Comfort zone

How to get out of comfort zone

Comfort zone was an established familiar pattern of behavior. The person adheres to because it is so comfortable. The comfort zone is what allows a person to remain calm in unexpected situations, to escape the bustle and chaos, to protect their domestic resources. The comfort zone gives a sense of stability, some security and arranged. So the person can be years to rely on something and someone, not even trying to change their behavior. What are the important components of the comfort zone and how to get out of it the most painless way possible?

Manifestations of your comfort zone

Such a thing as «comfort zone» has its own characteristic features. They cannot be confused with anything else. Pay attention to these symptoms, check the extent to which they affect you personally.

The element of predictability

The comfort zone allows the individual not to look for additional behaviors, and stay on existing stereotypes. Predictability is the main feature of those people who stopped in their development and not want to change anything in life. They know exactly what awaits them tomorrow, and do not seek significant changes. Every day is exactly like the previous one, and it lasts from day to day. In the end, as in a dream months pass, years. Most interesting is that the man appears to be in this situation really satisfied. Only sometimes he complains about some adverse events, expressing dissatisfaction with the circumstances. It is not enough effort for the realization of dissatisfaction. Comfort zone is incredibly absorbing man, makes him dependent on her own feelings and well-being.

Stereotyped behavior

The comfort zone is reflected in the fact that the person unconsciously does day after day automatic actions. He does not think about how they are in General useful and necessary in this case. Most of us live this way: operates like a dream, do not ask yourself how the current situation corresponds to the level of desires. The lack of motivation to change is the main factor that hinders personal development. The people that thought pattern, I have no idea where each month we take their money, what they spend their leisure time. In their life is the order of the organization. However, often, they constantly complain about low wages and unfair treatment of others.

Area comfort

A sense of security

The comfort zone is more precisely a sense of security. Limited perception eliminates all new, so as not to disturb the peace of the individual. People accustomed to reside in greenhouse conditions, where nothing can shake his mood. Internal comfort and confidence in the future – that is truly valuable. The safety of your own home is a guarantee that the night don’t interrupt strangers and will not dictate their terms. Financial stability is necessary for careful planning which tools to use. Comfort zone to a certain extent. However, to get stuck in it permanently impossible, as you completely lose the ability to act, to achieve meaningful results.

How to get out of comfort zone

First of all, get ready for a stunning change. Even if they initially seem dreadful and terrible, not to retreat. How to get out of comfort zone? Start to experiment! Let your life be more joy and new discoveries. But first you have to prepare yourself for it, develop the ability to take what they want and, of course, to change myself, never to look back. Otherwise, you can long to dive into worrying about their own imperfections, but never be able to change anything.

To recognise the problem

This is the first step, without which in principle can be no moving forward. Until you tell yourself that for a long time really putting some serious stuff and not solve in time the problems, nothing will change. The recognition that the problem really exists, will help to understand the situation. You will see how constantly unconsciously justify themselves, endlessly afraid to do new actions. Paradoxically, but most people can’t accept the good that is willing to give them the world. They cling to their limiting beliefs and hiding behind computer games and watching TV shows.

Put clear deadlines

If you really want to get out of the comfort zone, you must have a step by step plan of action. Your wishes better to write on paper, just so they gain true power, get the chance to be fulfilled. Clear deadlines disciplinary, incredibly motivated and positive charge. Somewhere releases additional energy, the presence of which had not been previously observed. On the basis of the usual comfort zone we go into the unknown, where there is a possibility to face nose to nose with considerable difficulty. A Mature person takes full responsibility for what happens. He does not complain to others how difficult it is to live and how great his personal daily fatigue. When you set a clear time frame to achieve the desired, you will have to leave the comfort zone. You just can’t it to stay long, because we need targeted actions.

Change the mode of the day

People in the comfort zone, does not adhere to any routine. His actions are chaotic, prone to the prevailing mood, satisfaction to-the-minute desires. The formation of a stable mode of the day will allow you to bring the feelings and thoughts in order to begin to structure activities, allocate it main and secondary. Change the mode of the day is extremely useful in the case if you have already for a long time, trying in vain to change something in life, but did not budge. The comfort zone is really extremely addictive. That is why we must always be extremely focused and attentive to what is happening around.

Exit the comfort zone

Learning a new

A comfort zone often blocks the cognitive capabilities of the individual. Being in the comfort zone, we dare to feel sorry for myself, instead of enlisting private support to proceed with the action. No need to abandon everything new. Explore the world with joy and gratitude. Learn to accept all that life gives you. While we do not start to get out of the comfort zone, other people and circumstances will create additional obstacles for development and promotion.

Thus, the comfort zone of the person is necessary for the formation of a sense of safety and security. It is through the comfort zone people can feel confident in the future, not fear that it will suddenly cut to post or to betray a close friend. However, from a sense of habit we must get rid of. In life there should be more joy, aspiration to new knowledge and fun.

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