How to win a woman

to conquer a woman

Women often give the impression of overly inaccessible individuals, which does not care about love experiences and romantic dates. In fact every girl from a very young age knows how important it is to behave decently in the company of boys her peers. So the girl learns to recognize his own feelings and build relationships.

A lot of couples men who have not received reciprocity, wondering how to conquer a woman? What steps need to be done in order to Woo any girls, cause reciprocal sympathy? Is it always possible to count on reciprocity?

Of course, reciprocity is a very individual thing and there is never a guarantee that your great love will be divided. People used to perceive unrequited sense as a tragedy. Meanwhile, the love itself is always an update that contributes to the enlightenment of the soul.

I love women

Women create is unpredictable. They often have mood changes and sometimes life plans immediately undergo transformation. In order to gain a better understanding of beautiful ladies and get closer to your own personal happiness, you need to know their psychology.

Idle worship

You’ve probably noticed that even little girls dressed in beautiful dress, are starting to behave like a Princess? They keep the back straight, looking at the others-seriously – polunamesten look and want to literally give orders, orders. The female essence is that they need to feel admired. Especially for a little girl it is important that the father admired her beauty and natural talents. Then she will be a force in the future to conquer any mountain.

Adult woman do not mind occasionally being the Queen. She demonstrates coldness and independence, and she at the same time it seeks warmth and tender feelings. How to conquer a woman? You need to understand and love her soul. You must have willingness to go with her delicate confidential conversation at a moment when she’s ready. Each girl is important to understand, because the need for communication and timely exchange of emotions is very high. That’s why the female half of humanity loves to share secrets.

Sincerely care

Probably, every person would agree that the girl should be interested in him and gradually get her location. Even if you see in the eyes of clear genuine sympathy, that’s not to say that the goal is achieved. You only hinted at the possibility of building mutual relations and tender feelings. If in the process of wooing a woman for some reason is disappointed in the partner, the continuation may not be. Sincere harmonious relations are possible only in the case where the girl completely trust the guy, I will start internally to build joint plans for the future.

How to conquer a woman? You can start with the banal box of chocolates and flowers. They are able to cheer up even the most sullen and surly faces. By the way, don’t forget to give flowers as often as possible. You faster to melt the ice in the heart of his unapproachable Queen. Don’t forget that a woman evaluates a man not only by external parameters, but looking at how he’s polite, affectionate, pleasant to talk to.

The protection and patronage

Every woman wants to feel protected. Hence arose the expression «like a stone wall». The fact that women’s nature is this: it is very much to be reliable in all respects companion, who shielded her from any troubles and worries. Emotional sphere of women is characterized by great irritability and frequent mood swings. Therefore, a more relaxed lover will harmonize its internal state.

What is the protection? First, that a man is physically stronger than a woman, he can protect her from someone if necessary. Secondly, the guy is emotionally stable, he can be counted on in difficult situations, to seek help.

How to win a woman

This difficult question, the researchers just broke the head. A lot of guys on their own experience convinced that this is no easy task. The girl is nothing to insult, to trample on her feelings. But if it happens, it either breaks or becomes detached the Snow Queen, build relationships with which is almost impossible, because she lost faith in the sincerity of feelings. How to act if you drew a cute co-worker or classmate? How to conquer a woman?

The ability to surprise

Girls really like surprises. One only has to see what incredible pleasure they bring going to the movies, cafes, picnics outside the city. And it’s not that they want to spend a lot of money or they have nothing to do. A woman has a need for new experiences. It is for this reason she likes to update your wardrobe and makes it so often as her finances allow. If women had absolutely unlimited income, then bought whatever is on the shelves of clothing stores, and still they would not suffice.

How to impress a woman than to really diversify her leisure time? Here we should proceed from the peculiarities and habits of the girl, so that guy will have in any case to adjust to her mood. Who chooses to go to a movie, attend a theatrical production, a local artist exhibition; the other girl needs an active holiday in the nature, obligatory trip out of town. Important in all this – getting large amounts of positive emotions that poured over the edge.

The ability to take responsibility

This refers to a specific intention to be responsible for the welfare of a loved one. If it’s a girlfriend, so from the young man, as a rule, it is expected behavior, when he is ready to vouch for her happy future. In that case, if the woman does not work, the husband often assumes the role of sole breadwinner of the family. And it is considered quite normal and acceptable.

The responsibility is primarily expressed in the desire to make his beloved the happiest on earth. A man in love will never allow the situation to his companion suffered or felt a certain awkwardness in any sphere of life.

To be true

Is that what a woman values above all else in your date. She even lack of love are sometimes willing to forgive if feelings kompensiruet mutual respect. However, the lack of loyalty is perceived as an insult and questioning the prospect of future relations.

How to conquer a woman? You need to let her know that you will remain faithful to her until the end of life. Devoted to his lady companion is immediately transferred out of the competition and stands out from the crowd the most enviable grooms. Any girl appreciates such a reverent attitude and ready to do anything to her so adored all my life. Loyalty itself is born out of real, genuine love. It is impossible to play or to fake.

Thus, to achieve women’s location by using the sincere participation and brightest intentions.

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