A woman in the workplace — the sex

A woman in the workplace while waiting for such difficulties, which man never dreamed. Men are also subject to natural emotion: otherwise it would not be adultery at work!

woman at work

Trap first. A protracted conflict

Conflicts that turn the office into an arena of hostilities, unfortunately, are not uncommon. Despite codes of conduct, we remain human beings with their passions and emotions, and therefore, struggle and intrigue even the most resistant and Mature of us can not be avoided. But there is one «but». A man often sees a work-related conflict as a profitable springboard for an attack and subsequent win. He is not afraid of hard collision of opposite interests, this situation only mobilizes his forces. After all, the primitive instinct of the hunter for a place under the sun, as before, dormant in his genes.

The woman hostile environment acts more destructive. While it is much earlier than male colleagues feels already in the air, but not yet disturbed the Ghost of future conflict. In advance experiencing. Man, being by nature being more pragmatic, used to solve problems as they arise and, once faced with the dilemma of trying to make the right choice. As for women, it is even engaged in a fight, in the end, easier likely to make concessions. It would seem that it’s not bad to maintain emotional balance. However, after finishing the working day and leaving the office, the woman immediately begins to berate himself and to scroll in the head options for the event, the final of which deep down she would like to see different. Of course, this does not mean that we only do what we succumb to the difficulties. On the contrary, quite often we leave them with notable success, especially if you are highly motivated for career growth. Here only spend to fight a much more psychological strength than a man.

Trap second. Emotional dependence

For anybody not a secret that men are much easier to relate to the separation of an intimate part of life «just sex» and «sex and sensibility». In the field of business is the same: an innate pragmatism to them here does not change, and they are almost with their eyes closed laid out communication personal and professional in different baskets. Of course, do not think that men are natural emotions (then there would be a minimum of adultery at work). But in their case it rarely affects the interests of the case. On proof women’s emotion you can give an example that has become classic: if a colleague with whom a woman in conflict, is beginning to care for her at a corporate party, she unconsciously approved their own right. When the next day he with a new force rushes to defend their interests, this puts her in a dead end.

The fact that men at work, as a rule, is characteristic of emotional attachment, but it is even peculiar to women. Companion for men nothing more than a colleague. The woman, on the contrary, tends to adjust the working world that spends eight hours a day, forgetting that the stronger in the team purely human connection, the more painful will be perceived serious differences.

The third trap. Bowling task

The very balance of life priorities at the man unwaveringly. It feels very organic as a hunter, and no extensions of the family, no parental responsibilities can’t knock him off. A woman is more prone to fixations: reckless retracts what he did. In actively building a career woman with time to the fore a completely different, sometimes conflicting goals. Key interest be work and further education, the birth and proper upbringing of the child.

On the one hand, here lies its strength. A lot of learning to combine (and a career), constantly speaking in various social strata, the woman becomes psychologically more flexible. But this coin has a reverse side. Woman men forced to make a choice: mind or emotions, family or career? Such eclecticism, the mix of values in the end causes her to be torn between all of this generates feelings of guilt and many other psychological problems. That affects first the emotional and then physical health.

The fourth trap. I’m a bad mother

Here is the trap, by definition, lurk exclusively women. The man is quite satisfied with the role of «hunters of mammoths», and reflection on the subject of defective communication with Chad unfamiliar to him. May be as many hard to refer to men’s thick skin, unfortunately the answer here, as in the famous song of Okudzhava, on a different plane: «nature has wanted So why not our business …»And this «metamorphogenetic» on the home and children to love and care about them is irrelevant. The man is a strategist, it is important that a fire glowed in the hearth, were all healthy and desirable satisfied with life. And the fact that because of unexpectedly fallen overtime we had to postpone the trip with the heir to the zoo, only caveat, which is not worth paying attention to.

It is quite another working mom. It tactics her a lot more concerned about relationship with child, spouse and as a consequence with myself. And if she decides that nedodaet your baby warmth, it begins to suffer guilt. Such literally torn to pieces mothers often suffer from insomnia or unexpected change in eating behavior, they rapidly eat, their appetite completely disappears. The feeling of guilt brings disharmony and the lives of loved ones, especially the child who feels restless mothers and nervous from this. Internal discomfort and fatigue and is expressed in aggression towards family members that is perceived by the latter as the desire to reject them. As a result, the woman or paid in the same coin, or put on a mask of indifference. Why the family is on the verge of breaking.

Trap fifth. Vecakais

So the American psychologist Wayne Oates in 1971 called the people’s desire for excessive, exhausting work. He first described it as a type of addiction. In fairness it should be noted that in the trap as well get both sides. However, the woman still suffers stronger. In the end, the man can easily hide behind the role of breadwinner, while the woman suffering from complex negligent mother. In addition, due to the greater emotionality, due to the feminine nature, it is prone to fixations, that is, sincerely and reckless retracts in what he’s doing.

This means only one thing: eventually, the woman ceases to perceive working life as a punishment of heaven, and bringing the work to the rank of the meaning of life, very little is not prescribed in office. Both sexes have in common the fact that, turning sumasharana in the office Affairs in the usual way of life, and men and women trying to repress indecisive internal problems.

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