior, even the most bitter enemies can meet at one table to discuss significant details and come to a peaceful agreement. Compromise assumes that people begin to look for constructive solutions to the problems.


The assignment causes a person to abandon their own opinions and ambitions. Normally to this method people resort in that case when I feel very insecure in the conflict. If a person considers himself something unworthy, we will always choose this stance. Of course, it cannot be considered productive for personal growth. Learning to compromise is very useful in family relations. After all, if each of the spouses will constantly insist on, harmony will not work. The assignment will help to mitigate the destructive effects of conflict but not to solve it in reality.

Resolution of interpersonal conflicts

Conflict between people

Interpersonal conflict necessarily requires close attention. If you let it slide, the situation will only increase. How to resolve significant contradictions? What steps need to be done to the opponents to come to agreement?

The acceptance of the situation

This is the first thing you must do if you really want to improve the situation. Do not bring argument to the extreme, by itself it cannot decide. Resolution will happen only if you will start to make sense. Stop complaining about fate and consider myself a victim. Analyze the situation, try to understand what your actions have led to the formation of the conflict.

Emotional restraint

When it comes to dealing with controversial situations, it is important to show sensitivity towards his partner. Emotional restraint will help you avoid escalating the conflict. There is nothing worse than to spoil relations with the loved ones who surround you daily. Find the strength to get away from their own ambitions and just watch what happens.

Thus, interpersonal conflict is a phenomenon that a clever man can manage. It is worth to remember that on your behavior depends not only your mood, but also the prospect of relationships with other people.

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