How to avoid conflict

How to avoid conflict

Conflict is an integral part of human life. Without it can not do any relationship. In most cases, the development of conflicts provoke inconsistency of human characters to each other, their different life goals, ideals, aspirations. The conflicts are dangerous in that reduce the quality of communication, grown in negative feelings, such as guilt, jealousy, anger, frustration, anger. The conflict may be even there where, apparently, he really has no place in a loving family, where there must be understanding and support. How to avoid conflict? Try to understand!

How to avoid conflict with parents

Relationships with parents obviously can not be called simple and straightforward. When children grow up, they want to live their own lives, not adjusting to the interests of the beloved mom and dad. But this is not always possible. Parents often relationships are strained, that pass in an explicit or latent conflict. How to avoid such unfavorable development of the situation?

Understanding of their feelings

With the parents to worsen the situation of the conflict, of course, not worth it. Already at least because these people gave you life, raised you, helped to create in life, has everything you need. Understanding means not only patience, but also wisdom, with which you will Express your love to the closest people in the world. Often in relationships with parents need sensitivity and insight. Understand that they wish only the best for you. Even if some manifestations of excessive care, you incredibly annoying, try not to show it. For father and mother there is nothing worse than feeling unwanted for their own children.

The story about their feelings

Sometimes parents really can be very difficult. They continue to dictate to your adult child than only stronger provoke the development of the conflict. The relationship has not escalated to the limit, you need to reduce the ravages of conflict, from time to time to minimize its manifestations. How to avoid it? Don’t forget to verbalize your feelings. Remember that father and mother can only roughly guess about what you really feel. If you are bitter and hurt, and talk about it. No need to argue until blue in the face, just be with them most sincerely.

The caring and warmth

What are you waiting for elderly parents from their adult child? Of course, respect, kind, sincere participation. And it’s not just that they need your help. They want to feel needed and loved. Take care of your parents, don’t forget to tell them the words of sincere gratitude. Be thankful for what they have done for you.

How to avoid conflict in the family

How to avoid conflict in the family

The family has the opportunity to truly relax from everyday work and emotional recovery. In the family we meet with understanding and support, and spend weekends and holidays. When something goes not the best way, loved ones will always support, will be next. However, in the family, unfortunately, also occur conflicts, which are rarely avoided.

The ability to give

In the family it is imperative to be able to see others, to notice their needs. If this is not done, you don’t even have to ask, how to avoid conflict. In this case, conflicts will always occur, regardless of your mood and desire to participate in them. Learning to compromise is an art. It is important not only to defend its position in the dispute, but also help to ensure that the interests of loved ones were observed. Concessions bring people together, teach them to be attentive to each other. Without compromise there is no cohabitation.

The interests of native

When a man begins to think not only about themselves but also about close people, no one will be called selfish. The family often quarrels arise from the fact that households do not know how to interact properly with each other. If everyone will protect primarily their own interests, nothing good will come of it. The needs of loved ones allows you to achieve maximum understanding. You never know when you may need the support of my husband, children or sisters and brothers. Do not provoke emotional confrontation, if you see that the situation escalates. It is best to make it clear to relatives that they are very expensive for you. How many people do not appreciate the care and attention, and then it turns out later. To many years not to experience an oppressive feeling of guilt, you should be aware of your involvement in the family. Don’t be afraid to help, do not skimp on praise and support. Believe me, kind words are never too much! It is much better to repeated several times a day with sincere words of love and gratitude than to be rude and unsociable.

How to avoid conflict at work

At work people spend most of the day. It solves some important problems, strives to be productive and consistent in performance of their duties. It turns out that at work we spend a considerable time of his own life. Also in the team is not without conflicts. To ignore them will not work. It is important to know how to do that at work to feel comfortable and easy.

The ability to join the team

Who would not say that, but at work it is extremely important to be able to build with others a harmonious and smooth relationship. Loving comrades in service, not necessarily, but we must learn with them to productively interact. Impossible, and wrong to isolate themselves from the team and demonstrate that you are with them strongly disagree. Ability to work in a team is an important quality that should by all means try to develop. At work we are surrounded by many people. Each of them, respectively, has its own individual character. Sometimes it seems absolutely unreal to make friends with the sullen, the eternally disaffected people. However, look at them carefully. Perhaps they only seem you such disgusting?

How to avoid conflict at work

Quality work

At work it is important to perform their duties. Some people in the office behave as if they have forgotten that it is all here. The boss may be unhappy with you, if you allow yourself too much. Conflict cannot be avoided, if you try to act only by the rules, not taking into account the requirements you requirements and the overall atmosphere. The situation will only escalate and relationships deteriorate.

Thus, the conflict in any area of life can lead to irreparable consequences. It is important to know when to stop, to shift its attention from negative attitudes to positive. You should never bring the conflict to extremes. Otherwise it will be very difficult to solve in the future.

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