How to fall in love with a girl?

love the girl

Girl has long sought to attract the attention of the stronger sex. People always wanted to conquer his chosen and wondered how to fall in love with a girl? This is actually pretty easy. Love doesn’t come at the wave of a magic wand, and just as hard to get rid of unrequited love, when a sense brings nothing but despair and pain. This article deals with the question of how to enchant a girl, and will be interesting for young people suffering from unrequited feelings. So, what steps need to be done to achieve the goal?

Ways that will help to attract attention

First of all, in this difficult case it is necessary to take into account the temperament of the girl. Fall in love with its unique personality anyone will not work: people are all different, everyone has their habits, tastes, preferences.


Every girl is very carefully watching their appearance, so, of course, draws attention to the fact, dressed as a young man, he knows how to behave in society. If you want to fall in love with someone, to interest, pay attention to your appearance. Maybe it is time to seriously engage them? It is wrong to walk around slovenly and unkempt. Avoid that from you smelled: the smell of sweat can ruin the best impression from the guy. Regularly take a shower, keep your mouth in perfect order. Absolutely no harm will start to exercise: strong muscles look very sexy.

Restaurants and cafes

the restaurant

Almost every girl is overjoyed from the prospect to go somewhere people spend the evening alone with any man. Restaurants and cafes – a place where you should drive a girl if you want to impress her. It is where the atmosphere of comfort and joy. Of course, you could create at home. But the restaurant looks much more impressive. Just imagine how surprised the girl when you offer her a romantic evening for two. Such moments are never forgotten even after a long time.

Especially spoiled person, for whom the trip to the restaurant routine. Some girls are generally inclined to accept the advances of a guy for granted. They believe that he must spend a lot of money to do expensive gifts, including gold jewelry, but reserves the right to consider whether to stay with him or end the relationship. Fortunately, such a minority. It’s either a very spoiled girls, or those, which in addition to the money nothing.

For an ordinary girl restaurant is a celebration with the opportunity to have a good time, therefore, most likely, your fiance will be pleasantly surprised and intrigued.

Guessing the desires

Girls love surprises. If you will treat her like a Queen, she will feel the center of your attention. To win the heart of a pretty girl the dream of every young man. Many do it through careful attention to his companion. Try to learn to recognize the desires of his beloved. Very soon you will begin to understand what she wants at this point in time.

The ability to guess the desires of the second half useful guy in the future, at that stage of the fighting relationship. A lot depends on what kind of mood is the girl. Emotions play a big role. A girl can refuse a temper from something, and then regret. Young people, as a rule, at the time of decision-making are guided by logic. To fall in love by force can not, can only help the event to evolve in the right direction.

Competent and beautiful speech

You should never forget that women love with their ears. If you show sympathy to the girl by using sophisticated words, you might have more success than when you are caring for her in silence. The ability to speak beautifully and correctly to construct sentences will help the guy in that moment, when he decides to confess his love to his beloved. At such moments, the ability to consistently and clearly outline the it can be lost from the excitement, but natural literacy will remain. To fall in love with words, especially if you do it regularly.

Showing respect

respect to the girl

Girls it is very important that they were valued and respected. Without this manifestation, they will not be able to trust your partner. To build an honest, harmonious relationship – what is the task of man. Beautiful lady, you must first win, and it can be done with the help of the manifestations of the signs of attention and respect. Let your companion feel that not only care about your boyfriend and what people admire and respect her as a person. This is an important expression of affection that characterizes human values and the best qualities of character. A girl needs to feel its significance for the young man.

Fall in love with a girl is actually not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. The main condition for man is to be sincere, to have a determination to make his beloved happy.

Confident look into the future

Girls always want to feel protection from her boyfriend. It is important for them in advance to make sure that they are completely safe and are «like a stone wall». It’s a common expression is just the unconscious needs to be under the protection of her husband. Women at all stages of life need to feel confidence in the future. She should clearly know that the future husband will not leave her in a difficult minute, will not leave one with children to overcome difficulties.

Fall in love with the fairer sex can be, giving it more warranty about a happy and secure future. A woman needs to feel loved and appreciated. Confidence in their own well-being will enable it to remain calm in the toughest of life’s trials.

What not to do?

There are things you should avoid if you want to build a harmonious relationship with his girlfriend. To get her to fall in such cases is unlikely to succeed.

Immediately make a Declaration of love

Even if you are madly like a certain kind of girl, do not rush to find him before your feelings. You can only scare his chosen ahead of time, and then fall in love with a girl just will not work. Girls in this situation are confused and completely shut down all forms of courtship. Companion need to win – is to be understood. Open the cards only when you are fully confident that you’ll have a life together. Otherwise you can put yourself and the girl in a very awkward position.

To confess love is also for the reason that you need to check your sense of time. This will be possible after at least a few months after meeting. Girls in most cases not in a hurry to get married, until convinced of the seriousness of her future husband.

To be a good friend

Contrary to popular belief, girls are very rarely marry their friends. This happens more in exceptional cases when the young person, for whatever reason are disappointed in men and looking for future husband a good person. However, most girls do not do that. They want to see in your chosen certain traits that could be admired.

To be a good friend for girls is a dead – end path to her heart. With this approach, as unlikely to fall in love with the girl. Just think: what will you surprise if it is about you as a close friend for a long time knows everything? Friends are good in themselves, and a beloved person is valuable by itself.

Lead unhealthy living

husband drinks

For girls there is no greater affliction than when her beloved drink. To get her to fall in itself in this case is almost impossible, unless it fits your character. For someone who is a wrong method of life — is abusing alcohol or drugs — virtually closed the path to a happy future. Such a person will not be able to give anything to your spouse, make her happy, and he did not find the strength to take from her the warmth and affection. Dependent personality to create a full family, because its values are gradually lost.

Girls sometimes marry alcoholics and drug addicts, but it is not a great love, and from a state of utter despair. As a rule, girls from disadvantaged families who just want to escape from his hateful intolerable situation. To fall in love with such strongly will not work.

Therefore, she always chooses to itself the partner in life to those ideas that are in her head regarding happiness. Some demands are too high: rich groom with an apartment and car, fully settled in life. Others highlight the personal qualities of the future husband: compassion, kindness, sincerity, ability to get along with people. In any case, to fall in love with the girl that fits your ideas about life and about myself. It is impossible to fall in love against their will, forcing just resign to your fate. Girls are very choosy create themselves know what they want to achieve in life. For happiness it is necessary to make maximum efforts. To reach a state of complete match of characters is not easy – it is a big job. Harmony should be in everything, especially in relations between loving people.

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