Corporate ethics — school of immoral behavior

ethics in the workplace

The end of the Soviet era has led to the development of capitalist relations in Russia. Along with small and medium-sized businesses, and at the same time with them, developed a big (corporate business). Where it is a domestic Corporation, where the network structure with foreign capital. The tradition of the Russian Orthodox merchant business lost over seventy years of Soviet rule, along with the native traditions. The ideology that now implements a state based on the traditional Russian cultural space, values. Patriotism, strong family, respect for the memory of ancestors, the veneration of history, etc. How does this compare with the ideas and rules of existence of big business, especially with our internal corporate ethics, global business structures?

Let’s start with the fact that all Orthodox, traditional religions condemn wealth. To waste God-given life and energy to the accumulation of wealth for the sake of wealth is considered to be sinful and unworthy of a believer. Islam generally condemns such a view of banking as a loan at interest. The essence of existence of the business? Making money for the sake of making money. Large network structure, as a rule, do not produce anything. Sales, resale, wholesale trade, banking, insurance, and rarely engaged in the production of the final material product. The livelihoods of these hyperstimulated heralded beautiful attributes and resonant terms. Projects, startups, know-how, IT-technologies. Promoted the cult of personal success. Success gives personal well-being – the triumph of selfishness. Aura of success, the films and much more has created an attractive image for young people. The image of the Manager. Mentioned such a cliche – office plankton. But as harmless plankton and his «food chain»?

As imperceptibly, proven HR replaced personnel of the departments staff. Now to work not only gaining, but also taken away. Selection for a job in a Corporation can be divided into several stages. Age limit; questioning (testing); interviews; determination or suggestion of loyalty to the prospective employer. Naturally, the introduction of the age limit illegal. What is the age limit, as a rule, job candidates: 35-40 years. Explain that in this age people are poorly trained, unproductive and a priori a failure if you aspire to start a career. It’s a lie. At this age, employees in Russia, not a priori loyal to the employer, within the meaning of the owners of the business. At this age, normal people put in the forefront family, able to protect their interests in court and to require compliance with TC. At the age of maturity, the staff is smart, experienced, effective and independent. Adult experienced employee might, in the event of a conflict, to inflict serious reputational and financial damage to the company. That is, the employer is sure in advance that the conflict will be. «Why’s that?» you might well ask. Questionnaire and especially testing is a separate «song». The employer is not sufficient passport data and information about previous work, it includes questions about the strengths and weaknesses of the character of the candidate. Right country homegrown Freud and Jung. But that’s not enough, test.

Foreign business, as well as our home-grown capitalists use development by Western experts, just translating them into Russian language. In itself this is a complete profanation. Are not good criteria of the Protestant society to a guy born in Russia. The difference in the mentality of the absolute and essential. It to you on fingers to explain any specialist and psychiatrist, and will tell you that psychology isn’t science at all. As it is, I personally got to interview the boss of the HR Department who decided to give me a test when applying for a job. She asked questions and put a tick in the laptop, getting my answers. That is going to put. I was honestly told that with my qualifications, is to put it mildly, is not correct. Didn’t listen. The question she was asking, but to put a tick anywhere. Wasn’t in her test answers. First, to the applicant were not treated as individuals, but for one functionality with a specific set of qualities. Now a lot of articles, especially on the Internet, how to interview, and testing when applying for work. The youth, the young, learns fast and learns a standard phrase about the desire to make a career in this firm, the desire to earn a big salary, about what I see its realization in sale of diapers in the international market. The employer denies the applicant the right to be a person, a candidate is lying to the employer, wanting to get the job done.

The interview is in General a lottery of subjectivity. The candidate talks to the prospective employer or boss. And here in the assessment can interfere with sad memories and analogies, period, as «hungover» and a thousand other reasons. Go unverified rumors that some major companies conduct job interviews by trained recruiters. And they check in during the conversation, future employees for the stress. I remember how I passed the next military medical Commission. Now, psychiatrists have put me stress, a solid five and a psychologist offered to suspend me from work. During all this «fuss» around the candidate, he needs to prove that just wants to work in this company (especially a porter or janitor). That’s the test of loyalty. But, in fact, a young man or woman, have to a greater or lesser extent to lie when applying for a job.

Further, talking about corporate ethics, I will give examples from the work of major retailers, because their work is familiar to me. Let’s look at a fetish corporations as a career, with a simple example. I know one French network where the sellers, for the work offered a good salary, but to get at the end of the month, they can’t. Why? The tasks of the Deputy store Manager includes the surveillance of employees, photofixation violations of the Jesuit rules and fining the culprits. That’s the saving money. Now imagine that a young guy with a working margin, when applying for the job say: «You work well, make a career, will go on increasing and you will watch, and pounding rats, the salary of his comrades.» For the individual, raised on the ideas of personal success, career this kind of acceptable. That’s only acceptable if she’s up for person of the Russian heartland? The idea of community inherent in the Russian people at the level of common phrases. Our beat, the world, and death is red, for the company Jew hanged himself.

