How to establish a relationship with your husband?

wife with her husband

Psychology of family relations of husband and wife are a separate branch of psychological science. This theme is highly relevant as it affects the sphere of the family as the fundamental unit of society, and of the whole person. This article considers the question of how to establish a relationship with a man if they were already damaged and that I need to do in order to inside of marriage has always been harmony, and boundless confidence.

Bad relationship with husband

Any misunderstanding in the family are characterized by increased anxiety, the formation of the image on a regular basis. In the family, where spouses have ceased to understand each other, everyone suffers, including children. According to the following criteria, you can define that family relations gave a crack and needs to be corrected.

Accusations and insults

When the relationship with my husband losing his sincerity and integrity, in the course often go charges. In fact, this expression of resentment is dictated primarily by a desire to return to the old warmth and trust. Some understand that through constant accusations and expressions of negative emotions, little can be achieved. Of course, negative feelings to save himself is not worth (it threatens much more serious consequences), but also treat each other to anything. We should calmly sit down and understand the problem. The difficulty lies in the fact that the couple can’t resist to not constantly Express discontent against each other. It is not about the deep understanding and willingness to rectify the situation.

Misunderstanding of the motives of men

Most often, in the event of marital conflict is misunderstanding the situation. Mutual grievances and complaints do not give fully understand the problem and to make the right decision. The closest people suddenly cease to understand each other, be enemies. The wife has the ability to manipulate the children and the man demonstrates his coldness and independence. The whole issue takes place to be precisely because both are not aware of the full extent of the motives of each other, no longer control spoken words.

A constant state of stress

People staying in predrasuda condition, binding feel a lot of pressure. The stress increases from daily quarrels and scandals. Even if such emotional outbursts dictated by the natural desire to make peace, to agree, they do not pass unnoticed to the psyche. The man who has a bad relationship with your partner becomes secretive, suspicious, picky. Such personality undermined confidence in others, to the fore actually resentment and fear to re-experience it all in life. That is why women who have experienced divorce, again not in a hurry to tie the knot. Negative experience teaches every caution and discretion.

How to improve relationship with husband

good relationship with husband

In the case where the marriage can be saved, but the interaction is significant contradictions, the wife often thinks about how to save a relationship with a man and not lose myself. What does it mean? A woman strives to eliminate the obstacles to personal happiness and thinks about how to improve relations with her husband. She might need these simple tips.

To be ready to assume their role in the family

Often, family problems arise, when both partners fail to fulfill their obligations to each other and children (if any). The woman often takes on the main role and seeks to manage the circumstances, and still waiting for that man to obey her. Admittedly, there are some men who are happy to give their responsibility to the wife, but most of them are not. Any man incredibly humiliated when they are led by a woman, it feels unnecessary.

To make the relationship with her husband more trusting and sincere, sometimes it is enough just to begin to understand their true role in the family. The woman often forgets that she is a guardian of the family hearth, and so it depends on what will be the relationship. If a woman opposes the fact that the main position in the family has to take her husband, and blames everything on their fragile shoulders, you should not be surprised that understanding and will not be able to achieve. Men very quickly get used to the circumstances and habits in the house, which builds a woman, and to change them may require many years.

To provide the necessary support

Every man wants to be admired and believed in him. However, modern women are in no hurry to encourage their partners to new achievements and victories, and prefer to break the existing in the society stereotypes. Often you can find an example of how the wife competing with her husband instead of just to support it. This does not mean that a woman should limit their own development. A wise woman never renounces self-realization, and it manages to be to her husband a faithful companion, helper and Advisor.

When a wife supports her husband, and there is a strong loving family that over the years only grows. A decent man always very subtly appreciates the care and patronage of the wife.

Continually work on yourself

To constantly stay interesting to your man, the woman should take care of their own development and to identify for themselves in the life of the individual way. Someone will give her the house and the arrangement of comfort, of family life. But most modern women prefer to realize in society to learn interesting profession, find a way every day to enrich themselves spiritually and build a career.

The woman sometimes like a man, it is important to feel independent and free to implement own ideas. It would be wrong to assume that in addition to the well-being of children a woman hasn’t run for anything. This is not so. The woman needs to constantly work on ourselves to stay interesting to my husband. That’s not so important what she is going to do a design of your own apartment or to develop an individual case.

How to repair relationship with husband

relationship with her husband

We are talking about the relationship, which for some reasons was interrupted. For example, if the couple temporarily broke up, but still feel the need to be next to each other. What are the steps you need to do to save, to revive a sense of trust and sincerity? In this respect there are several recommendations, compliance with which will allow you to get closer to try to be together again. These tips need to both spouses, although more focused on women.

To admit they were wrong

This is the first step, which should start the process of restoring broken relationships. You need to analyze everything from the beginning: how they started, what was the reason for the gap, what was wrong is you. I want to warn women who want to return to the family of the husband that we should leave all attempts to look for flaws in the second half. First learn to think about yourself. Realize what is your mistake. Family ship are both, so both parties equally depends on what will happen.

For some women the recognition of their mistakes is tantamount to a sign in their own weakness. Here, we need to overcome pride. We are talking about your family happiness.

Stop blaming husband

Many women do not realize that they themselves ruin their life. It is not necessary to accuse her husband, even if in some moments he’s just plain wrong and doesn’t want to admit it. Reproaches and accusations will not help to improve relations, that’s for sure. If you can’t remember about ex-husband in a positive way, I believe that it brought you much pain, you must first understand yourself, to understand, do I need to return these relationships. In any case, eventually the pain subsides, you will stop having the attitude of hatred and contempt. All these warm feelings will change with cold indifference.

To begin to build a new position

Generally, if the relationship is already destroyed, so it is safe to say that the former tactics were ineffective. It is necessary to reconsider its own strategy in the conflict, to see the cause of the trouble and begin to act otherwise. If the feelings still alive, it will definitely work and will give the desired result.

The new position will help to overcome their own fears and overcome the doubts that often prevent building a fulfilling life in marriage. If you set yourself a goal to learn to read your partner as yourself, we can come to very significant results.

Do not expect too quick results

No changes can happen very quickly, it should be understood. Sometimes you have to make considerable efforts before something will really change. Just keep doing what I’m doing and sooner or later the tactics will bear fruit. If the feelings between a man and a woman is alive, the reunion will happen. Just don’t need to rush, to hurry. Just try to begin to build a relationship with a clean slate, as if nothing happened, taking into account past experience and mistakes.

Thus, there are several effective ways to establish a relationship with her husband. A wise woman will definitely be able to find the necessary method to become happy.

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