How to increase self-esteem

High self esteem

The individual’s self-esteem is quite delicate and dynamic. It does not stand on one place and constantly renewed under the influence of external events and internal transformation of the individual. Self-esteem is always changing and depends on many factors. In most cases, it transformirovalsya depending on how other people perceive us, how we treat ourselves to ourselves.

Self-esteem is a complicated concept, usually associated with the ability to objectively assess own strengths and weaknesses. Low self esteem prevents to grow and achieve considerable success. For this reason, it definitely needs correction. How to increase your self esteem? This question is usually raised by the people who have negative experiences of self-acceptance and realization in society. The answer is given in this article.

How to increase self-esteem: ways of development

The formation of individuality

The first thing to do is to stop comparing yourself with others. All people may not be the same and your thoughts, feelings and moods of each are different. No need to think that if you do not have to a certain age, it’s a serious omission. In fact you can win in other areas of life. By itself, the habit to compare yourself with the crowd hinders the development of the individual, stifles your individuality. The fact is that when we compare their achievements with other people’s success, then advance put ourselves in a less advantageous position. As a rule, people begin to compare their shortcomings with the advantages of others. This does not lead to development, because the person is unhappy in an extreme degree. Suffers from self-esteem, falling confidence, increased inner critic.

The successful formation of individuality is possible only when we completely abandon the habit of berating yourself for mistakes and failures. You need to learn to accept yourself with all flaws and shortcomings, to try in the future not to repeat mistakes. This approach really allows you not to dwell on failures, but to move forward. Self-esteem gradually strengthen, if every day to direct some efforts to the development of his personality. Remember that you are the only one and should not become like anyone else.

The role of talents in the development of self-esteem

We are all different from each other abilities and talents. Everyone has a natural gift that must be nurtured. Well, if a person really realizes that he is interested in and wants to develop their skills. It often happens that people refuse to act openly, hiding one’s talents, not realizing that exclude the greatest treasure of one’s own individuality. Responsibility for talent development rests squarely on the shoulders of its owner. Other people, of course, can help in revealing the abilities, but above all, you need to make significant efforts. Thanks to the talent begins to grow self-esteem, and she, in turn, affects the development of the personality.

Self-esteem is boosted in accordance with how much success we achieve. The higher the level of achievement, all the more reason to be proud of yourself and the less reason to be unhappy, to be in a bad mood. When a person has success, he begins to look differently at the world: it does not seem so hostile and aggressive. High self esteem provides a proper self-image creates a positive attitude towards other people.

Independence from other people’s opinions

We all live in society and are forced to consider its laws. Sometimes group pressure on a person so great that there is a feeling of depression, of powerlessness, of emptiness. Self esteem can easily collapse under the influence of such factors as the need to adapt to the majority opinion, the rejection of their own opinions. In these cases, individuality is lost, the person ceases to understand its role in society, everything seems pointless and useless. Self-esteem drops, appears in the character of vulnerability, fear to try something new, to take the first steps in the direction intended.

Independence from other people’s opinions, on the contrary, disciplinary, builds character and increases self-esteem. The person gradually begins to respect himself and is already looking to the future with great confidence. One who firmly adheres to his own opinion, will never be lost in any difficult situations, be able to extract a positive lesson.

How to increase self-esteem

The ability to accept compliments

Some people (especially young girls) can’t hear any praise in his address. It seems that people just bully them. Words seem to them unreal, imaginary and false. If a person has low self-esteem, will inevitably have difficulties with interaction with others. Maybe other people make compliments from all my heart, but a person with low self-esteem would seem that he purposely laugh. In fact, you must learn to go beyond the boundaries of self and to see those who are near. Otherwise be possible the effective socialization.

The ability to accept compliments in his address the need to develop as well as self-esteem. Try, you must succeed, though not the first time. Might have to seriously work out, accept what is, in fact, work on the existing shortcomings. Self-esteem will only increase. It is impossible, changing from the inside, to remain unchanged on the outside. High self-esteem, in turn, guarantees the manifestation of himself on a more serious level, the disclosure of personal prospects.

Effective affirmations

Self-esteem refers to the category of persons over which it is necessary to work constantly. There are, of course, the people, never in himself no doubt, but still a minority. Most first, it is difficult to believe in their own ability, the more that any achievement is difficult, often requiring the presence of will. With low self-esteem faces a large part of young people. Someone the result is to overcome their own complexes, while others suffer from low self-esteem all my life.

To raise self-esteem will help simple affirmations, which are performed periodically. They are no less effective than the previous methods. You only need to perform exercise regularly to accustom themselves to multiple repetition of certain words and sentences. The mechanism of the effectiveness of affirmations can be compared to a computer program. The fact that our brain assimilates all the information we allow into consciousness. What would you not think the brain learns and remembers. When the mind strengthened the idea of his own importance, we can assume that the result is achieved.

Positive qualities

Each has its own distinctive characteristics, which create our personality. These qualities just need to find and then work on them. The realization that you are kind, sympathetic, Yes, moreover, a talented person, greatly raises self-esteem. The presence of friends helps to cope with the difficulties strengthens one’s faith in themselves, and thus, also affect self-esteem. Self-esteem of the thing itself is constantly changing. Any new achievements or failures can shake. It is important to work systematically on myself, to know, to aspire, to raise the level of self-esteem.

Ways to improve self-esteem

The rejection of criticism

Many people at the slightest failures blamed myself and lose faith in success. To do this in any case is not necessary. Heaping on their personality aggression and irritability, we take away precious energy that could be spent on the development. The result is suspicion, wariness and self-esteem plummets. The rejection of criticism not only improves self-esteem, but also to achieve significant results in personal relationships and activities. Progress as mentioned above, inspire for new achievements, help to work on self-esteem. As soon as we ourselves cease to blame yourself, other people gradually cease to Express their dissatisfaction. Sometimes it is enough to form a new habit, that life has changed completely.

To be helpful to others

Giving other people help and support, a man convinced of his own usefulness, accumulates a positive experience. Everyone needs to feel their importance and significance: since forming adequate self-esteem, a positive perception of themselves in difficult situations. If the person does not feel needed by a certain group of people or even one person, then often he loses the desire to act at all, to make decisions, to do concrete steps. To be useful for other people is a basic human need, without satisfaction which he can feel happy and self-sufficient. Do something good for others, don’t be afraid to give care, to give their warmth and attention! No need to shut people out, to withdraw. Be friendly, open to communication.

Thus, to increase the level of self-esteem, you need to be patient and constantly work on themselves. Realizing their individuality, efforts should be made for its further development.

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