How does the internal «kitchen» of corporations. The employee’s salary is bound to result. If there’s one part of the accountant, it is often not significant. For the employee on the lowest rung, all beautiful, worthy and I wonder how many sold so much and received. The devil as always is in the details. In large retail chains, there are monthly coefficients. Selling the same quantity of goods, the employee receives different rates of pay. The plan of sales increases from month to month. And there are also seasonal sales decline. As the firm to maintain profitability? For this there is a budget and sales plans. There are months like February, when sales are down significantly. Execute sales plan, employees hard. And then outsiders offered to resign. You failed, leave. Actually, the division lowered the expenditure budget for the month. What you can save? On the payroll. In a period of falling sales, the shop does not need a certain number of employees. You can upload them to a long vacation, reduce according to TK. But it is costly. A fire, under an artificially created pretext cheaper. «Meanness?» — you ask me. Of course meanness. But in business this is called cost optimization. And those who remain to work, understand the situation and remain silent. Accept it as a reality or fear for their workplace.

Atmosphere of deception imbued with all the big retailers. As soon as you cross the threshold of the store, everything is literally all aimed at extracting money from the buyer. Planning departments, the music, the smells, the height of the product placement, promotions, pseudo-discount. Employees are taught to sell the unsaleable and to sell newtheme. These tasks are declared in the open. Employees say: «the Buyer should buy what he needs and what you need to sell to us.» At special trainings, employees are taught to use all the tools available. Statement of the conversation with the buyer, work with objections. And even the angle formed by the body of the seller and the buyer in the course of the conversation. But the main bet is always done on the stupidity and greed of the client. That is, we again see that the client is treated as an individual, and for one object to be processed. The system of material stimulation of workers is transformed from a stick in the whip. The race for the result, becomes an end in itself. Those who did not leave hopes to make a career, have more and to give more time to work and often without result. Movement on the career ladder on the basis of personal loyalty, and not professionalism, nepotism and other personal reasons, leave conscientious workers beyond expectations. Particularly acute is observed in Russian companies. And so the employment of relatives in the «sweet» posts has become a byword. As one head of middle managers, his subordinate, in response to the complaint: «Life is shit, there is no justice, go to work.» By the way, about justice. Justice as a universal law that is above human law and regulations – the most important ideologeme the Russian mentality. To work more and get less – obviously, not fair. As not fair to penalize employees for budget savings. Who agree with the system of the muck and meanness that leads to personal success? I have no statistics, and whom they are interested in. But there are personal observations. Career achievements to reach unmarried women, single mothers, boys from single-parent families. In a separate article, I would highlight internal migrants, these guys that came to the big city for a good life. As a rule, internal migrants is rental housing, the lack of relatives and friends, near and as a consequence, no reliable financial support. The faster they accept the corporate «rules of the game» because the loss of a job for them, more tragic than for «natives.» Women. For them, the ethical plank of acceptable behavior are always lower than men. Do not rush into me, fresh manure, lovely ladies. The increased rate of survival of» weak half due to evolutionary processes, but this topic of a separate paper. The best story of my life. I worked in one company and the office we shared with the employee, a very retirement age. Went to throw the trash in the container next to the Smoking room, and returned in shock. In the Smoking room were two young ladies from wholesale companies for the sale of horns and hooves. And our pensioner witnessed their conversation.

— «Mash, I’m here long as you and the Director I salary raises. What should I do as the Director to come?»

— «And you sleep with him».

Short, clear, immoral, but effective. A typical product of the ideology of personal success.

But is it harmless and uncomplaining Russian worker. Any security officer of a large trading network, will tell you that the greatest threat to the business, are thieves-buyers, not thieves-professionals and their own family members. The largest systematic theft and the most sophisticated Scam are registered for employees. Why a loyalty program does not help against theft? Oddly enough, the thirst for justice leads to office fighting and petty theft. The largest theft for those who embraced the idea of enriching in any way, as their own. That is to say, a product of the system, which is a parasite on the system. Well, what can generate parasitic system? Only parasites.

Well, a few of the concluding passages. The ideology of thieves community, promotes caring about the «common». Care of the members of the criminal community. Inside the criminal community, statements of personal success, as well as the people promoting it would be subject to obstruction. Immoral ethics, immoral community considers immoral ideology of business. Here’s a play on words. For dessert, a bit of theology. Long ago God created the earth and people have divided themselves into million pieces and gave a soul to all living beings. Now, if all people become one, they will become a God. Therefore, We are the name of God, and I is the name of the devil.

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