How to fall in love with a guy?

to fall in love with the guy

Girls at all times tried to attract the attention of cute boys. What creative methods do not go women to achieve your goal! Sometimes they have to sacrifice their own health, habit densely to eat at night and all this only in order to fall in love with the guy. Each girl chooses an individual course of action that fits her personally. In any case I have to rebuild my life, to give up anything, to learn some new skills. Some believe that in this case it is better not to hurry and to act in detail, while others believe that to fall in love with a guy is quite simple if you know how to do it. In this article, we will discuss effective ways to attract the attention of the guy to conquer his heart.

Better to find out his preferences

If you liked a particular guy and you want to get acquainted with him, you must first find out what interests him. Common settings – this is very important because if the guy and the girl have different views on the same things, in the future it will be difficult to get along with each other. On home soil there are often serious quarrels, which can lead to conflict and the breakdown of relationships. To fall in love with a particular person may not seem such a daunting task compared to how to keep good relationships for a long time.

When you get to know the habits of the favourite guy it is possible to proceed with the action. But first ask yourself: do you want to build with him a close relationship? This person may not fit in your worldview, life and other prospects. That young man is polite, does not smoke and does not drink, does not guarantee that the interaction will bring the expected joy and happiness. Each person is individual, and it should be considered.

Work on the appearance

simpotichnaya girl

Girls really care about how they look. Some of them even decided on a «dangerous» experiments, just to impress others. It is clear that the main efforts are applied still in order to please a particular guy. To make a good impression, sometimes it is enough to change the hairstyle or hair color. Rare girl without makeup, quality manicure. All these components only add to her grooming, create an image of elegance and sophistication. To fall in love with only one «war paint», of course, possible, but it can help at the initial stage. Do not forget that men love with their eyes. Guys pay attention to how the girl looks, how confident holds in society. Not that it is important for them to have a fashionable friend, however, appearance is important in any case.

How to fall in love with the guy if you are somewhat unsure of himself? Many girls suffer from their real or imaginary physical flaws. Someone has crooked legs, ugly figure or bad posture. Some consider themselves too thin, others thick ugly. Perhaps the problem is far-fetched, but, as you know, not getting any easier. Girls very vulnerable and delicate creatures, so even minor troubles can leave an indelible mark on their soul. It’s important to love yourself for who you are, then boyfriend will perceive you the same way.

Learn to appreciate yourself

Awareness of their own attractiveness begins with inner transformation. To please someone else, you must first start to like myself. Worry, the guy will appreciate your efforts? Other people start to appreciate only when we come to realize its own uniqueness and significance. No one will notice your personality, until you yourself believe in yourself and make concrete steps. It is impossible to fall in love with a guy, if a girl considers herself such that did not take place, ugly and unattractive. Beauty, as we know, comes from within.

What you need to do in order to learn to appreciate themselves? First of all, refrain from thoughts of self-pity and give up on every occasion. If you’re looking for the guilty, in the end you will be left with nothing. To fall in love only when you realize that you really deserve this. As a rule, all happens naturally, as if by itself. To interest the guy does not have to be written pretty. It’s time to start to think carefully about our needs and not to neglect its desires. Guys appreciate confident women.

Expand your horizons

a smart woman

To be interesting is the key to success with the opposite sex. If you do not know how to attract the attention of any guy lures his erudition. Perhaps to make him love me will not work, but you will be able to raise the level of self-esteem, but it’s worth it. Expand your horizons by using simple exercises. For example, when you go home, try to remember all of the important elements of your way. Very good help reading: developing critical thinking, own opinion about the book and life situations, it is set out. Expand your horizons by using the study of literature, painting and other art forms. Interested in the theatre, visit art exhibitions. If you are lucky, the young man will see in your face the unusual and creative nature.

A guy can fall in love if your values match his attitudes. When people have common interests, tasks that need to be addressed together, much faster process of convergence. In the case of different attitudes of interest on the part of the guy may not occur.

To show respect for the partner

Sometimes you can find young people that aren’t taking each other’s interests. These couples endlessly fighting and conflict and, eventually, disintegrate. To build a harmonious relationship requires that the partners deeply respect each other. If you want to fall in love with the guy, don’t forget this simple rule. Never speak in a negative way as to why your chosen one. Even if you don’t meet, sharp observations can only alienate a guy who could be your companion. Respect is a platform on which to build interaction between people. In relationships you need to constantly invest, it is a living organism that needs a careful and responsible approach. The guys are very attentive to his own person, so they fall in love can only be given the difficult nature of the particular boys.

Respect to the guy, starts with love for yourself. The girl should be attentive to their own needs, then it will be easier to notice, which requires her boyfriend. To fall in love very hard under duress, it is almost impossible therefore to run the kid is extremely hopeless.

Be open to communication

sociable girl

Young people are showing interest in those who are able to Express positive emotions. In an open, communicative ladies are far more likely to attract the attention of the guy than overly frugal and unsociable. All because young people themselves sometimes feel awkward when meeting. They also know how to be shy and not know how to find the right words. Agree, much nicer to look at girl who is smiling and otherwise likable than closed and aggressive. The guys really appreciate the communication and opportunity to Express themselves.

It is known that the girl should be a mystery. How to become interesting for a guy? First of all you need to have an opinion. Who knows his worth, he always respected. Be yourself, do not try to play in society some imaginary, imposed on you role – will not appreciate this one. People thus risks only to lose his own identity and get nothing in return. Act natural, try to relax. A girl sooner or later will attract the attention of her boyfriend.

Often compliment

Guys just love when they are praised. Especially if gentle speech coming from the lips of a beautiful girl, which they’ve secretly had your eye on. Guys only in appearance may seem unapproachable and daring, in fact, they are vulnerable and sensitive. How to fall in love with a guy? Often try to say aloud the praise in his address. If this is repeated long enough, he will probably give up and melt before you finally decide you need a particular person or not.

You should never cheat on a guy, even in small things. So you will not be able to fall in love and to win also will not work. Guys love the sincerity in the relationship, so it is better to say everything directly, bluntly and hints. Compliments and attention, the young man will become more affectionate and talkative. Here you can move to the stage of convergence.

Learn from it

This refers to the ability to notice the best traits and learn from this experience. The guys are very flattered when someone emphasizes their advantages over the other. You can even fall in love with one of them, acting on this simple scheme. Mostly guys are concerned about what people think about them and tell others.

What can we learn from his choice? Of course, courage, ability to take responsibility in difficult situations, to always be myself. If the girl in conversation emphasizes the authority of the young person, the latter even unconsciously begins to be proud of. Guys are very sensitive to his own person, so it’s very nice when someone from the soul enjoys them.

What if he’s not paying attention?

not paying attention

If all of the above attempts proved to be futile, do not despair. Everything can change in a moment. The boys themselves often suffer from no less than girls. Accept the fact of failure, because of this no one is immune. Guys will never meet a girl out of pity, it just humiliated them. If you already failed to fall in love with a potential partner, find the strength to step aside. There’s nothing worse than trying to chase a cute guy when he’s not paying attention. And guys don’t like those who impose on them their society.

In this paper, we have considered the question of how to fall in love with the guy. The above methods do not necessarily have the same trigger at all. Each person is different and relationships are different. The guys deeply appreciate the girl the care, sensitivity, warmth, ability to support conversation.

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