The fear of the relationship

The fear of a serious relationship

The fear of the relationship refers to the number of psychological problems associated with establishing trust and attachment. Man is so constituted, that just can’t be happy alone. We all need to feel needed and in demand. Success with the opposite sex gives us a sense of confidence, pleasure and joy. A new relationship is always an opportunity to look at ourselves from the other side. However, not all people are willing to accept a new relationship. Most often they are guided by the fear of losing everything.

Fear of relationships with men

The fear of the relationship revealed in both sexes. However, women are more inclined to dramatize the situation. That is why they so often present fear of intimate relationships with men. A serious relationship can not be built without trust, without the ability to forget his doubts. Any new relationship lead these women into despair and depression. What is the fear of the relationship? Need serious relationship to work on themselves?

Fear of a repetition of the gained experience

Fear of relationships with men often stems from negative experiences. If in the past the woman was constantly faced with disappointment, then look to the future it will be with caution. Nobody wants again and again to experience the negative echoes of the past. Deception, disappointment, betrayal – that every person strives to avoid at all costs. No serious relationship is impossible without overcoming painful situations, treatment of anxious moments. Fear of a repetition of earlier experiences with men gives rise to additional fear and may subsequently create serious problems. Fear is often so strong that it does not allow even tentative steps in the direction desired.

The fear of losing yourself

Any serious relationship requires that people must learn to take responsibility not only for themselves but also for their soul mate. A new relationship is always a risk that you have to dissolve in a partner. Need someone close most people can not remain indifferent. At this stage, complications can occur. There is an additional fear of losing himself, to get rid of the individual space. Women who appreciate personal freedom, are not very willing to enter into relationships with men for the very reason that they feel tremendous fear of losing control of the situation.

Fear of disappointment

Who of us does not make mistakes? Fear of relationships is often expressed in fear of serious disappointment. Many women have negative experience of frustration when she had to overcome themselves and to stifle the gentle feeling of affection. The presence of this fear in the future prevents to build a harmonious relationship. Obsessive fear develops after one or two disappointments, but his victory is not as easy as it seems at first glance. Serious obstacles to happiness can occur when fear will grow to considerable size.

The fear of responsibility

Often the establishment of new relations prevents the fear of taking responsibility for someone else’s destiny and well-being. People are so accustomed to live in their own separate world that does not want to once again bind yourself to any obligation. It is much easier to live only for themselves, consistent with personal needs and requirements. The fear of responsibility greatly hinders the establishment of normal a harmonious relationship, creates serious difficulties in the way to happiness.

Fear of rejection

Most frequently a serious relationship in a woman prevents the fear of rejection. Unfortunately, unrequited feelings tend to be happening with a certain frequency. This experience often becomes the reason to create psychological barriers. Many people no longer trust life in any serious relationship see a reason to be suspicious. Reason to think will be the situation where unrequited love is repeated from time to time, and there is no hope for improvement. Fear of rejection is a serious reason, which does not allow to build a sincere and strong relationship.

The fear of the relationship

How to overcome fear of relationships

With any phobias you want to work. Only then will they cease to have a significant impact on our lives. How to overcome the fear of personal relationships? Try to understand!

The recognition of its imperfection

None of us are perfect. Each person has their own specific circumstances, which from time to time drawn over them. Has absolutely no sense to blame yourself for all past troubles. How much would you not tried to change the past, it will remain unchanged. Thinking about how to overcome fear of a serious relationship, we should not forget about their own inner strength. The recognition of its imperfection, will help to overcome the fear of new relationship. Just accept the fact that you are a person who strives for happiness, but don’t blame yourself for every mistake. When we accept ourselves, it becomes easier to build a relationship with a loved one. Abandoning the condemnation and outrage, we begin to appreciate ourselves and the second half is appreciated.

Willingness to work on relationships

Take full responsibility for everything that happens in your life! There’s nothing worse than constantly live with the memories of the past, because it cannot be changed. Only now can be corrected. Only today signed a truly unique ability to transform themselves. If you have people that you really care, take the interaction as a problem that needs to be solved within a certain amount of time. Willingness to work on relationships is expressed in the formation of tolerance, responsiveness, sensitivity. These feelings are always sincere, no deceit and falsehood.

Start to act

Only action can change your life for the better. It makes no sense to wallow in your negative experiences, however meaningful and unique it may seem. This behavior to anything good will not. Determine your benefits to start with a clean slate. Allow yourself to be wrong and make mistakes. Most importantly, don’t give up and don’t demand the impossible from yourself. Do not just cling to people with whom fate brings you. If you give yourself the necessary time, you will be able to understand whether you face in your fate or not.

Thus, fear is a major obstacle to creating a sincere and harmonious relations. Only productive work will eliminate syndrome is a repetitive situation and help you move closer to achieving real happiness.

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