Types of conflict

Conflict is an integral part of every person’s life. Interacting with different people, we somehow take them into relations, which are sometimes accompanied by conflicts. The mere existence of the conflict says nothing, but merely indicates that between people there is some disagreement. Sometimes conflict resolution can happen easily and painlessly. This happens in the case when the reason for the conflict was formed, has lost its relevance. In other cases, it will take a lot of time to restore relationships, build common understanding.

The main types of conflicts

All sorts of conflicts can be divided into types, each of them reflects the severity of the differences and emphasizes the extent of involvement in him, the human’s future behavior. The main types of conflicts can be attributed to two large groups.

Intrapersonal conflict

It from time to time felt by each of us. Suddenly lost the desire to be active, lowered his hands, extinguished the faith in their own ability. Intrapersonal conflict is characterized by manifestations of the anxiety inside the person. This type of conflict provokes the development of self-doubt and the future. A person becomes very difficult to trust others, because he is constantly afraid to make a mistake. This type of conflict arises when an individual is unable to choose between two needs which are equally important. The impression is that the person tries in vain to fight with himself and is not able to make the right decision. Intrapersonal conflict may lead to the formation of persistent mistrust toward the world in General. If the person constantly is in a situation of choice, then it will inevitably have to sacrifice something.

Interpersonal conflict

Interpersonal conflict is a palpable contradiction, arising on a background of interaction with other people. This type of conflict is characterized by the need to defend their interests. Conflict with the environment in this case is not uncommon. Sometimes a person has to experience significant difficulties, it becomes difficult to communicate with others. What can occur interpersonal conflict? Social interaction does not always proceed smoothly and calmly as we would like. The fact that each person has their own circumstances, their own values, which he often seeks to defend at any cost. Social conflicts often develop a type of progressive hostility. To eliminate them, you need to change the line of conduct to reconsider their attitude to the situation. To behavior in the conflict was a deliberate, the person requires great patience and wisdom.

Social conflict

Types of social conflicts

What are the different types of social conflicts? As you know, significant social contradictions that arise between people characterized by different manifestations of discontent. Social contradictions tend to be resolved in working order. As they accumulation and maturing people can become nervous, irritable, anxious, overly sensitive.

The conflict needs

This discrepancy is caused by the difference of interests. People who are in the same team, in this case, it becomes very difficult to understand each other. If one worker brings to the job a single thought, and his opponent – quite the opposite, will not benefit. This type of disagreement means that in the organization there can come chaos. This occurs when everyone wants to show the other that he is human and does not seek to change the behavior. The conflict needs to affect social interaction between members of the same team. In organizations, as a rule, there is a serious tense situation, which is not so easy to smooth out. From the behavior of the parties to the conflict depends very much. Everyone should realize that coming to a collective, it becomes its integral part. That is why the habit to defend their interests in the workplace too rapidly can lead to irreparable consequences.

The conflict of social norms

This type of conflict assumes that the behavior of participants requires attention and timely correction. Every society has its own social norms. If some of them separate the individual does not agree, then gradually begins to increase internal contradiction. For violation of social rules inevitably leads to a conflict. In organizations where there is misunderstanding and quarrel, work becomes very difficult. The social climate in the organization is a very important component, without which it is impossible to come to a common success. That’s why all employees should tightly control their behavior.

Types of conflict in organizations

In the organization from time to time there are contradictions. They can relate both to the nature of the activities and to respect the line of conduct of individual employees. Social conflicts are characterized by the appearance of vagueness, secrecy between participants in the process. What are the types of contradictions?

Industrial action

This type of distinction is manifested directly in the workplace. Often misunderstanding occurs between superior and subordinate, as they are in different working conditions. Their financial situation is also usually not the same. What type of conflict gives people a lot of trouble and problems. The fact that the average person spends about eight to ten hours a day. The bright miscommunication between colleagues, it can sometimes turn into a heavy burden. Social disputes need to be solved as quickly as possible, and not delay them.

Labor conflict

Labor conflicts

This type of conflict can occur when the person is experiencing some difficulties with social interaction. Labor conflicts, as a rule, affect the social relations between people. As you might guess, each staff member has their distinctive character. The collision of characters in the course of performing duties and provoke the development of misunderstanding.

Types of behavior in conflict

From how that individual will respond to conflict, often depends on its result. What types of behavior are worth noting? Traditionally, it is customary to distinguish five ways.

Avoidance is characterized by avoidance of disagreement at any cost. Often such a person is ready even to endure considerable inconvenience, not just to get into the fray. The overwhelming his or her interests.

Competition – this kind of behavior in a conflict that causes a person to disregard the opinions of others. Personality becomes important to satisfy only their needs, at the same time, a lot of not caring about how others feel.

Device – the type of behavior that involves the joining interlocutor. Often, however, this position hides the inability to understand what the person wants.

A compromise – type of behavior that suggest the search for alternative ways of resolving contradictions. The compromise is aimed at a constructive solution to the problem. The participants in the process tend to yield to each other and at the same time defend significant moments for yourself.

Cooperation – this type of behavior in which the participants in the process looking for the best for both of them the option of social interaction. Cooperation is always a Mature man that accepts responsibility. Only in this case a failover occurs from the endless accusations and focusing on existing prospects.

Thus, the types of social conflicts and ways of behavior in moments of significant discrepancies show how personality-confident, how accepts and respects the needs of other people.

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