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The concept of business communication is inextricably linked to the cooperation in the field of cooperation. No businessman or employer in his work is not without business interaction. Business communication, its types and forms are a sort of link on which to build any business interaction between people. The head of the enterprise must take on the role of the wise mentor who will guide their employees in the right direction, to help them professionally to grow and develop. Employees should be required to respect their leader. Only in this case they can do something useful to learn from him.

Rules of business communication should be known to every self-respecting man. Otherwise he risks himself to get in trouble and put others in an awkward position.

The types of business communication

Business communication in varying degrees, involves the purposeful interaction within the framework of collective work with the aim of obtaining a certain result. Traditionally it is accepted to distinguish several types of business communication.

  • Business correspondence. This type of communication refers to the so-called correspondence of interaction, when information is delivered to the recipient by letter. To make a business letter is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. You need to consider some aspects, such as: processing an electronic message, the timing within which the answer will be relevant, concise presentation of essential information. As a result of correspondence people can come to certain insights and conclusions. Read more in the article the ethics of business correspondence.
  • Business conversation. Ethics in business communication, mandatory includes holding such talks, which would benefit the development of the company or enterprise. The business conversation Manager and a subordinate can to clarify important issues, to identify tasks requiring immediate solution, to discuss the results. In the course of a business conversation, identify important elements of the activity and clarifies the necessary details. Any working issues can be addressed with the help of this type of business communication.
  • Business meeting. Sometimes it is not enough just to hold a conversation with employees within corporate … To achieve a more effective interaction and a better understanding of the need to resort to a business meeting. These meetings are considered significant urgent matters that are not urgent. Meetings can be held among managers, and be directed to the work of the chief of staff.
  • Public speaking. Business communication is intended to ensure the establishment of business relationships between employees. Public speaking is used in cases when it is important to convey some information that is introductory and presentation content to the audience. The one who speaks to the audience, should have all the necessary knowledge on the subject of his report, as well as a number of personal characteristics which enable him freely and easily to reproduce this information. The basic requirements for speakers: competent speech, confidence, clarity and consistency of presentation.
  • Business negotiations. Is an essential element of business communication. Through negotiations you can quickly solve an important problem, to determine the immediate objectives and development objectives of the firm, to hear the views and intentions of the opponent. Business negotiations often take place between managers of different organizations with the purpose to identify their positions and come to a decision.
  • Discussion. Often occurs in the course of business communication as a result of the collision of different points of view. Culture in business communication can not freely and openly Express their position if they are contrary to public morality, but discussion is sometimes possible to argue within the framework of accepted norms. The discussion reveals different views on the same problem and can often cover the subject of the dispute from the opposite sides.
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