How to distinguish love from attachment


Many people confuse these two concepts. They think that between love and affection, you can safely put an equal sign. In fact, affection can be painful and bring suffering, while true love is always free and leads to the development of the individual. The love and affection connected with one another, but at the same time, very different. One who is attached, usually selfish, and loving man wants to give without asking for anything in return. On what parameters we can understand that we love? Are there visible criteria? But how often we deceive ourselves by accepting a affection for love!

The ability to give

Surprisingly, when it comes to affection a person constantly thinks about how he would like to get more from the partner. It seems that we have unfairly tolerate insults, to feel careless attitude, to listen to reproaches. Being tied to someone that we do voluntarily a slave of this man. At the same time people in most cases do not think about that actually, subconsciously, want to subjugate the will of another person, to make him his servant.

True love never counts the number of mutual resentment and devoid of any calculation. Love just free from all these conventions. Its purpose is selfless dedication, and the more given to a close person, the more remains in the soul. Love enriches both men and women, makes happy. Have love with a person completely different gait, smile, it shines from within. What can not be said about who suffers from the painful attachment. Attachment destroys the heart of man, robs him of confidence to the world and yourself.


The depth of the feelings

In spite of severe suffering, which brings attachment, the feeling is not so deep as love. The attachment does not affect the deep areas of personality, not force her to change, to follow your convictions. Affection is often based on selfish desires to get in their use of other person to enjoy life. In this situation, the «in love» rarely thinks of anyone but himself, was good. One who is attached, by actually experiencing severe pain. While in this state, he does not notice the needs of one’s neighbor.

Love reveals the true potential of the person, makes him more relaxed. The one who loves, feels partner from a distance and easily identifies what is happening to him.

The visibility

Love less noticeable to others, and commitment to all striking. The one who really loves can contemplate in silence and simply enjoy the closeness of a loved one. Attachment constantly demands something: the people that they covered, create around themselves a lot of noise. They sincerely believe that love, in that time, as they have a need to be heard and needed. Attachment occurs where there is the place of envy, vanity, self-love. Love people usually mask their unsolved problems and complexes.

Thus, love and affection are fundamentally different from each other. These two emotions have different effects on the person, direct its thoughts, actions, desires. If the first turns from the inside, makes you stronger, the second teaches greed, generates isolation, mistrust, resentment.

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