How to organize their time and space?


Use a wired phone. When you are at work, try to speak more wired landline and not a mobile phone, because a simple phone is no harmful radiation.

Often to move. If you can ignore the Elevator and use the stairs, then take advantage of this opportunity. And get up off the couch or chair at every opportunity.

Deal with the dust. Piles of documents, folders, journals and other documents on the tables are real dust collectors, and where the dust – microbes are thriving there. Not to mention the threat to Allergy and asthma.

Move away from the monitor. Every half hour, at least two minutes, get distracted from the monitor to look at something else, better on Windows. If you are not able to print the documents or view your paper, then you urgently need a little break.

Do not use heels. Shoes — remove it from my wardrobe as possible, or leave a spare pair of beautiful shoes in a comfortable place and use them only when really necessary.

Drink fresh citrus juice, not coffee. If you think coffee is the only drink that helps to cheer up, you probably haven’t tried orange juice. If you don’t like orange, then you can alternate different citrus or combine them. Or to find other more suitable fruit.

Select a comfortable chair. This is really important if your work is sedentary, and unfortunately, for many this is true. Poor posture leads to serious problems with the spine. If you can’t change the uncomfortable chair, then at least you can try to improve it by buying him a Cape or orthopedic pillow.

Maintain normal temperature in the workplace. The air in the workplace should not be too hot or very cold. Even if it’s minus 20, not make the office a sauna. And Vice versa — in the heat no need to organize in the workplace the glacier.

Come out to the street. Feel free to grab lunch from the office for some fresh air and exercise. In a pinch, you can just go out and walk around the building.

Light Lunches are available. A heavy dinner leads to sleepiness, reduced performance, irritability. Even if you are very hungry, do not overeat, this will help you to feel better.

Refrain from snacking. And if you just can’t do it, then take a snack fruit (fresh or dried fruit, muesli bars) or nuts instead of pastry, confectionery and sweets.

No energy drinks. To cheer up, better to drink coffee and citrus juice than energy drink. The constant use of energy drinks increases blood pressure, blood sugar levels, can cause depression and even tachycardia. Very bad to mix energy drinks and alcohol.

Be careful with air conditioning. Yes, it is warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather, but dry air is harmful to exposed areas of the skin and lungs. Moreover, it causes headaches, eye fatigue and strain.

Patient – home. Ignoring the disease inevitably leads to its repetition, and also to complications in the future, and this can lead to problems at work.

Ventilate the working place. In winter this can be done during lunch break and during rest. Well, if the window is permanently open a crack. Not only are near a window, do not put flowers, avoid drafts.

Workaholism is a disease. The work is part of life, not an end in itself. If you don’t have interests in other areas, don’t fill all your time working problems, and also find something more pleasant and useful.

Be calm. Health is priceless. For any salary you will not be able to restore it. Mild stress is sometimes essential and useful, but chronic stress leads to serious diseases.

Relax. Don’t neglect the holidays. Otherwise you risk getting a chronic fatigue syndrome. And if you can, take the days at your own expense, if the holiday weekend not enough for you.

Forget about drugs. If you have a headache, you need to look for the cause — it can be suffocating or too dry air, fatigue, too close-set monitor. Eliminate the cause and regularly rest for five minutes.

Do only what does not irritate you. Constant dissatisfaction with colleagues and the environment, the profession itself — all of this causes stress, fatigue, irritability, hypertension and depression. Do only what you really like, treat the work easier!

Wear natural fabrics. Synthetic fabrics are not only unpleasant to the touch, but also harmful to the skin because they do not allow it to breathe. If you need to work every day, ten hours in a suit, make sure it is made of natural material.

Work and sport. Sedentary work should be compensated by additional load. The walk to the gym would be the best medicine. In extreme cases, you part of the way to work place on foot.

Smile. Colleagues, boss, janitors, security, customers — all need to spread your smile. It has been proven that the link between positive emotions and smile — sided. It makes you produce endorphins, and they give a sense of peace, joy, lift your mood and prolong your life. Spiritual balance — the key to physical harmony.

Create your comfort. Cozy and comfortable workplace reduces stress and fatigue, and a small candy delight the eye and create a positive attitude. In addition, when there are external problems that distract, the workflow will be faster and easier. And it will be easier to come every day at my personal workplace.

Be busy. Idleness, it is not strange, can tire, to create the extra load and lead to stress. If you have some free time, help your comrades in the service, or perform some work in advance. So you not only take yourself, but you will not create an impression of yourself useless slacker!

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