Ethics of business correspondence

business correspondence

The life of modern man is not without the constant interaction with other people. In our age of rapid development of information technology people are increasingly turning to electronic letters, sometimes replacing the need for face meetings, virtual communication. Ethics business writing involves the observance of some important rules, influencing the outcome of a distance interview.

In fact, business writing is a significant element of business communication. In some cases she can not do without. If a person is going to keep up a correspondence, it is necessary to know a few components. So, what should pay attention to?

Literacy speech

If oral conversation is still possible to prevent speech error and the source will treat this with sympathy, in a business letter the presence of such flaws is absolutely unacceptable. Your recipient in this case is likely to lay the letter and would not continue to read. Who would you wrote, try to do it correctly, without spelling and punctuation errors.

Literary speech valued everywhere. Knowledge of such employee everywhere will be welcomed. Sometimes zeal can replace the lack of knowledge that you can take to different ways.

The brevity and clarity of presentation

In a business letter is necessary to present only the information that is of practical value. It is unacceptable to indulge in long arguments, to bore your recipient with unnecessary details. All these details will not bring benefit, but only disappoint him, will lead to thoughts about the uselessness and futility of the provided information.

In a business letter information should be made in a very structured and simple. Your task – to convey to the recipient’s specific idea, the news, and not to lead him to deep reflections on life.


In business correspondence it is extremely important to respect the deadlines for sending letters and try to respond as quickly as possible. For example, if a client is waiting from you an immediate answer on some important issue of the delay and any delay could lead to undesirable consequences, such as: cancellation of a contract, the failure of an important transaction, etc. to Send emails on time is necessary because thereby you show your opponent how it is significant for you.

Registration emails

When composing emails a very important to consider few important points. How it will be decorated, depends on the impression formed about you the recipient.

Fill in the Subject field

Surprisingly, but in practice it often happens when important letters which contain the desired and required information, remain without an indication of the relevant subject! Such carelessness or deliberate unwillingness to burden themselves with unnecessary action actually turns into disrupted timing, increasing the probability that the letter will not be opened by the addressee.

For this reason, to fill in the «Subject» field a must. This must be done even when nothing substantial you are not going to inform the other person. In the network in a high percentage of spammers who deliberately clog up e-mail and distribute malware.

A personal treatment

Agree, much nicer to read the letters, which involve appeals to the addressee than to the faceless and it is unclear to whom addressed. The presence of individual treatment in the letter underscores its importance. In addition, thus you tacitly say about respect for their correspondence partner. No need to admit of familiarity, always refer to the addressee by name and patronymic.

The correct address

How many errors could be avoided if all users of Internet resources was very careful when filling out the email address. Despite the fact that potential clients or other persons with whom you have daily contact, often leave written their email addresses on paper, and later it turns out that they do it very illegible. It is for this reason and there are many options when compiled and prepared the letter is not sent at all or goes to the wrong address. Always specify address important opponent, themselves, try to fix it in your diary or ask to send you a test email.

Work with information

Before you send the finished letter to the recipient or group of recipients, need to work with the design information. Sometimes you have to be sent via e-mail quite a large amount of information. In this case, it is much wiser to make the archive data. Photos and other documents should be attached as a separate file. Never without the need not to overload the letter with unnecessary information.

Thus, the ethics of business communication involves strict adherence to reasonable rules and regulations that everyone should know confident user of the personal computer.

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