8 women’s illusions about working in a male environment

Many women believe that working in a male environment is a real Paradise. They think that men will constantly give them gifts, make compliments and gallantly to care for, and perhaps even give way to the head of the Department. But in reality everything is quite different. This article will dispel illusions about female working in a male environment.

a woman in a male environment

A beautiful appearance will ensure the success of the girl

The first illusion. The woman in the men’s team will always be under scrutiny, so you always have a luxuriously dress up, wear jewelry and use expensive perfume.

This is not so. Men at work will definitely notice the beautiful employee, but this does not mean that it will be their object of adoration. Colleagues are unlikely to notice what perfume used by the woman, or what a gorgeous necklace she bought.

In addition, psychologists say that women are constantly under scrutiny, often experiencing stress. Too some provoke things can even cause irritation in men, because they believe that you need to think only about work, but not about their appearance. And yet this does not mean that the lady with the plunging neckline may not be invited for a Cup of coffee.

In a woman’s wardrobe should be items of men’s wardrobe. Pant suit, tie or vest. To wear such things need carefully to look stern, but stay woman.

Men always insure a woman

Second illusion. Men know that a woman is weaker than them, so they will always be to help the woman, protect from the chef and hedging.

At work, men would perceive the woman as a colleague. Now she is not weak creature, and their competitor, which may, in either case to increase intended for men. No one will forgive mistakes and help if a lot of work. On the contrary, men can be tough to make a comment or be rude. And it’s not because men are by nature, just at work in the men’s team is always a tough fight for the coveted promotion.

The woman in the men’s team is an equal player. And if she doesn’t play by the rules, then very quickly fly out of the game. Why every woman needs to learn how to survive in a cruel man’s team. If a woman is a whole working day talking on the phone, and then fill up the report, the man she will never forgive.

A woman needs to flirt in the company of men

The third illusion. As soon as a woman starts to flirt and flirt, all the men immediately fall at her feet and begin to care.

To look for a mate at work is almost useless. Men wild without women, «to screw» can be very difficult. The fact that male climbers are too focused on work, they only care how much a woman will be useful to him in his work. If the girl at work will only flirt, to show your figure and shoot eyes, give her the status of «birdbrain».

At work you need to give up flirting. Especially not flirting with the boss. Office romance will only aggravate the situation, causing the woman may remain without work.

In the company of men a woman should be «my man»

The fourth illusion. A woman caught in a tough male team, should be a real man.

Of course, a woman can adopt many of the features of men, short haircut to get a man’s wardrobe and even talking bass, but still it will never become a man. The fact that men subconsciously feel that she is a woman.

To survive in a male environment, you need to learn some things from men, but stay a girl. Nature has given women a charm that will help solve a lot of problems. May men not see it, but they feel fine and can’t resist feminine charm.

In case of offense the woman might cry

The fifth illusion. If a colleague has raised a voice, you have to press on pity and to cry. Then the chief will feel remorse.

Psychologists say that women are vengeful, vindictive, and touchy. Men’s better they fight and slander each other nasty things, but soon reconciled, and forget about what happened. Women do not forget so quickly and always fraught with resentment. This will not only create problems in the team, but will destroy his career.

We must always remember that in the men’s team hurt bad word at any time. A woman should know how to learn to forgive it, otherwise she will complicate your life. Showing emotions, she will be lost. If someone said something offensive, you need a calm and assertive tone to respond to the abuser sober.

The woman should be the mother of all men

The sixth illusion. Men are not adapted to life, they always need mom.

One of the biggest women’s mistakes. The woman in the men’s team should not be running around with pies and soups, to feed to all employees. Work and family are two totally different things, they should not be mixed. Cakes are best left to a loving husband, and for the chief to prepare a brilliant report. Colleagues will begin to irritate this maternal care, or maybe they just sit on the neck and begin to perceive the woman as a housewife.

Men like it when women give advice

The seventh illusion. Male female listens carefully to advice and always follows them. They are grateful to the women for their valuable guidance, so always run to the ladies for advice.

No, no and no again. If a woman starts to give advice right and left, it again will become colleagues mom. It will just annoy men and the woman with the tips will never succeed. If a person made mistakes in the report, you need to tell him tactfully when no one near. Not necessary to publicly point out other people’s mistakes.

In the men’s team.

The eighth illusion. Men at every opportunity, trying to tease, joke and do not perceive a woman as an equal player.

Of course, being a woman is not easy, but nice at the same time. One has only to imagine how many gifts and attention she will receive on March 8. So, another time will be harder, but don’t give up.

In the men’s team will survive the kind of woman who can be different. Depending on the situation it may be wise woman, steel lady or a charming girl. What role she should choose in this case will help your woman’s intuition.

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