How to motivate the child to study

Training occupies an important place in the process of learning the child the surrounding world. Learning in school, children not only acquire the necessary knowledge of the subjects but also learn to communicate, to interact properly with each other. Most people, as adults, with special warmth remember our school days, carefree and happy time. But not always, the child goes to school with pleasure. Unfortunately, quite often the natural thirst for knowledge is weakened under the influence of any external factors. How to motivate your child to school if he doesn’t want to learn? Psychologist’s advice will help parents to understand this complicated issue.

How to motivate the child to study

The lack of motivation to learn

What caused the reluctance of the child to learn? There is number of reasons. How often parents tend to over-control your child, watching their every move, forced to do homework «under duress». This attitude can lead to success. The child in this case feels just a servitor, performs boring and uninteresting. It is not surprising that learning becomes a burden, which, moreover, cannot be avoided. The child feels, just trapped and sees no way out. The teachers and the school presented to him the certain requirements at home parents expect good grades. All of this puts pressure on the psyche of the child, not allow him to fully develop and enjoy their own achievements.

Training should bring joy. When the child feels himself a pioneer, everything is perceived quite differently. Then any obstacles are overcome with desire, and learning becomes a fun experience. The following tips will help parents to understand the situation, to understand how to motivate a favorite child to gain the necessary knowledge and experience in this fun.

How to motivate the child to study?

How to motivate your child to study? Caring mom and dad should follow some simple tips. They are fairly simple to use and does not require enormous effort.

Support educational Hobbies

When a child is interested in something, be sure to keep it. Let them know that you care about his Hobbies. Very often parents due to employment dismiss enthusiastic stories of children, do not want every day to listen to them. But the child is also a person, he can be their individual aspirations. The training will start to level off when the child will be fascinated by some meaningful occupation. No need to force the child time to do homework and stand over the soul. Just enough not to disturb him interested in the world around them, to make their own discoveries.

The effect of the environment

How the child’s situation with training is affected by such factors as the immediate environment. And here we are not talking about loving relatives. Do you know who prefers to be friends your son or daughter? Does your child have any decent friends in the class or he has long no one can be friends? The lack of mates may lead to the fact that the child withdraws into himself and abandoned his studies. School is the place where a lot of events happening, and not just the process of acquiring new knowledge. Learning is not the main motivator for the student ten to fifteen years. It is important to build a trusting, harmonious relationship with peers, the only way he can feel happy. Without a sense of inner fulfillment a child can even fall into depression. Personal significance is born out of social approval and the desire to be useful to others. Worth a look the immediate environment of the child, if he can not cope with the training load.

How to motivate your child

The decision of the school conflict

School is a place where always something going on. Interaction with classmates and teachers is not without conflicts. Sometimes strong absorption in some significant contradictions does not allow to focus properly on their studies. The learning process begins to seem the child is boring, tedious and uninteresting. He is just waiting for the end of the lessons, eager to go home and do what he is really fun to play games that delve into reading or watching the television.

Conflict resolution in the school should happen gently, without pressure and psychological pressure on the child. First and foremost, you need to find out what is bothering your child, does he have inner experiences. As a rule, understand that a child is experiencing psychological discomfort, it is easy: he becomes withdrawn, apathetic and whiny. Some children are so immersed in ourselves that don’t want the extra time to talk and avoid even the friendly conversation.

The consequences of bullying

Unfortunately, children are sometimes characterized by extreme brutality and intransigence in relation to each other. Once a child start something different from their peers, it may be subjected to bullying. School bullying today is not uncommon. To be on place of the victim may be any child, not necessarily the one who has physical defects. As a result of persistent rejection of the child by the school staff interest in training in most cases disappears. The child often simply can’t fully concentrate on the subject studied, as is always waiting from the attacks of classmates and ridicule. The consequences of bullying are always severe and can have a significant impact on the entire life of a young man or girl. And if a small child can ask for help from teachers and parents, teenagers, as a rule, erroneously think that they no one cares. They believe that are required to cope with all the challenges. Needless to say that the desire to go to school can be dropped altogether?

Reaction to evaluation

Many parents are too focused on academic grades of the child. Sometimes they start to worry that the child does not reach the level of «good» or «excellent» at the time as the child demonstrates the carelessness and casual attitude towards learning. Of course, with this approach, good results can not be. Your son or daughter should educate themselves on their own responsibility. However it is not necessary to get too hung up only on estimates. Because then the child may feel that he does not want to become indifferent. It is impossible to prevent a child beginning to doubt your parents ‘ love. He should know that under any circumstances will remain needed and loved the people in the world. For good grades should be encouraged, but do not do this cult. If the child has failed, you need to understand the situation. Maybe he has not learned the lesson or just not able to answer correctly? Analyze with your child every thrilling his situation, then he will understand that the father is not strictly a controller, and a sincere friend, ready at any moment to give assistance and support.

How to motivate your child to study

Assistance in solving problems

Learning difficulties happen at all. If the child was sick and missed a topic, do not wait that the success will recover on its own. Help him to deal with the material that is studied in class. Perhaps, to restore the space back, but the child will be able to feel your parental support. Resorting to solving problems, boy, or girl, learn to understand that there are no unsolvable situations.

Freedom of choice

Many parents believe that the child should be protected from negative influence. However, not allowing him to make decisions, we will not be able to teach him independence. Responsibility for yourself comes in the moment when appears an opportunity to compare, to think, to analyze. The child should have freedom of choice. You cannot take away from man the right to vote under any circumstances. This is especially true of those aspects that are directly linked to personality. The child must decide for himself what clothes to wear today, what sport to do, or interesting objects of art, etc. can Not deprive the child of what is valuable and meaningful, as inadmissible and in every way to limit his knowledge. Learning is not only school and grades. The process of knowledge is infinite in nature.

The balance between rest and training

Some children are not able to share the process of learning and leisure that soon we begin to suffer from overwork. Parents just have to help, then learning will be more effective. You must teach the child to observe a reasonable mode of the day. Discuss with him what time he’s better and easier to prepare lessons, and try to stick to this schedule. The child must remain free hours in order to communicate with peers to visit mugs and sections on interests, play your favorite games. If the child strongly limit entertainment, he will not be able to fully learn. Maintaining a balance between rest and lessons will allow you to achieve better and greater results.

Thus, parents should strongly contribute to the successful learning process at school, but to abandon the restrictive, authoritarian control. A child with such significant support, will be able to overcome any obstacles. Over time he will learn to set goals and achieve them.

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