Dedication: Almighty winner difficulties


No matter how fast you go to the goal, the main thing – not to stop. (Confucius)

Dedication – precisely formulated, clearly conscious person the ability to take necessary actions for the implementation of the plans. This trait involves the application of certain strong-willed efforts, mobilizing the internal resources of the personality, allowing to overcome on the way to the goal obstacles and meeting challenges not to give up.

Focus is the result of a kind of victory over them: overcoming laziness, triumph over fears, the triumph of health over fatigue. This quality is one of the necessary conditions for the formation of a stable character, because for the development of purpose often painful experience a conflict of motives, to find reasonable arguments, weighing «for» and «against», to feel a real conflict between different desires, needs, intentions.

The person who chose a specific purpose and setting the ways to achieve it, as the ship going under sail with a fair wind. He confidently and effectively directed to the purpose, not drifting in the ocean of coincidences. The course of his movement he determines, and not the circumstances and desires of other people. Motivated individual willing deliberately to sacrifice and give up many temptations and pleasures. Clearly articulated purpose is the best motivation to achieve the desired result. Choose the right intention opens identity new horizons, not restrict movement and does not restrict in the media. This task is the best reward, which brings the personality up a notch in their own personal development. Goal achievement is a significant factor to receive and gain confidence. This is the main incentive, which gives objective grounds to feel successful the individual.

Overcoming self-doubt and nesobrannosti, efforts and actions that led to a meaningful outcome, bring about a sense of success and self-worth allowing you to have self-respect and self-esteem. The person acquires the confidence that he is able to control the situation. Dedication is the secret of success, which allows to achieve high results in any activity.

For what purpose?


This property is volitional:

  • sets the right course for achieving the goal;
  • provides a special energy to overcome obstacles;
  • allows you to achieve success in any activity;
  • «tells» best means of dealing with difficulties;
  • free from indecision, hesitation, doubt;
  • brings joy of awareness actions;
  • gives a feeling of personal freedom and independence;
  • helps to develop love and respect for their identity;
  • elevates man in the eyes of others.

What is the commitment?

Is a human quality – a necessary and important component for successful implementation of actions in everyday life.

  • Professional activities. Purposeful people comfortably and is rapidly moving up the career ladder. He is not afraid to set a high bar in the business, confidently overcomes the difficulties and solves problems. He is able to control and manage their behavior that does not depend on the external pressure of society. Dedication helps a person to gain clear confidence in the success.
  • Sports career. Determined athlete demonstrates the highest results. It is ready hard and long to train. Know how to limit yourself from the temptations. He has no fear to compete, he does not experience panic and anxiety when meeting with a rival. It is the power of volitional efforts in control of his emotions.
  • Training. A person with a clear purpose firmly acquire knowledge in the shortest possible time. Commitment allows you to develop your abilities. Clearly a certain level elevation contributes to a better understanding, memorization of material that helps to Orient and focus attention on the learning process. This quality is the most useful tool for enhancing learning.
  • The scientific activity. Was not quite accurate, the author of the saying that laziness is the engine of progress. This is not a sign of weakness, and the most important quality a person’s will – determination have enabled outstanding scientists to achieve great heights in science. The purpose in all ages has been the driving force that allows us to overcome internal support and external barriers, often requires the individual heroism and sacrifice.

How to develop tenacity?

Gori, tourist

Volitional components – flexible and plastic material, susceptible to development through meaningful and consistent actions of the individual. Anyone can forge and cultivate commitment. Methods of development of this strong-willed qualities can be quite varied, but their effectiveness depends on compliance with the following rules.

  • Rule 1. Global and intractable intention it is necessary to develop several smaller ones and in turn goals to achieve step by step. In the presence of distant prospects is very important to understand the steps to achieve the goal and charting the immediate prospects, to execute actions for the solution of specific problems. The result of consistent work will create the conditions to achieve the ultimate goal.
  • Rule 2. In formulating objectives, choosing methods to achieve it and making a final decision, it is necessary to consider intentions and analyze their feasibility. Any decision must be thoroughly thought out.
  • Rule 3. Any decision requires immediate implementation. Every time a person made a decision, but defers again and again of its execution, disorganized it volitional.
  • Rule 4. Remember, the more relevant to human purpose and higher level of motivation, the more difficult the obstacles it can overcome.
  • Rule 5. It is important that in the everyday routine of problems and worries, the person was not allowed out of sight of the end desired goal of activity and were not a spent force, energy, time resolution is unimportant, the optional tasks.

To develop determination, you must:

  • to overcome my irritability and peace of mind;
  • to wean myself from the «invention» of self-justification for their laziness;
  • to put doubt and indecision under the ban;
  • they learn how to live with your head and not be guided by spontaneous feelings;
  • try different options to solve problems;
  • to develop the energy and activity;
  • to develop a clear self-organization and to comply with strict discipline;
  • make as a natural reaction of the emotional sphere of short-term changes in mood and do not focus on the disappointment, irritation, resentment, fears;
  • don’t be afraid to look for other ways to achieve the goal and realize that the earlier decision may be erroneous.

Good helpers, bring personality to the attainment determination will be: — belief, respect and love his personality, fighting with indecision and cowardice. In the words of Washington Irving: «great minds Have purpose, others have wishes».

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