What is genius?


Genius makes ordinary people excited. In fact, people rarely have to deal with this, the real genius. Many of us have some abilities, but it’s not the same. The talented lot of the world, but brilliant! In this article we will consider the definition of genius and its features.

Definition of genius

What is genius? Under the genius is usually understood to the highest degree of intelligence, mental abilities. People can be very talented in one area, and can combine many talents. Such a person, as a rule, is completely self-sufficient.

The genius differs from talent that expresses itself. If the development of talent takes time, hard work and often the effort, for the genius door is always open. She often finds her way in life. And the owner sometimes does not, it would seem that any extra effort for this. The main difference is that a true genius will never imitate others, he creates his own reality, changes its laws, forms a new way of thinking. Genius is like a child playing with concepts, dreams. There are no boundaries, his creations are always extremely original.

The signs of genius

The genius has its own characteristics that help other people to realize that before them is an outstanding person. Often a glance at genius enough to understand that he is an unusual man. What are the signs of genius?

  • Thinking outside the box. Genius will never adapt to public opinion, to act to please society. It does most, and the genius is by nature unique and unrepeatable. The highest value for man is freedom and expression. The need to Express their individuality for them is paramount. You will never see the genius of the man behind the counter of the store, but just talented people a lot. Another problem is that they do not always Express their abilities and generally spot them by a genius also can not pass.
  • Vivid imagination. Genius surprises us with its natural curiosity. Such a person is constantly living inside their own world and fully complies with its laws. Imagination allows you to create new images to create an unusual model of the world. The imagination helps the artist to design new worlds, so to come up with original images and put them on paper.
  • The desire to act. Energy stamina, enthusiasm – the constant companions of natural genius. The desire to act, to do specific steps are extremely important for realization of any creative person or of a prominent scientist. Any discoveries in the world occurred and are occurring only due to the fact that the artist or musician has the strength to act, to Express myself fully. It is noticed that the desire to act is closely linked with confidence and self-esteem. Therefore, all geniuses developed the ability to appreciate themselves, they are by nature prone to self-esteem and the adoption of its own essence. Only action can change attitudes – it is the prerogative of genius.
  • A high degree of intuition. Genius in itself contributes to the development of intuitive thinking. That is, the person is constantly present internal vision of how to act in certain cases. When there is a controversial issue, genius is able to turn inward and get a comprehensive answer. The genius of no envy, because it acts according to its inner nature, reveals a individual way. In the world no two men of genius.
  • The time of manifestation. If a common talent possessed by many people on earth that can Express themselves at any age, the genius, as a rule, already evident in early childhood. This child will live in his own inner world, as if the adults were trying to impose their vision of life. Genius is not subject to anyone but himself, she’s remarkably self-sufficient. Genius is found in the world is extremely rare. The birth of such a person always leads to a global change of thinking and Outlook on life.

Thus, genius is the highest level of human development. Geniuses do not become (in contrast to the talent that can be cultivated by productive effort), they need to be born.

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