Computer addiction in adolescents

Computer addiction in adolescents

Computer addiction – a serious problem that requires a mandatory correction. It is called the plague of this century of information technology. Some people are not inclined to take computer addiction seriously considering that it will go away with time itself. Meanwhile, according to the severity and damage it compare with other forms of addiction, as the person gradually degradation of the individual. First and foremost, suffers psyche, appears aggressiveness and distrust of others. Especially sad to see teenagers who became dependent.

Signs of computer addiction

Caring mom and dad all the forces will try to avoid creating dependency. We all know its detrimental effect on the development of personality. Computer addiction much prevents to live a full life, build real relationships, to determine the scope of their interests. Adolescent behaviour should alert parents? First of all, you should pay attention to the signs.

Isolation in space

The teenager, who formed a dependency doesn’t get outside enough, limit yourself to communicate with your friends. Gradually he ceases someone to notice around him. All his energy is spent on it to live a fantasy life, gradually moving away from the present reality. Usually he sits at home and plays computer games. Dependence is not formed immediately, and after some time. Gradually the circle narrowed considerably, and the world of computer games is incredibly expanding. Teen stops to notice that he has less time for lessons and other activities. School performance begins to decline rapidly. Isolation in space is the first sign of computer addiction. If the child always sits in front of the monitor and no longer interested, it is time to sound the alarm.

The effect of «adhesion»

It is shown that a teenager prefers to do all things, not looking up from the screen. The effect of adhesion just indicates that the child is dependent. He can’t ask for help, because not even aware of the danger threatening it. You may notice that these children often refuse to take food, it is easy to sacrifice sleep and other needs for a computer game. They are becoming a virtual reality, and replace reality.

Causes of computer addiction

You have to understand that any form of dependence occurs where there is a specific reason. Nothing happens in a vacuum, and computer addiction is no exception.

Lack of friends and Hobbies

A teenager needs reassurance that, in order to prove himself in public life. When this happens, the child begins to seek solace in computer games. Often there is a situation where youth are difficult to adapt to the peer, to find friends. The impossibility of identifying with someone, companionship, pushes to oblivion with many hours of sitting in front of the monitor. So there is a dependence. You must understand that people who are prone to addiction, not capable to make decisions, gradually loses a sense of respect and responsibility. Adolescence – a special time when personality develops and the child begins to recognize their own individuality. If he can’t do something to make the time increases the likelihood of dependence as such. Computer addiction allows a long time to be in a fictional reality and it does not bear any responsibility for what is happening around.

Misunderstanding in the family

Unfortunately, not all families have love and mutual respect. It happens that a teenager feels unnecessary and uncalled for. If the child does not understand the closest people, he destroyed the positive self-image. He may even become uncontrollable and aggressive. In this case, computer addiction can develop very quickly. Care in the virtual world is dictated by the need to feel important and accepted. Parents need to be aware that there may be other forms of dependent behavior: addiction to alcohol, drugs, uncontrolled intake of food. To fight with already formed dependence is much more difficult, than to try to warn her.

How to save a child from computer addiction

How to get rid of computer addiction

Computer addiction in adolescents is shown very markedly: he becomes unruly, distrustful and withdrawn. If the teenager got into computer addiction, it is necessary to do something. Do not let the situation slide because it is unlikely to improve yourself. The teenager yet aware of all that he was in danger, they just are driven by the desire to escape from reality, to escape from his own suspiciousness and anxiety. How to save a child from computer addiction?


For a successful outcome of the situation requires that the child must pay attention, in addition to computer games. If it is all the free time to sit in front of the monitor, nothing good will come of it. Computer addiction is a very stable state, it is not easy to win. Parents need to arm themselves with patience and wisdom. Otherwise, you can fight with Chad for a long time, but did not achieve any satisfactory result.

New Hobbies that will help the child to overcome computer addiction. Like every other addiction, computer addiction will disappear when it is eliminated. It is worth remembering that using the dependence of the people is always something substitutes: the presence of friends, activities that bring pleasure. Try to record a favorite child in a circle or section.


Physical exercises are not just healthy, they also strengthen faith in themselves. A teenager involved in sports, feels demanded and held. With new achievements to beat addiction as such. Sports will help your child to be distracted from the constant obsessive thoughts become stronger and more resilient. Win computer addiction with regular sports activities possible. For this purpose it is desirable that the whole family took part in the morning Jogging, played basketball or volleyball. Joint skating or bike will bring a fresh positive emotions. When people close the order dependence retreats.

Trust relationship

Addiction is a difficult challenge for the whole family. If from the computer based on a child suffers, parents have to seriously strain to help him. The fact that the teenager will not let anyone into your inner world without being sure that it is misunderstood. Building honest trusting relationships helps relieve psychological dependence. A child begins to break away from the monitor only when you realize that loved ones truly appreciate and understand it. Computer addiction is a kind of shelter from this life, to learn to listen to someone other than yourself, to understand the needs of others. If the parents will teach the child how to communicate, build a circle of trust, then the relationship will disappear without a trace.

Work with a psychologist

If the above methods fail to have the desired effect remains to enlist the help of professionals. Computer addiction is a complicated thing sometimes requires great presence of will and patience. Parents do not always have the necessary wisdom to yourself to bring it started to end. Getting rid of addiction is a joint work which should unite the family members together. No need to gloss over the problem, to pretend that nothing terrible happens. If you do not do decisive steps, addiction will destroy the personality of your son or daughter will break his psyche, finally upset your relationship with him. Do not hesitate to ask for help when it is needed. A good psychologist will help us to understand the problem of addictive behavior, to build ways to overcome addiction.

So computer addiction is a task that requires all family members informed and disciplined approach. To effectively deal with addiction, you need to learn to understand your child, know his primary needs and causes that encourage spending a lot of time behind the monitor.

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