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Business it is an essential attribute of successful modern man. Today, to be successful, it is necessary to possess competent speech, that is, to know how to build sentences and phrases. You need to have knowledge about how to communicate with customers, colleagues and competitors to constantly remain a relevant and implement the best ideas and dreams. Of course, the topic deserves close attention.

Genres business language is divided into two main groups, which complement each other. In everyday life we somehow have to appeal to them. Every business person wants to look to the partners in the best light. And for that correct speech is required and essential.

Oral business language

business communication

Finds its application in verbal what people do to each other. Any business contacts, it is important to be able most wisely and precisely construct proposals for business partners make it easier to understand you. The business oral it is characterized by accuracy, consistency of presentation, consistency in the statements. For example, conducting business negotiations with a client is unacceptable to stray from one to another, should be clearly and logically build his speech. Where can be used business oral speech?

Corporate meetings

Any company which somehow seeks to develop and claim a degree of success, shall the corporate Assembly. These meetings help to monitor the current state of things, monitor overall performance, to build further prospects of development of production.

How a Manager should behave at meetings? First, it should demonstrate full self-confidence. Whatever happens in the company, no matter what difficulties did not bother his mind, apparently all of these experiences should not not appear. Successful the Director of the enterprise has all the features of a strong man: he will not let the temporary troubles to deprive him of rest, he works for the result, has integrity and is open to their subordinates. Such a leader is always respected by the staff, it is an unspoken role model, an authority. A qualified specialist is able to separate the important from the unimportant, completely focused on the task. The voice of a real leader sounds confident. He says brief and to the point. Admittedly, the ability to conduct corporate meetings – a great skill in business, largely determines its success and prosperity.

Personal meetings with customers

This form is required in order to build correct interaction with people to promote their activities or services. Personal meetings with customers cannot be replaced, otherwise over time the latter might form the wrong impression of the company as a whole. To properly hold a conversation with visitors, you need to know as clearly as possible and clearly Express their thoughts. Unacceptable a situation when the representative of a large firm is lost in the conversation, doesn’t know where and how to start the conversation, confusing definitions and concepts that stray from one thought to another. Is it possible in this way to achieve high results? The answer is obvious: nothing.

As a rule, important meetings with potential clients are conducted only by leading experts, who are as confident and they do.

Written business speech

business correspondence

What skills you need to have to compose high-quality text for business communication and what should they be? Of course, your creations should be different spelling and punctuation literacy. However, only knowledge of the Russian language is clearly not enough. Making a written report of the head or a business letter sent to a potential client, you need to consider several important points. We will consider features of drawing up of business documents with specific examples.

Business letter

Must have a clear focus on your target audience. It is impossible to write a text on the same pattern representative of a travel company and a client that wishes to receive these services. Writing itself is significantly different from oral. If in person we are able in some way to convince the interlocutor, to prove to him my point of view, the paper sometimes is much harder to do. When you write a business letter, remember that you only have one chance to make a positive impression. If the recipient does not like your warehouse or appeal to it after the first paragraph, he calmly closed the letter and will not read to the end.

Never write business letters spontaneously, you first need to build a common plan that you want to act. Prepare thoroughly: gather the necessary information, plan letters, mention all the important points, target audience and only then proceed directly to writing. Use business treatment always call the client «You». The main idea of the letter should be submitted immediately. Your client is unlikely to read anything you write, if this is not directly related to the case.


Today no self-respecting company can not exist without the preparation of systematic reporting. This form of control is necessary as to the employee in order to monitor the success of their activities and the chief to establish a complete picture of the development of the company. How to write a report?

Immediately discard the idea to do the whole job at once is too complicated and hardly professional. If you want to make the chief impression, first prepare well. Collect necessary and relevant information, organise it and only after that proceed to the immediate writing. Not in a hurry. It is better to pay process, carefully consider and weigh than to remodel an already finished several times.

Thus, business language is a significant component of success in the development of any business enterprise. Fluency in oral and written business language at a high level – so continue to grow in the profession, to strive for self-improvement.

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