Family fears preschoolers

In 5-7 year old children’s fears due to changes in society and culture, associated with the peculiarities of the relations of children and parents. They differ in boys and girls. Total: insurance families emotional intimacy is rare, and anxiety often. The specificity of the interaction manifests itself in 5-6-year-olds with difficulties in making and high confrontation of parents of 6-7-rivers – demanding and rigor, inconsistent parenting.

Another 30-20 years ago, older preschoolers are afraid of death. All generations in the family discussed life in the spirit of «just war» and the six-year-olds was preparing a happy childhood. Modern fear of attack. Society and environment have become more active and less attentive to the man. And parents often told in touch do not enter, do not open doors, etc.

Even older preschoolers have a fear of punishment. Educational tradition in power: punish faster, than will understand or encourage. These fears in the family – just a classic of the genre.

Market life imposes increasing demands on adults and children. Increases fear they do not match. Well-meaning parents teach, and run something like, toys and strive mom rolled under his feet, again, why it is necessary to count up to 100…

Along with the change of the social situation increased access to «magical fear.» Children have less to tell and to read, but more to show you. Fairy-tale characters, monsters, transformers-killer… This is not a hedgehog in the fog. Verbalization and visualization education is taken into service. But everything is transient…

In General, for the 5-7-year-olds who have elevated levels of fears, they are specific magic, school, social. And they are caused by certain types of family education.


Typical: emotional closeness – at a low level. Where did you see the adult who jumped for joy on the couch?.. Lack the capacity to perceive and understand why the child in this current emotional state. In the relationship of children with their parents anxiety higher than usual, without fear and without reproach, families. The last child accepted unconditionally. Well, here he is, isreset… fear problemnyh families, the level of unconditional acceptance of the child is much lower. And that is to provide emotional support, they don’t even bother. Laughing? So it seems he should. Crying? So rein and stop.

All have their reasons, especially the specificity of family interaction associated with fears in preschoolers. In families where the fears at the height on those vertices and is the confrontation of parents who do not seek bodily contact with 5-6 year olds and empathy.

The preschool period in 6-7-year-olds in the insurance families accompany the increased demands and rigor of their parents, with the characteristic inconsistency of education and no attention to the condition of the child. However, in different trehobemnyh families children family perceive the situation differently, anyway, not like straponanalsex.

Professionals recommend psychological correction of relationships. We must start with awareness of goals and systems of education. Find new ways to interact with the child. To discuss the social situation of development and leading activity of the child. Well, a Pro will tell you that at this age occurs and what exactly will not achieve, even with a belt.

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