Depression in children

Depression in children

There is a widespread belief that children are easier to tolerate traumatic events. Indeed, their mentality is quite flexible and therefore rarely dwell long on the experience of the object. However, a small child, especially made up of five to seven years, can suffer from depression. The reasons for the development of depression many.

Depression in children – the phenomenon is not rare. Many parents clutching his head and don’t know how to act, revealing his beloved child clear symptoms of depression. The modern pace of life, constant stress, intense situation in a family where the baby grows – all of which can significantly affect their individual perception of the world. Preschoolers often suffer from fear of the dark or fear that parents will cease to love.

Causes of depression in children

Despite the fact that depression can occur in anyone, usually, this state needs a good reason. The causes of depression are generally associated with long-term tension within the family, parents divorce or other emotional upheaval. Often the symptoms of depression in a child very concerned caring mom and dad, they want to help the child to gain composure. What may be obvious reasons for the formation of depression in a child? Try to understand!

Home furnishings

Depression in children may occur when they feel uncomfortable among people. In a family where frequent quarrels, the baby feels superfluous, unnecessary and undesirable. He might even be the assumption that parents regret what he did came to light. Such a child is constantly haunted by thoughts of worthlessness, and will require a lot of work with a psychologist in order to change this belief. Home environment has a direct effect on the ability to perceive the events. If the child is not given enough attention, love and affection, by the formation of a depression remains in the neighborhood.


If depression is accompanied by a pronounced time of puberty, it is often accepted as the norm. The fact that the age period from thirteen to sixteen years old is characterized by increased anxiety, distrust, stiffness, or conversely aggressiveness. At this time the child’s attention fully focused on their own feelings. He may feel unhappy because something is different from his peers. A young man or a girl subjected to a thorough analysis of everything that happens. So there is a need to find your own truth. Issues of concern to teenagers that adults seem farfetched and irrelevant. Maybe this is because adults have forgotten how to do in a crisis of adolescence? Depression – a frequent companion of those guys who have no friends, whom nobody understands.

Change the place of study

Another reason for the formation of depression is often a change in placement. If parents suddenly sell the apartment and moved to another city, the child is forced to follow them. Often a minor no one asks whether he wants to leave school, friends. He will of fate have to change the usual circle of friends. Just so are the circumstances, and they determine the further actions of the parents. Adapting to the changed conditions, the child feels unhappy, and he formed a depression. It is best never to rush things and give the child to complete at least an academic year. Ripping it in the middle of the process often faces more serious consequences than the great depression itself.

Relationships with peers

Causes of depression in children

When a child is not accepted in the children’s team, this greatly hurts the psyche. In this case, he can become nervous, irritable and unmanageable. Relationships with peers are of great importance for each person. In the children’s age, any failure seem to be irreparable tragedy. The baby can start to considered a loser just because I do not understand why he pushes the team. Depression is not the cause but the way to understand the situation.

Learning problems

A fairly common cause of depression in a child can be difficult to consume or those of other school subjects. When something does not work for a long time, the despair, the urge to act and to realize your innermost dreams. The child, for whatever reason, bad learns the material under study, feels like an outcast among peers. He abruptly falls self-esteem, he starts to behave not the best way. Learning difficulties may cause a prolonged depression. Especially when a child does not tell about the difficulties encountered the parents, and prefers to keep everything inside.

Symptoms of depression in children

Depression is hard to ignore. She so clearly expresses himself, that others will suspect something is wrong. Symptoms of depression usually clearly shows loved ones of the person who suffers from it. The symptoms indicate the need to think about what is happening with the child and how to help him. Causes of depression can be different, but the symptoms are about the same. And this applies to both children and adults.

Decreased background mood

The child, who is depressed cannot be happy. Looking at him, the impression that he is fully focused on his inner world. Often he withdraws from other children and not responding to external stimuli. Excessively sad, introverted child should draw the attention of educators and teachers, but in reality this is not always the case. Constant depression is a major symptom of depression. Adults need to be alert to what is happening with children. Do not allow the child to suffer. Reduced background mood manifested in bright reluctance to act. The child becomes listless, apathetic, refuses to interact with other children. He may become irritable and even aggressive, strongly inward. Favorite toys cease to be fun, it increasingly seems that nobody wants it.

Sleep disorders and appetite

Symptoms of depression in children

If the child does not eat, refuses to even favorite treats, this symptom indicates the presence of some trouble within the psyche. Sleep disturbance may indicate anxiety disorder. Usually at this point the child becomes whiny and indifferent, it may have different fears. Habitual actions may cause him concern. Adults are not always so attentive to the child, are not always able to immediately determine the cause of the changed behavior. A clear symptom of depression is loss of appetite to such an extent that we have to feed the baby almost violently. If the preschool child is afraid to sleep alone in his room, it is also tells about the disorder.

A sudden change in weight

If the child is losing weight dramatically, or Vice versa gaining weight is a symptom of trouble in his body. Sometimes these symptoms can indicate a decrease in immunity. However, in some cases, a child really is the development of depression. Any sudden fluctuation of weight in some extent is due to psychological reasons. Usually, persistent depression develops in a child on the background of the experience of a strong shock. It can get headaches, and at night having nightmares.

Physical ailments

If the child is often sick, parents might think. Even the common cold may not appear just like that, for no apparent reason. You can justify your own inaction weak immunity of the child, however, even in this case, a problem need to work to develop the kid physically, to have recourse to tempering, normalizing eating right. Physical ailments, frequently, may indicate depression. Stay attentive to your child, do not allow him to live in their own fears. Child’s mind is easy to injure, but to correct the consequences becomes much more difficult.

Treatment of depression in children

Depression is a serious reason for concern. Here not to do conventional treatment, as is the case with physical diseases. You need to connect a warmth and sincere concern. The child still needs to be more carefree and to enjoy life. Wrong when the baby is too often sad or too self-absorbed. Treatment should begin after the symptoms are confirmed. A parent’s heart always tells you what the right thing to do. Below are actionable recommendations that will help the child cope with the disorder.


Treatment for the symptoms of trouble is best done in consultation with a specialist. The fact that the parents themselves may not know and do not understand many of the subtleties in the development of the baby: the time of age of crisis, characteristics of their occurrence, etc. Psychologist tell us how best to build interaction with the child, you should pay close attention. As a rule, children after a visit to a psychologist be balanced, begin to see the world more positively.

Medication assistance

It may be necessary in that case when you require more serious treatment, and the process became out of control. Drug treatment should only be carried out by the physician. Self-assignment can lead to irreversible consequences. Here experiments on the child, as this may affect his future physical and mental health. To medical assistance generally the last resort when you have tried all other methods of influence.

Art therapy

Art therapy for children

This technique is well established in psychotherapy. The treatment will be quite effective if you allow the child to fully Express your feelings on paper. As a rule, the difficulties in implementing this option does not cause, children usually do not refuse to draw something at the request of an adult. Art therapy is a great way to get rid of obsessive fears, doubts and pathological conditions. Using colored pencils and paper a child can get rid of his disturbing images that lived in my head. It is worth remembering that depression in children is a result of improper relationship between an adult. When the child does not get enough attention and love, he learns to achieve this in different ways. Art therapy is able to reveal many hidden factors that have long been overlooked by parents.

Safe conditions

To save a child from depression, it is first necessary to create an appropriate atmosphere at home. The baby should feel protected from everything. Well, if your son or daughter will have their own space. A private room allows you to define individual borders, to give the baby a sense of well-being. Also the kid must feel that the family love and accept him for what he is, really. It is very rare, because a lot of people tend to «transform» their relatives. The best treatment would be a calm peaceful atmosphere. The ideal option would be changing the usual situation at the time. If resources permit, it is possible to go somewhere with the child in sanatorium, camp, on holiday or to a resort. You and the child will receive a lot of positive impressions.

Thus, depression is a condition which is necessarily in need of correction. Treatment should be based on love and full acceptance, only then it will be a really tangible benefit.

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